How to Close Doors in Among Us

Among Us Murder Cover

If you’ve played Among Us, you know the key element in backstabbing is, aside from the lying, dishonesty and betrayal, is… well, stabbing. The literal stabbing of the back. Or sometimes visor-shattering tongue-spears. Whatever your flavor of crewmate murder, that moment of glorious, homicidal release quickly dissipates should you be caught in the act — and nobody wants one of those pesky “eye-witnesses” raining on their murder-parade.

Pro-tip: Shut the door behind you before painting the walls with the blood of your innocent crewmates.

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Closing doors is a great way to trap someone in a room and murder them without running the risk of someone rounding the corner the moment you do the dirty deed. How do you close doors in Among Us, you ask? Well…

How to Close Doors in Among Us

Step 1: Be the Imposter

This part is pretty important. Like the Vent System, door-closing and sabotaging are Imposter only perks. Regular old humans for some reason can’t close doors aboard the Skeld. Once you’ve committed the cardinal sin of leaving games until you’re the imposter (there’s a special circle in hell for you), move on to the next step.

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Step 2: Open up the Sabotage Menu

Among Us Sabotage Menu

Once you’ve become a certified Imposter, the first thing you have to do is open up the sabotage menu in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. This will bring up a layout of the map’s rooms, with a variety of icons corresponding to specific objectives. The red ‘X’ icons are the door-locks you’re looking for.

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Step 3: Click The X Symbol

Among Us Door Lock Symbols

Choose the room you want to close. As soon as you press the icon, all doors that open the room will lock for ten seconds, giving you a short window to murder your supposed friend and — preferably — hop into a vent to show up with everyone else to “investigate”, thus proving your innocence.

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Step 4: Stab-Stab-Stab

Among Us Kill Scene

Once the doors are locked, let the bloodletting begin. And be quick about it. Doors have cooldown periods before they can be locked again, so once you’ve committed to the sin of murder best not think twice — let out the wolf and get it done.

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Step 5: Falsely Accuse Purple

Among Us Purple Did It

As soon as the body is reported, be absolutely 100% sure to blame purple. Doesn’t matter who it is. Even if you’re purple — use reverse psychology. You must always blame purple, because it was purple. No matter what.

Now that you know how to close doors in Among Us, we’re sure you’ll be able to get the jump on the crewmates foolishly placing their trust in you. The fools.

Happy hunting!


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