The Best Among Us Toys: Mini Figures, Sus Plushies, Crewmate Keychains, and More

2020 has been a year of reckoning for mankind. We have been brought face to face with some harsh realities and are contending with problems that require a united front as an entire species. Yet, amidst it all, an indie game literally rose from obscurity and took not just the gaming community by storm but even those who have never held a controller in their life.

Among Us is making 2020 (and what’s left of it) bearable in many ways and if you are here looking for toy suggestions for your child or even for yourself, we recommend the cool trinkets we’ve shared below. Without further ado, here’s a look at among us toys and other cool stuff to buy.

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12 best Among Us toys

Cute Imposter figure

This hand-made cute but kinda scary Imposter figure is all the rage at the moment. It’s small, it’s accessible, and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Get it on Etsy ($10.99)

Clay Among Us figurine

This figurine doesn’t do much, but it can surely act as a cool conversation starter on your mantlepiece. It’s green, made up of clay, and is selling like hotcakes.

Get it on Etsy ($11.97)

Among Us ear-rings

Are you a crazy fan of the surprise hit and want to express your love in one of the most unique ways possible? Be sure to check out the cool earrings on Etsy.

Get it on Etsy ($15.00)

9-inch kinda sus plushies

These cute crewmate soft cotton plushies will look great on your bed. You can buy one of these plushies in four colors for $17.98.

Get it on Etsy

Custom Crewmate Keychains

Merelyn from MEKOKEACROCHET will custom make this adorable Among Us crochet keychains for you in a set of 8 crewmates.

Get it on Etsy

Among Us Keycard

This keycard is great for kicks and thrills. Fellow Among Us fans will love it when you show them this keycard. Definitely a great conversation starter.

Get it on Etsy

Resin Keychains

This cute keychain can be displayed on your bag or wallet as a way to profess your love for this beloved game.

Get it on Etsy

Stuffed Among Us Crewmate Toy

This cute crewmate is a great companion for your toddler and of course, a great gifting option for birthdays or any special occasion as long as it’s for another fan.

Get it on Amazon

Among Us Mini Figures

These 3D printed figurines are a worthy collectible. You can even get these customized if you want.

Get it on Carousell

Imposter in Action figurines

These two-inch brilliant, thoughtfully designed imposter kills are worth every. single. penny.

Get it on Etsy

Among us Death animation Clayart Figure

Want your favorite kill immortalized in clay? Look no further than this seller who will customize the crewmate however you like.

Get it on Etsy

Among Us Diorama Cube

This brilliant rare, collectible Diorama Cube is something you should hurry and get your hands if you’re obsessed with Among Us. Keep in mind that this is a limited edition piece.

Get it on Etsy

Bonus: 10 Among Us items to buy

Report button patch

You can sew or iron this cool report button patch on your denim and wear it like a proud fan.

Get it on Etsy

Among Us masks

Well, it is only to be expected that we would be seeing Among Us masks in the market. You can pick and choose some great options from this seller.

Get it on Etsy

Among Us handmade tumbler cup

This epic tumbler comes in two sizes and the seller is extremely helpful with customizations making sure that you get your money’s worth.

Get it on Etsy

Among Us Cookie Cutter

We’re sure that Among Us cookies will earn you major brownie points with your kids and fellow fans!

Get it on Etsy

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Impostor Desk Lamp

A great and super functional gift, especially if you’re looking to treat yourself during this wretched lockdown.

Get it on Etsy

Among Us Tamagotchi Stickers

Because why should one not venture into Tamagotchi territory when these stickers are so cool.

Get it on Etsy

Sus Vinyl Decal

This decal will make a lovely addition to your wall, desk, car, or any decal-worthy location.

Get it on Etsy

Among Us Stickers

Whether it’s your iPad or laptop, these cute stickers will be the perfect way to flaunt your fandom.

Get it on Etsy

Random Among Us Sticker Pack

Among Us fans will definitely appreciate the variety offered by this seller. You can think of as many ways as possible to use these great stickers and still not run out of them.

Get it on Etsy

Among Us heavy-duty face mask

3-ply and armed with a carbon filter, this Among Us face mask is super functional and fan-friendly.

Get it on Etsy

Which merch is your favorite in this set? Do let us know in the comments. Take care and stay safe.