Among Us Strategy: Best Pointers to Keep in Mind

Among Us has become one of the most popular multiplayer games of 2020 thanks to the pandemic. Despite having been released back in 2018, the game saw a huge rise in the number of daily players as everyone was stuck at home. Now, Among Us is one of the most regularly streamed games on Twitch.

If you too are looking to jump on the bandwagon then here are some vital strategies that will help you master the art of deception and curiosity in Among Us.

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Strategy For Crewmates


Self Report is an imposter tactic that is used often. When an imposter kills someone and reports them on their own, then it is called self-report. You should always keep an eye on the murder reporter as there are high chances that it could be a self-report. Self reports usually happen after a few players have been killed off as that reduces the chances of the imposter getting spotted.

You should factor in other variables when suspecting someone of self-report like the task they were doing, if they were accompanied by someone, the number of imposters remaining, and previous behavior. This should help you easily spot a self-report in Among Us.

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Know the map

Among Us only has 3 maps; The Skeld, Mira HQ, and Polus. These 3 maps are extensive but not hard to learn. Learning these maps will help you navigate them easily, complete your tasks faster, and reach places faster in case they are sabotaged.

You will also be able to easily navigate the map when ‘Lights’ have been sabotaged. This will give you a significant advantage over the imposter as well as your crewmates. So you should get familiar with your favorite maps as soon as possible.

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Tasks are particular objectives assigned to crewmates. Completing these tasks can help you win the match provided that every other crewmate has completed their task. If you have ever played Among Us then you probably know that tasks are rarely completed by everyone.

But completing the ones assigned to you essentially rids you all of the duties on the map. Once completed, you are free to roam around the map which should help you narrow down on the imposter easily. You can constantly check the cams, check admin and door logs and even keep an eye on all the players to identify the imposter.

Tip: Ensure that you inform your crewmates that you have completed your tasks. They might grow suspicious of you if they don’t see you doing tasks.

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Use administration to your advantage

Maps in Among Us offer you various tools to monitor everyone around the map. Admin logs, Doorlogs, and security cams are such tools that can help you spot imposters. The ability to view Doorlogs sadly is limited to only Mira HQ but admin logs and security cams are available on all maps. Let’s take a look at each of these administration tools and how you can use them to your advantage.

Doorlogs: Doorlogs allow you to view which player has passed through a particular door. This can help you spot the imposter by looking at the players that entered the room where the player was murdered.

Admin logs: Admin logs show you the number of players present in each room across the map. Although this does not disclose the identity of each player, it helps you see how many players are present in each room of the map. You can then narrow down on the imposter by factoring in which room the body was found.

Security Cams: This is the best tool at your disposal and I highly recommend checking the security cams every time you get the chance. Although not pointed at every room, they are available in enough locations to spot the imposter. Security cams show you real-time feed from cameras around the map which increases your chances of spotting the imposter.

You should keep in mind that the red light is shown on cameras around the map when somebody is checking them. If a murder occurs outside the line of sight of security cams then there is a high chance that the imposter knows about you and you should switch up your strategy.

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This is the best way to spot imposters, trust me. Nobody ever pays attention to their surroundings when they are doing tasks. This is mostly because your entire screen is covered by the task you are doing. But that is not the case, you should still be able to see enough of your surroundings to identify anyone entering the room or coming near you.

Additionally, whenever you get the chance, remember the players following each other or going around in pairs. If either one of them kicks the bucket a few minutes later then you can easily suspect the person that was with them.

Don’t trust everyone

It is quite easy to prove your innocence when you are the imposter with enough knowledge. Hence you should be vary of who you are trusting especially in multiple imposter games. The imposter could very well be playing it safe and blaming everyone else. Imposters are also notorious for solving sabotaged areas on the map themselves.

This helps establish their presence among crewmates as the one who fixed the sabotage which makes it highly unlikely for anyone to suspect them. Thus you should always ask for proof even if the person has been following you around without any suspicious activities for the entire game.

Keep track of claims

More often than not, imposters will quickly jump on to a false claim if an innocent teammate is in the crosshairs of the team. They will claim they are innocent and try to blame suspicious activities on the innocent teammate. You should try and remember all the major accusations made by anyone.

If the person being kicked out is not the imposter then it is likely that the imposter was lying to survive this round of the voting. You can then call in an emergency meeting and vote for the suspicious user.

Keep track of your crewmates

No, I don’t mean to follow them around and track their every move. Simply look for the ones that never get involved in the conversation and can not be seen on the map. If you haven’t spotted a crewmate in a while then it is likely that they are the imposter and are hiding in the vents. Additionally, if someone has not talked for a while then it could mean that they are the imposter trying to escape voting by staying away from the public eye.

Emergency meetings are your friends

Call in an emergency and don’t be afraid to talk your mind. More often than not you will find crewmates having the same suspicions as you. You can then cross-check the facts with each and everyone to identify the imposter.

Emergency meetings can also be called if someone starts following you in an empty area of the map. This means that the imposter is probably looking to kill you off while no one is watching. You should casually start making your way to the cafeteria to call in an emergency.

Additionally, if your map is sabotaged while you are making your way to the emergency meeting button then you can be sure that the person you suspected is the imposter as sabotages prevent you from calling emergency meetings.

Spot Fake tasks

Imposters are given a set of fake tasks that are similar to crewmate tasks. Pretending to do these tasks helps them blend in without getting noticed. However, imposters usually don’t look at this list and pretend to do the nearest task when anyone is around.

You can easily identify fake tasks by looking at your task lists. This will show you how many short, long, and visual tasks you have. If an imposter seems to be doing a longer task, or a task that can not be assigned during the game then you can easily spot them.

When you are in the lobby, you can look in the left sidebar to see how many and what kind of tasks are assigned to players. This will help you spot even more fake tasks being done by the imposter.

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Strategy For Imposters

Don’t attract attention

This might be a given but we can’t stress this enough. Simply staying out of the public eye in any match can help you go a long way. Refrain from blaming someone, act as you belong, and be wary of other people who are suspecting you.

You can ask normal crewmate questions like ‘who are we voting’, or ‘why are we voting x’. This will make you seem like someone that is not paying extra attention to the game which will explain, your absence from the public eye.

Additionally, refrain from sending the first message in any meeting and make sure that you do not ask where the body was found before anyone else. This is a great tactic I follow as a crewmate as more often than not, it will be the imposters who act innocent and ask where the body is before anyone has even started typing.


Voting is the main area where everything boils down to. Your responses during the voting chat can either save you or eliminate you. You should have an alibi ready at the earliest and you should refrain from acting too innocent.

Additionally, you should try to prove other players innocent in case somebody was around you. This will help you gain their trust and they can prove your innocence in return without ever knowing that you are the imposter.

The most important tip would be to keep an eye on your fake tasks and be ready to list them in case somebody asks about the task that you were doing. Saying a task at random that is not part of the current game can instantly put you in the crosshairs of every crewmate.

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Victim choosing

Killing randomly has its own consequences. You do not know who is around you or who just left that particular area. Additionally, if someone is on the security cams then you can get easily spotted. So you should choose your victims wisely.

You should also refrain from killing teammates that were suspicious of you during the last voting. While this might help eliminate someone that might vote you out, it will also raise eyebrows as you were the last person they voted for and blamed for being the imposter.

Additionally, if someone is constantly using the security cams then you should kill them off first. Although they will be able to spot you coming into the security area, it won’t matter if they are alone. Be sure to leave the area immediately as there are no vents in the security room that can help you hide.

Vent and camp

This is by far the best strategy but takes some learning to execute. As an imposter, you get the ability to hide in vents without the fear of getting spotted by anyone. Sadly, venting also pauses your kill and sabotage cooldown times. If you wish to use this strategy then the best way to do so is to make your kill and then run away from the spot.

You can then pretend to do fake tasks while the cooldown time finishes. Once the cooldown time finishes, simply vent and camp in the nearest vent waiting for your next victim. Once you spot someone, simply get out and kill them.

You can then wait for your cooldown time to finish or just vent again if you spot somebody coming in or if you are in a busy area of the map that experiences a lot of traffic.

Use Crowds

This might seem counter-intuitive but crowds are your best friend in Among Us. Due to the 2-D nature of Among Us, there isn’t great depth perception when it comes to maps. This means that if enough players are crowded in one location, you can easily kill someone without getting spotted in real-time. This works best with sabotages, especially electrical sabotage. Once the lights are down, everybody will rush to the Electrical room to fix them.

This will almost every time create a crowd in electrical with dim lights around you. And everyone in that location will be fixing the sabotage so you won’t they won’t be able to see you when you kill someone.

Once you have killed someone, simply pretend to fix the sabotage like everyone else till the body is reported. You can then plead your innocence by saying that you were fixing the sabotage as everyone will have seen you do so.

Sabotaging is more imp than you think

While it may seem that sabotaging helps displace players around the map, did you know that you can actually win a game with it? That’s right, if crewmates fail to fix a particular sabotage within the given time frame then imposters will win the match. This means that even if you are identified and eliminated, you can still win the match.

The two most common sabotages that allow you to win the match this way are O2 depletion sabotage and Reactor reactor sabotage. Both of these have a 30-second time frame and failure to fix these sabotage within the given 30 seconds is an automatic win for you as an imposter. The best way to get the most out of your sabotages is to use door locks along with them.

Locking doors to a room with players will help waste around 10 to 15 seconds of the given time. Additionally, if you play your cards right you can then lock the doors for the next room which will waste even more time.

A good way to identify efficient door locks on the way to fix sabotages would be to use admin logs. Once most of the players are furthest away from the sabotage, you can then proceed with your plan.

First lock the doors to the room most players are in, secondly lock the doors to the sabotage room once players come near to it. This should help you waste enough time to potentially win the match. Even if you are unable to win the match, this strategy will give you plenty of time to kill multiple players on the way to the sabotage.


Cameras are notorious for getting imposters caught. More often than not you will overlook cameras while killing someone only to find out later that you have been caught red-handed.

Keep an eye out for cameras, there are usually 4 of them on each map, and keeping a track of their location shouldn’t be that hard. Additionally, each camera will blink a red light when it is being used by someone in the security room. Spotting this red light can save you from getting caught in the act.

Know other imposters

If you are playing a game with multiple imposters, then you should keep a track of your teammates. Help them out using sabotages, or kill someone that has caught them red-handed.

Additionally, you all can pair up together and do fake tasks that should help prove your innocence. And most importantly, it will help you save the trouble of killing other imposters. This might seem hard to do, but trust me, this is a mistake even I made when I was initially playing the game.

You can also help your teammates in the afterlife by sabotaging areas of the map which should give your team a significant advantage over the crewmates despite being outnumbered.

We hope these tips and tricks help you win a game or two in Among Us. If there is an important strategy that we missed out on, or if you have any more questions for us, feel free to reach out using the comments section below.


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