Awesome Halloween Zoom Backgrounds To Download

It looks like trick-or-treating, just like most other big events, will be going virtual this year. But instead of feeling down about it, it’s simply better to make the best of a situation that is not in one’s control (which in this case is the global pandemic). Fortunately, Zoom has been more forward-thinking than anyone could have possibly imagined.

The video conferencing app’s thrifty background feature is a great way to create the fun/spooky air of Halloween depending on what you’re going for. Indeed this feature does make it possible for us to make the best of a bad situation.

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Zoom took upon itself too to suggest some really good backgrounds, and you can find them in their tweet below.

We’ve found some cool Halloween Zoom backgrounds for you to pick and choose from to set up as your background on Zoom.

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Halloween & Thanksgiving Zoom Background Images (Oct 2021)

Silent Scream

Download Link | Via: Sabina Music Rich

Pink flower

Download Link | Via: Clint Patterson

Gray skull

Download Link | Via: Makarios Tang

Black and brown pendant

Download Link | Via: Davies Designs Studio

Ghost illustration coffee latte

Download Link | Via: Toa Heftiba

Lunar eclipse

Download Link | Via: KT

Jack o lantern

Download Link | Via: Samuel Bryngelsson

Macro spider web

Download Link | Via: freestocks

Bare trees

Download Link | Via: Richard Loader

Yellow spider decors

Download Link | Via: Alex Simpson

Handy Halloween

Download Link | Via: Daniel Jensen

Pretty death

Download Link | Via: ActionVance

The wait is on

Download Link | Via: Seema Miah

Stick me

Download Link | Via: Carlos Nunez


Download Link | Via: Rubén Bagüés

Halloween Zoom background images

Here are some of the best Halloween Zoom backgrounds we could pick up from the web.

Abandoned Building

Ah, the good old abandoned building of former kidnapped children. What could go wrong?

Download Link | Via: Pexels

Ominus Sky

Something is coming…

Download Link | Via: Pexels/Spencer Selover


Perfect for the Halloween Witch!

Download Link | Via: Pexels/Djordje Ristic

The cliche’

Nothing completes the traditional look like background with the full moon and a black cat.

Download Link | Via: Pexels

Scary Woods

For all the scary monsters that like the dark and the damp!

Download Link | Via: Pexels


Good old skulls…

Download Link | Via: Pexels/Renato Danyi

Dark Castle

If you’re a vampire this Halloween then you might want a Dark Castle to rest when the sun is out…

Download Link | Via: Pixabay/peterpang252

Not that scary background

Just plain old Jack-o lanterns in a graveyard, nothing to see here.

Download Link | Via: Pixabay/18371568

Dark-er Castle

For the king of vampires, Dracula himself!

Download Link | Via: Pixabay/EliasSch

Animated Halloween

The classic art style of Halloween decorations. You can never go wrong with this one.

Download Link | Via: Pixabay/18371568

The full moon night

Perfect for people dressing up like a werewolf this Halloween!

Download Link | Via: Pixabay/FotoArt-Treu

Three Jack-o’-lanterns in a row

Nothing beats the good old Jack-o’-lanterns during Halloween. Change up your Virtual Classroom and cheer up your students with this cool background.

Download Link | Via: postermywall

Ominous Lights

Chandeliers are an essential prop if you want to create a spooky Halloween ambiance using your Zoom Background.

Download Link | Via: Unsplash/Lizelle De Wit

Smoky Jack-o’-lanterns

Shout out to the artist behind this exceptional click. We recommend this one for your Zoom background as a conversation starter.

Download Link | Via: Unsplash/Grayson Savio

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Dark Endless Tunnel

Create undertones of terror with a background that has probably been the setting for some unsaid horrors.

Download Link | Via: Unsplash/Jorge Rojas

Creepy Silhouette

The shock value from this background will be truly priceless.

Download Link | Via: Unsplash/Isai Ramos

Candle Bunch

Sometimes, keeping it simple can do more to create a spooky ambiance, especially when you use a background like this.

Download Link | Via: Unsplash/Nicola Fioravanti

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Skull Cluster

A terrifying set of skull ought to do the job if you are going for a good scare.

Download Link | Via: Unsplash/Makarios Tang

Jack-o’-lanterns Graveyard

Hoping for something that says Halloween without the scares? We’ve got you covered with this one.

Download Link | Via: Unsplash/Sudan Ouyang

Decrepit Room

This one is so realistic that you could probably pass it off as the background of your own home.

Download Link | Via: Pexels/cottonbro

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Skeleton Companion

You can adjust your screen to place yourself right next to the skeleton. Pass this off as your natural habitat just for the kicks.

Download Link | Via: Pexels/cottonbro

Artful skeleton in monochrome

Another placement specific background that will trip everyone on the call.

Download Link | Via: Pexels/Iván Rivero

Ghosts in the house

We reckon this background will create an intense and realistic effect that will earn you major points.

Download Link | Via: Pexels/Karolina Grabowska

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Jack-o’-lanterns Ghost

Or maybe just a single ghost in the background if you want to bring down the intensity.

Download Link | Via: Pexels/Karolina Grabowska

Simple Trick Or Treat

In this case, a nice trick to embrace the Halloween theme without too many frills and bring the festive spirit to your Zoom Call.

Download Link | Via: Pexels/Karolina Grabowska

Spider in Silhouette

This list would not be complete without a scary spider. So here is one that will do the job really well for you.

Download Link | Via: Pexels/Anthony

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Halloween Background Videos

If you want to go the extra mile and turn your background into a Halloween video, more power to you! We have also recommended videos from YouTube in this set. You can use KeepVid to download them. This downloader is good to use on both Desktop and phone.

Glowing Jack-o’-lanterns

Simple, minimalistic, and most importantly, suited to be a great Halloween background for Zoom.

Via: Quince Media

Spooky Graveyard

This background is great for those virtual Zoom parties or as is if you’re obsessed with Halloween.

Via: Quince Media

Zombie Friends

This is a concept piece that will undoubtedly spook other users. Go for this one if you’re hoping to create a major scare.

Via: Carma Cosplay

Halloween Night

Another cool tribute to Halloween, a haunted house will add a nice touch to your background.

Via: 7 MAX

Happy Halloween

A greeting for a background? Makes sense when it’s one as cool as this.

Via: postermywall

Witch Hunt

Looking for something with retro vibes that will take you on a nostalgic trip of the good old days? Choose this one.

Via: postermywall

A Ghostly Affair

Want a video background that’s minimal and won’t terrify young children? This is the one you need.

Via: postermywall

Have a Happy Halloween! Take care and stay safe.


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