How to Sabotage in Among Us

Among Us is a comprehensive multiplayer game set in the vastness of space. You get the chance to either play a crewmate or an imposter upon which you have different tasks to win the game. Imposters need to sabotage the crew and ship while crewmates need to identify the imposter as soon as possible. If you have recently started playing Among Us then you might have come across the plethora of different abilities granted to imposters. One such important ability is to ‘Sabotage’ different areas of the space ship. Let’s take a look at how you can use Sabotage to your advantage.

What can you Sabotage in Among Us?

Sabotage as an imposter in Among Us has two different categories that work differently and have different cooldown times. Keeping these cooldown times in mind, you can strategically plan your sabotages to deal the maximum damage/annoyance to the crewmates. Let’s take a look at them.

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Door Sabotages

  • Cooldown Time for that Door: 30s
  • Cooldown Time for 4 main Sabotages: 10s
  • Can you use Main sabotages: No
  • Can you use other Door Sabotages: Yes (with a cooldown time of 30s for each door)

Door sabotages allow you to sabotage specific rooms in Among Us. This is significantly less effective when it comes to causing trouble for the crewmates and is something that can be ignored by them without impacting the outcome of the game. However, door sabotages can be used to lock in players in different rooms upon which they will have to wait for a 10s cooldown time before they can open the door again. This can come in handy if you have just killed someone and are about to be discovered. You can block someone using a door sabotage and leave the area within the 10s cooldown time.

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Main Sabotages

  • Cooldown time: 30s (Affects all 4 main Sabotages)
  • Cooldown Time for Doors: 30s
  • Can you use door sabotages: No
  • Can you use other Main Sabotages: No

Main sabotages are elaborate malfunctions that you can cause in the spaceship which will require immediate attention from the crewmates. These sabotages can not be ignored by the crewmates and failing to fix them will result in them losing the game. Main sabotages can not only be used to distract players, but strategically timed ones can help you kill multiple players in one go.

Note: You should factor in the kill cooldown time when planning Main sabotages for maximum efficiency.

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How to use Sabotage?

Once you are the imposter in Among Us, you will see different functions on the right side of your screen. Sabotage will be available a few seconds after the match has started and you will find its icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Tap on the icon to start sabotaging the spaceship.

You will now be shown the entire map of the spaceship with all the different areas that you can sabotage and create distractions for crewmates.

Tap on your desired Sabotage to activate it. Once activated, the particular sabotage will be greyed out.

The sabotage selected by you should now be activated in Among Us.

What are the 4 different Main Sabotages in Among Us?

O2 Sabotage

This sabotage will mess with the oxygen supply of the ship which will require immediate attention from the crewmate.

  • Winning Scenario for Imposter: Countdown reaches 0
  • Number of crewmates required to fix: 2
  • Fix: A daily randomly generated pin needs to be entered simultaneously.

Reactor Sabotage

This sabotage causes the ship’s engine reactor to melt which requires immediate attention. Failure to fix this sabotage by the crewmates will result in the imposter winning the game.

  • Winning Scenario for Imposter: Countdown reaches 0
  • Number of crewmates required to fix: 2
  • Fix: Scan hands simultaneously on two different scanners in the reactor area.

Communications Sabotage

This sabotage will hide the task list as well as tasks on the map for all the crewmates. It will also render security cameras, admin map, and door logs useless depending on the current map.

  • Winning Scenario for Imposter: None
  • Number of crewmates required to fix: 1 or 2 depending on the map
  • Fix: Tune the radio for the matching frequency until you get clear audio

Light Sabotage

This sabotage will reduce the vision distance for all crewmates making it impossible for them to see nearby players and imposters.

  • Winning Scenario for Imposter: None
  • Number of crewmates required to fix: 1
  • Fix: Flip the switches until all the indicator lights are green

Unrated7 on YouTube has a comprehensive guide on Sabotaging that helped us source all the great screenshots that you see above. You can check out his channel at this link for more Among Us videos.

We hope this guide helped you easily get a grasp over the sabotage mechanic in Among Us. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below.


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