How to Get Halloween and Christams Hats in Among Us

Nothing goes better with bitter betrayal and unrepentant dishonesty than a fancy hat. Nowhere is this fact better exemplified than the belated smash hit, Among Us — the premier party game for budding psychopaths and those looking for a quick way to end a relationship.

What are Hats in Among Us?

Among Us Hats Shop

Hats are, in the real world, articles of clothing used to disguise bald spots. In Among Us, they are fancy headdresses that are worn for both murdering and being murdered. As cosmetic items, Among Us Hats have no intended effects on gameplay and are worn solely for adding some sense of style and pizzazz to your character before making tactical use of false accusations and vent-crawling against other players.

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How to Get Hats in Among Us

Among Us Hats

There are currently 93 ownable hats in Among Us, with 34 available for free to mobile players and 16 more available for free to players who’ve purchased the PC version on Steam. The rest of the hats are purchasable for either $0.99-$1.99 apiece, depending on the severity of their ridiculousness.

Aside from the hats available for purchase through the cash shop, players are also given access to a seasonal collection of festive hats for both Halloween and Christmas — just to, you know, spread the holiday spirit while painting the walls of a spaceship with the blood of companions who once trusted you. In total, there are twelve hats for Halloween and eight for Christmas that are unlocked on the date of their respective holiday.

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How to Get Halloween Hats in Among Us

Among Us Halloween

As of at least a few days ago, players were able to make use of an exploit where players could change the time and date of their device to 11:59 PM on October 30th, 2019 in order to trick the machine into thinking it was Halloween a minute later — thereby granting them early access to an assortment of holiday hats. This appears to have been patched out, however, as changing the date now leaves the cash shop stuck in an eternal loading screen.

The only reliable way left now is to, well… wait for Halloween for your Halloween hats. Or Christmas. Unfair it may be, but Innersloth — for some inexplicable reason — seems intent on making Halloween hats available during Halloween. Strange.

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How to Get Christmas Hats in Among Us

Among Us Christmas

Sometimes the best way to spread the Christmas cheer is by sneaking through a vent, ambushing a friend just trying to do some wiring to fix the ship, and slaughtering them viciously with your torso-mouth. There are other ways, but this is the best one.

In order to add some Christmas flair to your outfit, you’ll have to wait until Christmastime actually comes around. Gone are the days when players could change the time/date of their device to trick the game into thinking that Christmas had come early, so you’ll just have to wait along with the rest of us before hanging up your mistletoe and polishing the blade of your favorite, Christmas dagger.

Once Christmastime does finally roll around, you’ll find an assortment of festive hats in the usual Hats section of the customization menu available through the laptop in the game lobby.

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