How to Check Vitals in Among Us

Among Us. The most glorious way to send a friendship into a smoking ruin. Indeed, there truly is no other game like it (except, you know, all of these), what with the lying, the backstabbing, the shapeshifting alien imposters. Truly, just… spectacular.

Despite the game only recently coming into the public lens with its sudden and unprecedented rise to earth-shattering stardom, Among Us has actually been around for more than a couple years now. Like a future A-list actor just waiting to be picked up by the right agent, it was the sudden interest from top-tier streamers and YouTubers that propelled the game onto the screens of millions that found themselves suddenly lusting for more of the duplicitous, paranoia-stricken fun.

And that’s probably why you find yourself here, now, reading this article about Vitals in Among Us.

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What is Vitals in Among Us?

Vitals Main Image Among Us

Vitals is a utility unique to the Polus map that allows players to check on the health status of their crewmates — imposters included. This is useful for keeping tabs on who’s alive, potentially discovering a death even if you have yet to come across a body.

In the right circumstances, Vitals is also an excellent tool for uncovering imposters; when you walk by a pair of crewmates on the way to Vitals and suddenly one of them is dead, it might suggest that the other crewmate is the very lying, sociopathic shapeshifter you always suspected them to be. Both crewmates and imposters can use Vitals.

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How to Use Vitals in Among Us

Be in Polus

Among Us Polus

The first step to using the Vitals is a pretty simple, and a pretty vital one (you had to know that pun was inevitable): be in Polus. Neither Mira HQ nor The Skeld has a Vitals station, so you’ll only be able to access the absolutely vital mechanic, Vitals, in Polus.

Find the Office

Among Us Polus Map Office HIghlighted

Once you’re on Polus, to use Vitals you’ll have to make your way to the vital Vitals station in a room adjacent to the Office.

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Use the Monitor

Among Us Vitals Icon Highlighted

Inside the Office, you’ll find yourself standing before a large monitor. Next, and this part is vital, get close enough to click on the use button and boom! 

Among Us Vitals Screen

You’re now looking at the health statuses of each member of the crew.

And there you go! You have one more tool on your belt when it comes to either uncovering that lying, scheming, shapeshifting dirtbag, or, alternatively, just how many of those worthless crewmates you have left to cleave in half.


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