How to Read Logs in Among Us

Among Us is a 2018 cross-platform game that brings the excitement of the beloved board game Cludo right to your mobile device or PC. The game is set in space and you are among 9 other crewmembers where you all have to work together to find the imposter among you.

Among Us has three levels and multiple features like Security cams and Admin space that can help you keep an eye on the entire map. But there is another feature in the game that can easily help you identify imposters among you and that is Door logs. Let’s take a quick look at them.

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What are Door logs?

Door logs is an additional ability in Among Us that allows you to keep track of players that have used a particular door on the map. This ability is available to all crewmates but is currently only limited to the Mira HQ map.

The Door log feature has 3 sensors for doors on the map that help log users that use or pass through each sensor. Each of these sensors is color-coded which will help you identify which user has used which sensor. This can come in extremely handy if you have found a body in one of the areas near the three sensors.

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What are the 3 sensors logging users?

North Sensor

This sensor is in the north section of the Mira HQ map and flashes the color blue in door logs. When you will view door logs, each user with the color blue for their log will have used the North sensor on the map.

South West Sensor

The southwest sensor of Mira HQ is color-coded as green. Every time a user passes through this sensor, the logs will show green color beside the concerned user.

South East Sensor

The last sensor is in the southeast section of the map and has been assigned the color orange. Every time a user passes through this sensor, their logs will be color-coded as orange in the door logs.

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How to access door logs

You can access door logs by visiting the Communications room. Once in the communications room, go near the TV/computer in the top right corner of your screen then click/tap on Doorlog in the bottom right corner of your screen. You will now be able to see a list of all the door logs stored by the system and all the users that have passed through the sensors.

Doorlogs will be updated in real-time, this means that you will be able to see who is passing the sensors while you are viewing the logs in real-time.

Note: While a great way to keep an eye on everyone, you won’t be able to view your vicinity while viewing the logs. This means that the imposter can come in and kill you while you are viewing the logs.

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How many logs are stored from the sensor?

This feature stores the last 20 sensor logs. This means that if more than 20 times sensors have been used then Among us will remove the oldest log to make room for a new one. Keep this in mind in case you are involved in a long-standing game with a huge number of door logs.

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We hope this guide helped you easily get familiar with door logs in Among Us. If you have any more questions or face any issues, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below.


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