How to Get Skins in Among Us, including Halloween Skins

Get Among Us Skins

With the floor of the server room constantly melting under the heat of overworked servers, Innersloth could use all the help they can get in running Among Us. Especially considering the legions of mobile players suddenly flocking to the game en-masse, able to sink their teeth into all of the back-stabbing, friendship-shredding fun for free. In order to keep the lights on (well, they can probably afford a lot of lights on nowadays, actually) Innersloth has to monetize somehow. And that means more than just ads.

That’s where cosmetics come in. Who doesn’t want to look cool while being slaughtered by an alien shapeshifter? Or while slicing crewmates in half and depleting all of the oxygen inside the ship.

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What are Among Us Skins?

Among Us Skins

Skins are cosmetic outfits that change your character’s appearance. As you probably already know while scrolling longingly through the skin section of the cash shop, these can be recognizable trope uniforms like a Doctor, Military Uniform, Astronaut, and a few Polus and Mira HQ-themed skins. None of the outfits come with any intended effects on gameplay and are purely to add some visual flair to players looking to stand out from the pack.

Even though they don’t provide any functional utility to the gameplay itself, players are nonetheless eager to get their hands on skins, and nonetheless reluctant to shell out any cash for them.

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How to Get Skins in Among Us

Among Us Menu Highlighted

Currently, the only way to get skins in Among Us is through the cash shop. Despite what the internet will tell you, with so many claims of ‘Free Among Us Skins” and “Among Us Hacks 2020” abound, the only way to get skins is by pulling out the wallet. Unlike many other free-to-play games out there, Among Us has no battle pass or achievement list that players can work through to obtain any form of premium currency. The game is dead simple. Play for free on mobile if you want to, buy some skins and other cosmetics if you want to, or do neither. It’s up to you.

There are currently 15 Among Us skins available for a standard price of $1.99. PC players get the first ten for free with their purchase of the game, while mobile free-to-players need to purchase any of the outfits they’d like to wear before heading out on their friend-murdering stroll.

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You might be a little disappointed to hear that Among Us has no free skins or mechanism by which to obtain in-store credit — but there’s hope! With the sudden surge of interest in Innersloth’s low-rent masterpiece, they’ve decided to make hay while the sun shines and produce a sequel, Among Us 2, which is expected to be released sometime early next year.

There’s no indication yet as to whether the sequel will incorporate a premium currency or dole out some level of freebies like many other free-to-plays, but seems likely considering the success of such free-to-play models with mere fractions of the sky-scraping popularity Among Us has garnered for itself in recent months.

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Halloween Skins in Among Us

There was, as of a few days ago, an exploit that players could use to gain access to 2020 Among Us Halloween skins early by switching the date and time of their device to 11:59 PM, October 30th, 2019. This, however, seems to have been patched by Innersloth who were likely peeved by the fact that players were running around in Witch Hats and Devil Horns weeks before they were slated for release.

When the spooky day finally arrives, however, players can look forward to Jason X-style hockey masks, machete helmets, witch hats, bat-wing ornaments and a whole host of particularly awesome hats this Halloween. There is no indication yet as to whether an assortment of Halloween skins will be coming out alongside the menu of Halloween hats, however, but keep your fingers crossed!

How to Use Skins in Among Us

Among Us Skins Menu Highlight

Among Us skins can be purchased through the cash shop by opening up the dollar sign in the lower right hand corner of the main menu and scrolling down past the Pets section. You can try on any of the skins to help visualize what it will look when spattered with the blood of those who once trusted you, or how the fabric will react to the vicious tongue-spears of homicidal alien imposters.

Once you’ve purchased an Among Us skin for yourself, all you need to do to equip your skin is head over to the laptop in the game lobby and bring up the customizations menu. There you’ll find a ‘Skin’ tab. Clicking on that will bring up the Among Us skins menu.

What is your most stylish skin for remorselessly slaughtering companions in Among Us?


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