What are the Imposters in Among Us? How Do They win?

Welcome to Among Us. The belatedly popular game about spacefaring shapeshifters, paranoia-stricken astronauts, and the democratic process. It is a game that rewards duplicitousness, dishonesty, and disinformation in the most pleasing way possible, and is without a doubt the single best way to tear apart long-lasting relationships and gaslight much-beloved comrades.

All that might sound rather unappealing, but with tens of millions of enthusiastic players and a higher viewership than Fortnite, League of Legends, Call of Duty, and PUBG, Among Us must be doing something right, right? 

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We’re assuming you’re here because you won’t stop hearing about Among Us, whether from friends incessantly begging you to join them on their interstellar journey down a rabbit hole of suspicion, deception, and outright sociopathy or because your feed has been filled to the brim with Among Us imposter memes for weeks now. 

Well, you’re in luck.

What are the Imposters in Among Us?

Among Us Murder Cover

The Imposters are shapeshifting aliens posing as any other member amongst your team of fellow crewmates. There is nothing to distinguish them from any other crewmate; they have the same stumpy legs, candy-colored jumpsuit, and oddly zipperless backpack as you.

That is, when they’re not unveiling their sickening maw of jagged torso-teeth hidden beneath their pseudo-fiber exterior, lancing you through visor, braincase, and grey matter with a vicious tongue-spear.

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How do the Imposters Win in Among Us?

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Your goal is to complete all of the tasks necessary to get your spaceship running in the right direction. The Imposters want to see each and every one of you dead with your insides painted along the walls of the spaceship that once reverberated with so much laughter. They win when they’ve whittled down the number of crewmates to a number equal to their own.

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This is because the only way for Crewmates to fight back against the Imposter is by ejecting them through the airlock into the unfeeling vacuum of space. And the only way to achieve that is through a majority vote. This is the crux of the game.

How to Vote in Among Us discussion panel

The Imposters need to blend in and make themselves appear like any other crewmate. While they can insta-kill any member of the crew, there is a lengthy cooldown between kills during which they are powerless.

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This is why they must kill in secret, without revealing their identity to other members of the crew. It is also why it is in their best interest to derail these discussions, pinning the blame on others, or otherwise misdirecting them.

There can be anywhere between 1 and 3 imposters in any official Among Us room, giving you a range of fear and animalistic anxiety to choose from. Imposters will do whatever it takes to avoid arousing suspicion among their crewmates: pretending to complete tasks, sticking with the group, even reporting dead bodies, or calling for emergency meetings to initiate a vote.

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Indeed, skilled Imposters truly are the thespians, extraterrestrial bloodletting specialists.

Among Us Imposters Tongue Stab Kill Animation

The Imposters have unique tools at their disposal; they can sabotage systems throughout the ship with an Imposter-menu, locking doors that were just open, cutting the lights, or making critical systems like O2 and the ship’s Reactor go haywire.

They are also the only ones capable of high-speed travel through the map’s vent system — allowing them to quickly travel to other parts of the map to sew confusion or feign innocence. But again, these are all powers that must be used in secret, for there is power in numbers.

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And so Imposters divide and Imposters conquer.

Also tongue-stab. Imposters tongue-stab you too.

For a lot more Among Us guides, walkthroughs, tips, memes, and all sorts of juicy, Among Us goodness, be sure to check out our Among Us archives.


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