Among Us Movie in 2020? All you need to know

Although it came into being in mid-2018, Among Us has taken the world by storm with millions of users either playing the game or binge-watching its streams on Twitch and Youtube.

The reason for the game’s long-time success has certainly been its plot where you’re required to complete little tasks as crew-mates of a spaceship and prepare it for launch. But that’s not just it; you’re also expected to stay vigilant and keep an eye for an imposter who’s simultaneously working to kill some of the members in secret.

The game’s plot has led many fans to believe that an Among Us movie is coming soon. But is it? That’s what we’re here to discuss.

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Is an ‘Among Us’ movie coming in 2020?

No. Not until the time of writing this. While there have been many rumors floating around about an upcoming movie that’s based on the indie game, there’s no solid reason to believe that an ‘Among Us’ movie is going to drop in 2020. The reason for netizens to believe such a movie is coming is because there are several fan-made posters for the ‘Among Us’ movie that doesn’t exist.

Posters like the one in the tweet below have left some fans confused, so much to an extent that some do expect that such a thing is in the making.

Another reason why there are rumors of an Among Us movie is that Netflix is known to produce live-action movies that are based on games, comics, and books. But that doesn’t mean everything that’s popular will be turned into a movie and until now, there has been no worthwhile development or even an indication of an Among Us-themed movie.

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Isn’t ‘Among Us’ already a movie?

Yes. There’s in fact a horror-drama movie that’s actually titled ‘Among Us’. The movie was released in 2017 and it’s about a couple whose young son was killed in a mysterious death and now they’re fleeing to a remote lake house to escape the supernatural activity that continues to haunt them. Struggling to save their sanity, they reach out to seek the help of a clairvoyant to end the dread once and for all.

This 2017 horror movie has an IMDB rating of 4.3 stars and if you haven’t realized it yet, NO, this movie has nothing to do with the Among Us video game that has been popular lately.

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What’s with the Among Us movie rumors?

As we have mentioned above, Among Us has inspired many fans to make fan-art posters that might look very close to being real but they’re not. It took one person to start joking about an Among Us movie and it didn’t take long for others to join the wagon.

The number of fan posters and jokes for the supposed Among Us movie grew in so many numbers that it has made many of us anticipate that such a thing is close to being on the big screen.

Look at this poster! It just looks real, doesn’t it?

I made Among Us movie poster. from AmongUs

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Which movie closely resembles the Among Us game?

If you have played Among Us for quite some time and you’re wondering whether there has been a movie that’s similar to the space indie game, then you might like this.

The Thing: Released and set in 1982, this Sc-Fi mystery horror movie takes place in a US research station in Antarctica. The research team finds the remains of a strange creature that has shape-shifting powers and later hunts them so that they can take over and assimilate into other life forms. Tensions escalate and soon no one trusts the person next to them – which is what Among Us is all about. The Thing has an 8.2 star-rating on IMDB and it’s pretty amazing how resembling the movie is to the latest viral game.

Life: Set at the International Space Station, a team of scientists starred by Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, and other prominent names discover that their life is in danger after the events that follow the collection of samples containing life form in Mars. Soon, the crew realizes that the single-celled organism can evolve rapidly and can be more intelligent than what they thought it to be. This Sci-Fi Thriller movie was released in 2017 and has an IMDB rating of 6.6 stars.

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Sunshine: This Danny Boyle-directed film is as close to Among Us as a movie can ever be and revolves around a team of international astronauts that embark on a mission to reignite the dying Sun. Released in 2007 but set in 2057, the astronauts devise to shoot a missile in the hopes of bombarding the sun but little do they realize that someone in their own team doesn’t want to mission to succeed. IMDB has rated this at 7.2 stars.

Solaris: This George Clooney-starrer revolves around a psychologist who’s sent to a space station that is orbiting the mysterious planet of Solaris. The psychologist seeks the truth behind what is making the crew members terrified after they witness a set of strange phenomena aboard the ship and fail to differentiate between what’s real and what’s not. While only rated 6.6 stars by IMDB users, Solaris could still be a decent watch if you want a bit of drama, science, and mystery.

10 Cloverfield Lane: While not set in space, this 2016 movie is what happens when you want to combine Among Us but you want to do it on Earth. Michelle finds herself inside a mysterious shelter after getting into a car accident and is made to believe that the outside world is affected by a widespread alien attack. But is it? IMDB recommends that you watch it as users have given it a 7.2-star rating.

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Can you expect an Among Us movie made after the game?

Having filled with love for the game and after seeing the several fan posters that could have been made real, many have come to expect a movie that captures the essence of paranoia and thrill that you get when playing Among Us.

Although movies have made us realize that nothing is impossible to adapt, no one has announced that they’re making a movie about Among Us, not even Netflix. But don’t lose hope, there might always be new movies to look forward to and maybe, just maybe, the next space-based sci-fi title takes inspiration from the game.


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