How Many People Can Play Among Us?

Among Us, the online multiplayer social deduction game continues to see a meteoric rise in its player-base which now stands at 1.5 million concurrent users with over 100 million downloads. If you have been following Among Us as a fan now, you might have bumped into videos where around 100 people are playing together at the same time.

If you were wondering how many people can actually play on Among Us officially and what this 100-player game is about, the following post should help you understand it better.

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How many people can play on Among Us Officially?

Among Us can be played with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 players, all of whom are privately assigned the role of a crewmate or an imposter. Crewmates, who will be in larger numbers will have to run around the ship to complete tasks and eliminate all imposters. Whereas, an imposter’s sole aim is to kill as many crewmates as they can and perform sabotage to turn off lights and close doors.

In a game of 10, you can choose how many imposters you want to assign in Among Us. Ideally, players prefer 2 imposters in a 10-player game since 3 imposters can favor imposters winning and a single imposter will be too hard on the imposter.

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What’s the 100-player Among Us all about?

Ever since the game’s popularity, many users have tried to customize their Among Us experience by creating modded versions of the game to achieve specific purposes. One such mod is the one created by Socksfor1, a gaming Youtuber, which allows you to play Among Us with around 100 players using Socksfor1’s custom server.

among us with 100 PLAYERS

Once installed, you will be able to create 100-player custom rooms of your own and can also join others in the Socks Drawer Discord server to play a game. If you aren’t hosting a game, others will be able to invite you to join their server in Among Us in a similar fashion to joining a public server in regular Among Us.

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What happens when 100 people play in a single Among Us game?

When a 10-player game expands to 100 players at once, it creates some duplicates and then some confusion. For a start, players on Among Us can adopt one from any 12 colors that are available for choosing and a higher player count will lead to multiple players having the same color, thus making it harder for crewmates to address each other.

Another difference that this 100-player mod would have over a classic 10-player game on Among Us is the number of imposters. While regular games on the official version have 2 imposters running around the map to kill the crewmates, the 100-player mod can have as much as 10 imposters, thus favoring imposters during the first half of the game.

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Youtuber The Pixel Kingdom created another version of the 100-player mod, this time with 1 crewmate and you guessed it – 99 imposters. The result is pretty funny. Here, take a look.


Why a 100-player Among Us doesn’t make sense?

Although a 100-player game on Among Us sounds exciting, actually playing the game feels tougher and lesser enjoyable than your 4-10 person Among Us session. This is because all the maps available on Among Us are too small to handle 100 players playing at once and thus, the modded game gets too crowded.

Besides that, with more people playing simultaneously, the number of imposters present among crewmates also increases, thus leading to a game that starts with a series of multiple killings and complete chaos.

More imposters mean it will be harder to identify who are the imposters among such a large player-base as there could be imposters crawling across all parts of the map and you wouldn’t know who killed whom and where.

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Another problem that arises with hosting a 100-player Among Us is how you will be able to identify them. Since Among Us only offers a total of 12 colors to be chosen by players, there will be crewmates with the same colored character and if their names are kept blank or are rendered unusable, confusion will prevail on whom to vote out or keep.

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Can you play 100-player Among Us?

Yes, but with some limitations. Firstly, you will be able to host 100 player games on Among Us only when playing the game on your PC. The 100-player mod isn’t available for iOS and Android and since the mod is available courtesy of Socksfor1, you’re required to reach rank 5 in the Sock Drawer official Discord community.

However, some fans were able to extract the 100 players mod from the Socksfor1’s Discord server and you can download it from here.

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How to play Among Us with 100 players

If you wish to go ahead and play Among Us with 100 players, we have discussed in detail the things you may need to take care of to do it and the steps to follow in a post we’ve already prepared in the link below.

Among Us With 100 Players: Can I Play? And How

Would you play the chaotic version of Among Us with 99 other players or are you happy to stick with the game’s 10-player classic mode? Let us what you think. 


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