How To Get Repton House Key in AC Valhalla: Step-by-step guide

Those who are exploring the wide-open world of AC Valhalla, specifically the region of northern Ledecestrescire, are sooner or later going to come across that locked house in the middle of the village with a note hanging on the door.

That house (Repton) requires a key to get through (because Vikings are so civilized). But there is no other way to enter the house and it ends up being a major problem when you can’t find the damn key. So where is it?

Before you start cursing and quit the game forever in frustration, read our guide and find out exactly where the repton key is located. Additionally, we shall also look at a bug that’s been preventing players from using the key once they get it. Let’s begin.

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The Repton Locked House

Repton is a small village found in the region of Ledecestrescire, the second area that players explore in Valhalla. Players are bound to come across it on a quest to loot everything that they can in Repton, understandably.

It is not too far from where you duel Jungulf in Flyting so the house itself shouldn’t be too hard to find. After all, if you’re reading this you probably already know where it is.

Skari’s Journal

Approaching the house will bring in view a note hanging on the door. This is – you guessed it – Skari’s Journal. When you read it you’ll know that the house belongs to one Skari, a former warrior who gave up his warring life for an idyllic one. And what do Viking warriors do when they retire from killing and pillaging? They sit and ponder… and sing about it.

So where is he and how do you find it? Fortunately, he is nearby and you’ll have to go fetch the key from him.

Repton Key Location

On your map, you’ll see a tiny island northwest of Repton. Go toward it and you’ll meet Skari sitting next to the fire, playing his lyre (Wardruna perhaps) and enjoying the day. Talk to him (you can listen to the whole thing if you want, but if you’re in a hurry, just skip to the end) and he’ll give you the key.

Now you have the key. Return and open the door and do what a good Viking must do.

Solution for ‘You Must Be Anonymous’ Bug

But wait, you say you still can’t get in? Some players have complained about a specific bug that thwarts all their progress. They get to the house with the key but the game doesn’t let them do anything with it. Instead, they get the message ‘You must be anonymous’.

But what for? There are no enemies pursuing you here. This is clearly a bug and you have to get around it. Fortunately, the solution is rather simple: Just restart the game. Yes, it works. When you get back to Repton, you’ll be able to interact with the door without the message popping up again and get inside.


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