Want to Play Among Us Online for Free? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

As the pandemic seems to have taken over 2020, the world is finding new and improved ways to catch up with their friends and family remotely. This could be why multiplayer games have been on the rise for the last couple of months and also why Among Us seems to have emerged as the sleeper hit of 2020.

If you have heard about the game and are wanting to play it on your PC then you might have realized that it costs around $5 on Steam currently. But is there a way to play Among Us for free?

Can you play among us for free on PC?

Legally no, Among Us is a paid title only for PC users and is currently available through Steam. You can however reduce the cost or avail a discount through Steam credits or by simply using coupons around the internet. That said, you can get Among Us working on PC by emulating Android.

Among Us is free for mobile users, though, which means you will be able to download it from the Play Store. Developers at Innersloth have confirmed that this is a legal way of obtaining the game on PC and that there is no risk of getting banned involved. So if you are looking to save $5 on your Steam purchase entirely, then you might want to consider playing the Android version of the game on an Android emulator on your PC or Mac.

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How to play among us for free on PC

As mentioned earlier, using an emulated environment you can run Among Us for Android on a PC or Mac and play the game legally without any repercussions. Emulation works in different ways and you can either emulate Android as an environment on your filesystem or use a virtual space.

Thankfully, modern-day services have eased this method by releasing dedicated emulators that allow you to run almost all Android apps on your PC by emulating an Android environment.

You also get access to native launchers which can make the emulator look identical to an Android phone for full-fledged Android experience. For now, you can check out our guide on how you can get Among Us working on Bluestacks on your PC right away. Bluestacks is an Android emulator that comes preloaded with Google Play Services and the Google Play Store. This means that you will be able to install Among Us directly without any issues.

How to download Among Us for free on your computer | Mac

What about the unblocked Among Us and browser Among Us?

Unblocked Among Us is the term being used for malicious browser-based Among Us versions floating out there on the internet. All these versions of the game are either phishing attempts or malware programs that don’t really do or have anything related to the game.

Most users that own proprietary devices like the Chromebook or Pixelbook face issues getting Among Us running on their machines especially if the device has been issued by their organization or educational institution.

If you are facing this issue as well, then you can check out our guide on installing Among Us on Chromebooks, including a workaround for your school Chromebook. Either way, we recommend you to use caution when visiting sites with such versions of the game and extreme caution if the website requires permission to use Adobe flash.

We hope you found a way to get Among Us running for free on your device. If you face any issues feel free to reach out to us through the comments section below.


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          1. it won’t let me install it!!! I wanna play it sooooo bad cause its sooooo fun!! i dont have a phone and my chrome book is the only way to play on it. i played it on my brothers phone once and it was really fun, but he wont let me play on his phone anymore. how to i get it on my chrome book?

          2. Bruh. Easy, get a flash drive, press esc + refresh + power button. Plug the drive in, and press CRTL D. Then download Linux. Go to steam and then download among us from there (Money) or, go to google play and download it there. Number 2 will work depending on the chromebook you have (PAMakers seeing this, this is on a different website lolol)

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