Can You Romance Soma in AC Valhalla?


Seeking the riches and settlements of the British Isles and powering your way through the enemies makes for exciting gameplay in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. But every now and then, the weary Eivor has to take it easy and woo some potential mates.

No doubt the option to romance is a tantalizing prospect and players would want to try to get it on with anyone even remotely interesting.

There are a host of NPCs that are simply ravishing and have amazing stories to boot. One such character is Soma that seems like the perfect choice for a romance. So, who is she and is it possible to fool around with her?

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Who is Soma?

Soma is the Lord of Grantebridge that we encounter in the early game. Though her quest requires us to find out who her traitor is, players are left wondering – Can Eivor romance her?

Surely, she has everything that a Viking like Eivor would be willing to chase after (which we believe is one of the reasons why we even bother with her quest). She comes across as a strong-willed leader who knows how to lead an attack and handle her men.

But make no mistake, for she is a voluptuous babe beneath that armor that’s left players wanting for more. And our boy Eivor even gives her his characteristically nonchalant bow, so that’s already saying a lot.

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Is Soma a romance option?

The first time Eivor meets Soma, there is clearly some electricity between them even though most of what they talk about is regarding the quest.

But if you read between the lines, there are hints that if Eivor can successfully complete her mission, she is going to be an easy game.

Yet, unfortunately, she is not someone that Eivor cannot romance. Now that is clearly a shocker for many out there who were thirsting after Soma ever since she occupied the screens.

But there are many other options to satisfy Eivor’s carnal desires in the form of Randvi, Petra, Gonlodr, Estrid, Broder, Bil, Tarben, Stowe, Stigr, and Estrid.

Alas! Soma isn’t one of them. Disappointment


  1. “Yet, unfortunately, she is not someone that Eivor cannot romance.”Did you mean she is not someone Eivor can romance? Because you wrote that we can romance her…

  2. Awful article. Yes or no answer, the article didn’t even need to exist. Why are you people always like this. 1000 words worth of horse shit you make us all scroll through to find what should be a very simple answer.

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