10 best Among Us Pop it fidget toys

The push pop widget toy is an excellent concept and more importantly, a great alternative for the widget spinner. Even though there are some interesting push pop or as they’re also known, pop it toys, available in the market; it’s always nice to find an option that represents one’s fandom as well. Among Us is a love shared across different age groups thanks to its simple execution and ingenious gameplay.

While the game kept our minds occupied during the lockdown, different Among Us merchandise began hitting the market to capitalize on the game’s appeal and it was only a matter of time before we saw some cool Push Pop/ Pop it version toys of the game. So for those who are looking for an Among Us variant of the pop-it fidget toy, here are some cool options that are available in the market. 

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10 best Among Us pop it fidget toys

From basic to glow-in-the-dark, there is a variety of Among Us pop it fidget toys on this list that you can check out. We’ve found the 10 best options across different price ranges for you to pick and choose from. Here’s the list.  

Among Us Push Pop silicone sensory fidget toy

Basic pastel colors make this Among Us Pop It fidget toy a safe and popular option on this list. The Pop It toy’s length is 15 cms and it can provide sufficient relief for your anxiety and depression. These Pop It fidgets are being sold on eBay by smartbuyer23 and are available in three different colors which include green, orange and purple. 

Buy on eBay: $7.49

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Bubble Wrap Fidget Toy – Among Us Rainbow by Fiidget

Etsy has the most versatile and exciting options in terms of colors. Take this cool rainbow skin variant that will do wonders, especially for kids in terms of developing their color perception. The maker of this toy, Fiidget comes with an excellent reputation for fidget toys and offers absolutely great quality in terms of their product. Go for this Among Us pop-it toy if you are on a budget. 

Buy on Etsy: $4.99

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Neon Glow in the Dark Among Us Poppit sensory fidget popper by ClemBoutiques

There is not a single age group that will not love this neon glow-in-the-dark Among Us Pop It toy. Whether you’re simply a big fan of glow-in-the-dark things or need a Pop It toy that is identifiable even in the dark, this particular Among Us toy will sort you out. Of course, this added feature also increases the overall cost of the toy itself but if you’re not on a budget, then definitely consider this toy for its added perks.  

Buy on Etsy: $13.51

Fiomva Push Pop Bubble Fidget Toy, Among Us Push Pop Bubbles Sensory Toy

If you’re looking for a mix of colors that deliver the tie-dye theme in an Among Us Pop It toy, this one from Fiomva is a good option. It offers a cluster of colors that are more towards the gentler side and has a cute combination of pink, grey and white. This toy is a great gifting option for just about any age group, especially if they like chill colors. 

Buy on Walmart: $7.99 

Among in Us Push Pop Bubble Fidget Sensory Toy (Blue+Green)

An oomph factor can elevate even a basic toy and this particular Among Us Pop It toy from ToysRus is no exception. The brilliant marble effect takes the basic crewmate look to the next level. These Pop It toys come in a pair of two and is available in this specific color scheme. 

Buy on toysRus: $10.99

Among Us keychain pop it by SmithChristopherShop

If you are looking for compact, easy-to-carry pop-it toys, then these keychains are an ideal option. They also come in there different variations of the dots depending on how your anxiety runs. As an added bonus, the creator SmithChristopherShop also offers running crewmates in the third variation of these cute keychains. You can choose from six different colors and three-dot combinations making this item the ultimate option in terms of a customized pop-it toy. 

Buy on Etsy: $6.99

Run Purple Among Us Pop It by MiaAmazeFidget

MiaAmazeFidgets purple pastel delight of a pop-it toy comes with assured quality and a great pop-it experience. This item is an absolute user favorite and is specifically on this list because of the mold design. This crewmate is the only one in the large-sized set of pop-it crewmates that has been crafted in the running pose on this list. 

Buy on Etsy: $8.99

Among Us Push Popping Bubble Sensory Fidget Toy by YooSine

There is no denying that a single pop-it toy, despite all the customizations and options available, runs at a higher rate than those that come in a pack (most are upwards of $7). This four-pack is good value for money, comes in different color combinations and makes for great party favors.

Buy on Amazon: $19.99

Among Us Mini Simple Dimple Keychain by PinchOfCute

While this keychain set is not as varied as the one we recommended above, the dot’s placement like M&Ms and the inclusion of a black crewmate make these pop-it toys an interesting addition. This particular pop-it toy is ideal for adults who need one for their anxiety thanks to its compact size and no-nonsense features. 

Buy on Etsy: $5.00

Among Us fidget pop-it by knockonwoodSD

These Among Us fidget pop-its crewmates are second only to the glow version of the Among Us crewmate in terms of pricing. However, the aesthetics of this particular set of Among Us fidget pop it toys is close to being a work of art more than any other. So it is ideal as a gifting option for others but also for yourself if you’re looking to splurge. These beautifully executed color schemes are an absolute work of art.  

Buy on Etsy: $11.99

We hope you found the Among Us fidget pop it toy that you were looking for! Take care and stay safe.  


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