15 Cool Among Us Space Background Images [Download]

There is usually a poignant moment, often unforeseeable when one goes from being a player to a fan. These moments are always unforeseeable and when they hit one, they do so in an all-encompassing manner. Once you’re in, you’re all in and there’s no going back.

One of the most prominent ways that fandoms are flaunted is through wallpapers and backgrounds. In the case of Among Us, a fairly young fandom that is on its way to becoming something massive, users have begun to create some really good ones that you can consider.

We’ve found some great backgrounds to help you convey your love for this beloved game. Here’s a look at some cool Space Backgrounds for Among Us.

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Among Us Space Background Images

Lonesome Crewmate

This background is available for mobile and desktop. You can also get it in 4K which is a major bonus.

Download Link: DesktopMobile | Via: Heroscreen

Crewmate with a message (video)

Twitter user @WifeMountain is awesome enough to customize a video message for your lock screen or wallpaper. All you need to do is drop @WifeMountain a tweet or if you want, just take this one from the link we’ve shared.

Download link: Mobile | Via: Twitter user @WifeMountain

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Ejected Crewmate

This cute and whimsical crewmate just floating about post ejection certainly makes for a nice wallpaper/background.

Download link: Mobile | Via: Twitter user demetrius_arts

Floating Crewmates- 1 (video)

If you are dissatisfied with settling for one then go for tons more of the cute crewmates floating about and in video form no less.

Download link: Mobile | Via: Twitter user @Miles49334646

A peek from space

This cool wallpaper for Windows by @CrazyChicken284 is another creative depiction of Among us that we absolutely love.

Download link: Desktop | Via: Reddit user @CrazyChicken284

Attack Mode

This background is an apt depiction of Among Us in action, wouldn’t you agree?

Download Link: Phone | Via: Reddit User OwlNoc

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Polus Portrait

Because it’s just as much about the planet as it is about the crewmates.

Download Link: Desktop | Via: WallpaperCave

Crewmates in Action

A retro movie-like poster, this one is a definite must-have background on your phone for how well it has been designed.

Download Link: Mobile | Via: WallpaperCave

Crewmates Chillin’

A pictorial depiction of what we’re doing, except it’s being done with our beloved. characters.

Download Link: Mobile | Via: Zedge, Nolan Greenland

Single Crewmate Special

The artist has created this rendition with crewmates of different colors, so go ahead and pick whichever background represents you best.

Download Link: Mobile | Via: Zedge, Ko3shi

JoJo’s bizarre crewmates

A legendary anime and game coming together in one epic background? Sign us up!

Download Link: Mobile | Via: Zedge, JoJos_Bizarre

Floating Crewmates-2

A static option with much more activity for those who need a little extra Among Us in their life.

Download Link: Mobile |  Via: Zedge, AbdielRs2000

Simply Space

You can make this simple space background your own by adding crewmate characters and the game elements.

Download Link: Desktop | Via: Pexel, Francesco Ungaro

Simply Space 2

Another cool option with a center focus.

Download Link: Desktop | Unsplash, Lubo Minar

Simply Space 3

Finally, one for those who love dark blues. This one is for you.

Download Link: Desktop | Pexels, Felix Mittermeier

We hope you found a background that tickles your fancy! Take care and stay safe.


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