What Does Self Report Mean in Among Us?

Among Us has managed to garner a huge fan base in the past few months. What was popularized by Twitch among audiences is now everybody’s favorite pass time. You are put on a spaceship with other cremates and your goal is to find the imposter.

This might seem like an interesting task but it gets surprisingly complex when you start discussing amongst yourself. Each meeting after a reported death or emergency meeting lasts for a specific amount of time which is usually less than 2 minutes.

Moreover, some part of this time is dedicated to voting which means you are going to get far less time with your teammates. This is the reason why Among Us seems to have developed its own slang where information can be conveyed in a fast and concise manner.

If you have played ‘Among Us’ then you have probably come across the term ”self-report”. Let’s take a quick look at it.

What is ‘self-report’ and what does it mean?

‘Self-report’ is a slang in Among Us that is used to denote that the ‘death reporter’ himself is the imposter. When you kill someone as an imposter in Among Us, you get the ability to report the death immediately. This takes away the risk of hiding in vents or closing nearby doors to prove your innocence.

In the early days, this was a great way for imposters to evade suspicion and blame other players. But now everyone in the community is now well versed in this tactic and when one suspects that the death reporter is the imposter themselves, they use the slang ”self-report”.

If somebody says ”self-report” it means that they are suspicious of the reporter and think that they are the imposter.

How to identify the discoverer of the body

Once a meeting has been called, you will be taken to the player tally screen where you can see all the players that are currently alive as well as those who have died over the course of the game. Here, you should see a speaker icon in front of the person who has called in the meeting.

As for the death, before the meeting is called, you will be shown a splash screen that will show you why the meeting was called. You will see an emergency splash screen if you are being called to an emergency meeting or a ‘Body found’ splash screen if someone is reporting a death.

When you see a ‘body found’ splash screen, you can easily identify the reporter by looking for the speaker icon in the player list.

Is ‘self-report’ safe?

Well, nothing is safe in Among Us. Imposters have been known to misguide crewmates by using the exact phrase ”self-report”. This helps them nullify a legitimate report and sometimes even get a crewmate ejected in the process. This takes them one step closer to their victory.

If you see someone claiming ‘self-report’ then you should ask questions. Ensure that the person has enough proof or suspicion to make the allegations. More often than not, imposters will fail to answer basic questions and make up a story. Their story can then be scrutinized and negated by all the crewmates which should help you identify the imposter much more easily.

We hope this guide helped answer all your questions about ‘self-report’ in Among Us. If you have any more queries, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below.

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