What is Freeplay in Among Us?

Among Us is simple. Have friends, backstab friends, lose friends. A simple, great game, a game that is easy to learn but difficult to master. Getting the hang of Among Us takes a lot of trying and a lot of failing; becoming a good imposter who can use their unique powers to divide, conquer, misdirect, and frame — or a solid crewmate who can stay alive, anticipate the imposter’s next move, and get their tasks done quickly and efficiently — takes some practice. 

Thankfully, there is something of a ‘training mode’ that players can use to learn the ropes of Among Us before being completely thrown to the wolves in the world’s most dog-eat-dog game.

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What is Freeplay in Among Us?

Among Us Dummy

Freeplay is a single-player game mode in Among Us that enters players into a room filled with AI-controlled Crewmates where players can freely explore the three maps and their respective tasks, as well as all of the abilities that come with being an imposter.

Freeplay in Among Us is a great way for beginners to acquaint themselves with the ins and outs that accompany each of the three maps in the game, preventing that moment of elation that comes with finally being the imposter from becoming dread as you realize you have no idea how to capitalize on the new Imposter-only mechanics — like venting, sabotage, and, of course, killing.

It’s also a handy way for Crewmates to practice tasks, increasing the speed and efficiency with which they can complete them — majorly upping survivability for when it really matters.

Freeplay doesn’t operate like an actual match. The AI-controlled “dummies” that stand in for your crewmates are stationary, won’t report dead bodies nor will they attend to any tasks.

You can freely sabotage critical tasks like O2 and Reactor and let the countdown timer tick to zero or murder all of your otherwise lifeless crewmates and the game will simply renew everything without skipping a beat. This creates a seamless, technically endless training session for you to up your skills in.

How to Use Freeplay in Among Us

Enter Freeplay Mode

Among Us Freeplay Mode Button

All you need to do to access Freeplay mode is click on the Freeplay button, right under Online. That will deposit you directly into the Freeplay room which will be populated with six inanimate bots.

Choose Your Setup

Among Us Be_Imposter.exe

In any of the three maps, you’ll find a laptop somewhere around the emergency meeting area. Here you can choose which tasks are required to be completed, providing a great way to practice specific routes and the tasks themselves to bolster your odds of success in a normal game of Among Us.

(Optional) Be the Imposter

How to Be Imposter.exe

For those who want an extra boost to their capacity for crewmate-murder, clicking the red “Be_Imposter.exe” file will switch you over to the Imposter with full access to all of the Imposter-only mechanics. Players can use this to familiarize themselves with the vent connections on each of the three maps, practice sabotaging, and get the hang of killing.

Routinely practicing the fundamentals of both being a Crewmate and working as an Imposter will leave you with valuable map awareness that pays dividends during normal games, and helps you get a leg up on the other side. Be sure to check out our Among Us archives for more Among Us tips and tricks, and be sure to share your own thoughts below!

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