Gerhild or Lork in AC Valhalla: How to Find Who Is the Traitor?

As Eivor moves to Essexe to forge alliances in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you will be asked to play the detective in sniffing out a traitor. There already are a couple of suspects but very little evidence against either one. It falls on you to gather the relevant evidence and figure out the rat.

In this guide, we take a look at how to go about this quest, who the traitor is, and what happens if you make the wrong choice.

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Old Wound Quest

A lot takes place at this stage of the game. After Eivor takes assistance from Rollo in order to take Estrid back to Francia, you return to the camp only to find it completely wrecked. The survivors pointed out two suspects who could have been responsible for the ruin – Gerhild and Lork.

Since there isn’t a lot of evidence to go on, so you have to find unearth it and make the final decision.

Talk to Suspects

First up, you’ll have to talk to the two suspects. When you ask Gerhild’s location during the Saxon attack, she’ll tell you she was out hunting rabbits. Lork, it seems, was out doing the same thing but he further goes on to say that he saw Gerhild having a chat with a Saxon.

But upon examining the rack, you’ll find that it is full and they had no need of going ‘hunting’.

Before you come to a conclusion, there’s something else that you should check out – the hiding spot to Gerhild’s left. Use Odin’s sight to find out the hiding spot.

Thereafter, when you speak to them again Lork will tell that he wasn’t actually hunting as he had told before, but rather sleeping in the woods during the time of the attack. Gerhild tells Eivor that she was meeting her lover, the same Saxon that Lork had pointed out. With all this information, it’s time to confront the suspects and make a decision.

Assess the Evidence

Eivor knows that Gerhild wasn’t exactly all-praise for Rollo for being with Estrid. It is also unlikely that she has a Saxon as a lover. On top of that her hunting alibi during the time of the attack is completely false and she has no reason for why she was spared. Things don’t look too rosy for Gerhild.

On the other hand, Lork had made an oath to Rollo, a blood-oath at that which isn’t just some trifle for Danes. We’re also told that he is getting a little old and weak which explains his need for hiding and sleeping.

Who’s Rollo’s Traitor?

(Spoiler Alert!) Finally, after weighing the evidence, we can say that it was Gerhild who betrayed Rollo. She is the one without a proper alibi or any reasoning for her absence. Tell Rollo the evidence that you’ve collected and select the option ‘The traitor is Gerhild’.

Making the Wrong Choice

Knowing that Gerhild is the traitor, what will happen if you pick Lork? Sometime later in the story, Gerhild will show her true colors again and will attempt to harm Estrid. She won’t die, just get hurt a little, and since the traitor is still alive and well, you’re going to find it harder getting Estrid to Francia.


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