How to Use Hangul Filler in Among Us for No Name

Among Us has taken over the mobile gaming arena by storm as it lets you play with your friends, online or locally. Like any other game, Among Us also offers you various ways to customize your character with the help of hats, skins, and pets but if you instead wish to blend in with the crowd and want an added advantage by remaining anonymous, the following post should help you understand how that works.

At the start of each session on Among Us, players are required to provide a name and you can choose any one of the 100+ creative usernames we’ve compiled for you but at the same time, you can remain anonymous by keeping a blank name. This is done using the Hangul Filler which is what we’ll be discussing below and we’ll also guide you into getting it on Among Us to apply a blank name in the game.

No Name in Among Us: Why Some People Don’t Have a Name?

What is Hangul Filler?

Hangul Filler is a Unicode character that acts as a blessing for Among Us who want to load a blank space instead of a name. The Hangul Filler otherwise denoted as Unicode Character “ㅤ” (U+3164) in the Korean alphabet and in most occasions, if you’re viewing it on your PC, you should be able to see a horizontal line with two circles right below it.

When viewing it on your phone, this Unicode is shown as a blank space. What this means is that the Hangul Filler cannot be seen when being viewed on your smartphone but is instead exemplified by an empty space. Because of this, Among Us players who wish to have a blank name when playing the game will be able to add it as their name.

Get Hangul Filler in Among Us

To add a blank name in Among Us, you can copy and paste the Hangul Filler as your name when joining a session. You need to make sure you’re changing your name at the start of a game so that other players only see you with an invisible name.

Screengrab via Telanthrical

Adding a blank name is easy, just copy this Hangul Filler character “ㅤ” to your phone’s clipboard. Make sure that you only copy the character between the quotes otherwise your name will have a blank space surrounded by quotes, which is clearly not something you would want.

  • Hangul Filler for Among Us: “ㅤ”. Apply the character between quotes as your username.
  • Halfwidth Hangul Filler: “ᅠ”. Apply the character between quotes as your username

We have provided a detailed guide to help you add a Blank Name in Among Us which you can read in the link below:

How to Get a Blank Name in Among Us


Mobile Only. At the time of writing, you can only apply the Hangul Filler in Among Us when playing the game on your phone.

This isn’t possible when playing the PC version of Among Us because Innersloth, the game’s developer has patched it in such a way that you no longer have access to your computer’s clipboard during the gameplay. This means you cannot use the Hangul filler to apply a blank name in the PC version of Among Us. Among Us

If you’re facing problems with copying the Hangul filler from this post, you can check out which hosts a bunch of characters from various scripts, classes, and blocks. The blank characters that you can add on Among Us can be found in the links below:

You can also try the Halfwidth Hangul Filler that can also apply a blank space for your Among Us username.

Other than blank names, you can also check out a bunch of other Unicode characters on this website that you can apply as your username on Among Us. This way you can use creative names that make your character look unique in the midst of other crewmates in the spaceship.

We hope that the above post helped you understand Hangul Filler better so that you can use it as your username to confuse your crewmates on Among Us. Let us know if there’s something we missed or if you have any other queries regarding this in the comments below. 


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