What Do AFK, Sus and GG Mean in Among Us?

The exceptionally intuitive social deduction game, Among Us, has emerged as one of the most popular games on the planet. Features like custom skins, pets, hats, and more, make the game even more appealing and interesting for any age group. And thanks to its availability on all leading platforms and cross-play support, all Among Us players, irrespective of their preferred gaming hardware, can take part in the action.

The game has an in-game chatting mechanism for discussions, plots, and suspicions. Since it’s a large multiplayer, there’s not enough space to carry out conversations in their broadest form. So, as expected, the space constraint and urgency of the game have made way for intuitive abbreviations.

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Fortunately, these aren’t very difficult to understand, but they can surely catch unsuspecting users off-guard. Now, without further ado, let’s uncover the mysteries of Among Us lingo.

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What do AFK, sus, and GG mean in Among Us?

There are a bunch of abbreviations floating about in Among Us, but the three mentioned in the heading are the most popular and handy.

AFK: This abbreviation has been around since the inception of multiplayer gaming and extends far beyond Among Us. “AFK” is an ingenious short form of “Away from Keyboard” and is used to notify your team-mates that you’re not in front of your PC/gaming system. Need a cup of coffee to recharge your brain cells? Just send “AKF” and your team-mates would know what you’re up to — and avoid a situation wherein someone hits that emergency meeting button against you.

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GG: Similar to “AFK, “”GG” has been associated with gaming since eternity. “GG” is usually used to mark the end of a game, signifying that the player who’s saying it won’t be back for the next game. However, in other cases, “GG” could simply mean “Good Game” and act as a satisfactory remark after a good session. Among Us players regularly use this phrase to dole out encouragement and also to mark the end of a session.

Sus: Unlike the first two, this abbreviation is exclusive to Among Us and has become one of the most-used terms in the meme culture as well. “Sus” has been derived from the word “suspicious” and is used to denote any shade crew-mate in the game. If you come across a player acting a little shady, you can simply call them out by typing “sus” alongside the color of the crewmate.

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What are some other commonly used words?

Since no one has time to write down grammatically accurate sentences in Among Us, all players use abbreviations and one-word questions/statements. Here are some of the other helpful words you could use in the game.

Where?: When a dead body is discovered — a victim of an imposter — there’s hardly enough time to punch in complete sentences. So, this one-word question acts as the go-to choice for many. The moment someone discovers a body in the game, step up to the plate and send a little “Where?” to get in on the social deduction action.

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Who?: Usually used to denote suspects or potential suspects, “Who?” is generally thrown at the start of an emergency meeting. If you’re an imposter, questioning the whereabouts might throw others off your scent.

[Player name] Vented: This keyword is one of the more serious ones and is used to accuse someone of being an imposter. Since only imposters have the ability to use the vents to zap from one place to another, you’d literally be calling someone out in front of the whole crew, which could lead to their elimination. So, make sure you have all the info before actually pulling the trigger.


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