A Feline’s Footfall in AC Valhalla: How to Complete the Quest

Assassin’s Creed has always had a strong connection with historical references and mythology. With Valhalla, the Devs over at Ubisoft Montreal have clearly not been one to shy away from it. Filled with popular Greek mythological references and lore, you can really see the mythical inspirations the game developers took.

In AC Valhalla, the story arc you’ll find in Asgard runs parallel to the main story you play. Apart from fleshing out the campaign, you’ll come across some really strange and quirky quests while exploring the ‘land of the gods’. Sufficient to say, a Feline’s Footfall is one such quirky quest that’s a little on the nose than you’d normally think.

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How to Collect a Cat’s Footfall in AC Valhalla

This quest begins only after you’ve completed the quest ‘Taking Root’ — the quest where you had to find the root of a mountain on Asgard. Blacksmith Ivaldi required it to forge Gleipnir. Similarly, this quest, too, is given by Ivaldi the blacksmith. He needs you to capture a ‘Feline’s Footfall’.

Head into your inventory, select, and read the piece of riddle Ivaldi’s given you. It reads well, but unless you’ve been solving riddles since pre-school, you might have some trouble deciphering all that. Thankfully, help is on the way.

First up, head over to the synchronization point where Odin’s throne is located in Asgard. You’ll find it at the very top.

We’d suggest that you use your Raven to scout from above and select this spot, precisely, on the ground.

That marker will indicate where you have to reach. Take a leap of faith off this Synchronization point into the pool below.

Head towards the left side of the building right in front of you. Now, climb until you’ve reached the base of the corner there.

Climb all the way up this corner of the structure, and you’ll see a row of pillars marking the path directly ahead of you.

Climb the silver-engraved wall at the end of this row of pillars and you will find a cat at the top of one of the pillars present here. It’ll be striking a pose as if to leap off, golden in color, and glowing blue.

The moment you reach the cat, it shall disappear with a small audio cue of the cat yowling. It will instantly reappear at a short distance in front of you on top of a second pillar.

You’ll realize that you have to follow this Cat in his footsteps. It will lead you by disappearing and reappearing elsewhere – every time you approach it. Keep up with the cat until you reach this spot (as shown above) where the cat will be on a viewpoint.

Leap off this ledge into the pile of flowers and leaves below and you shall obtain the ‘Cat’s Footfall’. Eivor will exclaim “Who knew you could capture a sound” indicating that he’s solved the riddle and finished the quest for Ivaldi.

What is Gleipnir in Norse Mythos?

— Spoilers ahead —

Towards the end of the game, there’s a segment where you have to deal with the mythical beast that is ‘Fenrir the Wolf’ – son of Loki. As per Norse Mythology, Fenrir is the wolf that is supposed to bring about Ragnarok. The gods had attempted to bind the great wolf twice with large metal chains but had had no success.

Source: Twitter

It is for this purpose, the Dwarves were tasked to forge an unbreakable chain that can be used to contain the beast. To make such an impossible chain, the dwarves sought 6 impossible ingredients.

The items that you sought through a few quests in AC Valhalla, such as the Roots of a Mountain, the Sound of a Cat’s Footfall are some of the six ingredients.

Source: Twitter

Others include – The beard of a woman, The sinews of a bear, The breath of a fish, and The spittle of a bird. All these ingredients made the unbreakable chain – Gleipnir. A rope that’s as thin as a silk ribbon but stronger than any other human chain. This was ultimately used to bind and contain Fenrir by the Norse Gods.

There are a lot more interesting facts and myths about the Norse world and Viking Sagas littered around the world of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla for you to find. Likewise, we hope this guide helps you complete your Quest and explore all that is available to do in Asgard.


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