Among Us: How to Change Settings

Among Us is a game that has seen a sudden and altogether unexpected rise to earth-shattering stardom almost two full years since its initial release. Pushed hard by streamers enamored by not only the game itself, but its propensity for captivating, high-drama TV, the game has risen through the ranks to become the single most streamed game on Twitch, garnering an audience a mind-blowing five times the size of Fortnite. Yeah, it’s pretty wild.

So popular has the social deduction game replete with dishonesty and shapeshifting aliens that it’s almost required by law that everyone try the game, and seemingly inevitable that you love it. 

How to Change Among Us Settings

There’s a lot of settings for players to customize in Among Us. From avatar customization options, kill distance, vote time, Imposter vision range — you can get down into the nitty gritty and tweak the game to your liking, however specific it may be.

1. Host a Game

The first thing you’ll have to do to get to the Among Us settings and customization options is host a game — online or local, it’s both the same.

2. Enter the Lobby

If you’re hosting a local game, you’ll be sent directly into the lobby of your private room. If it’s an Online room, you’ll be greeted with a preliminary settings menu that will look like this:

Among Us Online Game Menu

Here you can choose your map, the number of players and imposters, and chat language. once you have those figured, hit confirm and you’ll find yourself in the lobby.

3. Use the Laptop icon

Among Us Local Private Room

You should find yourself inside the shuddering lobby of the ship. In it will be your lonesome, strangely rotund form, a couple of cargo crates, and a laptop. All you need to do to access settings is walk over to the laptop. Once you’re in range, the ‘Use’ icon in the lower right-hand corner will become a “Customize’ button with a laptop icon (see the image below). Click on that.

Among Us Laptop Highlight

4. Tweak the Among Us Settings to Your Liking

Among Us Game Settings Tab Highlight

You will be shown a menu with five tabs where you can customize player color, choose your hats, a pet companion or skin, and — most importantly — start fooling around with the deeper Among Us settings by clicking on ‘Game’

Among Us Settings Menu

You can feel free to tweak the settings as far as you want without concern of breaking your default settings. If you ever want to go back to starter settings, checking the Recommended Settings box at the top will restore your settings to the vanilla Among Us settings.

If you found this guide helpful, please let us know in the comments below and we’ll continue to make more insightful Among Us content to help you ruthlessly slaughter all of your teammates or catch that lame excuse for shapeshifter and eject them while you still have all your fingers and toes. Happy gaming!

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