What Is Venting in Among Us?

With the increasing hype of this game, new players often find themselves struggling to get the hang of the mechanics of this game, especially when it comes to venting. Vents can be one of the most useful logistics in Among Us. But, can all players use this tactic to their advantage? Well, let’s find out!

What Does Venting Mean in Among us?

Venting is considered as one of the quickest ways to move around the spaceship. Vents are available on the three maps but are replaced with ‘holes’ in the Polus map. Venting allows players to easily move around the map, all they have to do is jump inside one vent and get out of the other; sneakily. Vents are not present in every room so one has to strategize and memorize the vent locations in order to win precisely.

Just as a coin has two sides, vents come with an edge too. Though vents are considered to be a faster mode of transportation in the game, they are also prone to give away our status as one’s disappearance might draw attention to others. Venting can be considered as a gift for some players, namely campers, as they can play ‘hide and seek’ with other players. In a nutshell, venting gives you the power of teleportation!

Who can use Vents in Among Us?

Venting is a major aspect of the game but not all players are lucky enough to get a chance to use it. Yes, you guessed it right! Vents are accessible by only imposters. If used correctly, then it is no less than a superpower.

Out of the three maps, MIRA HQ is the largest map and thus a real place where vents may shine. In this map all the vents are connected through a web, i.e an imposter can jump into a vent at the cafeteria and pop out at the launch pad for an instant kill or for sabotaging purpose. However, venting is difficult on the Skeld and Polus map as these are much smaller maps so the chances of getting caught are high.

Venting can also be the reason to get some players a ticket to outer space i.e. getting kicked out of the ship as one has to be mindful of where other players are when exiting or entering vents. On top of it, Crewmates can also check the surveillance camera which tracks everyone’s movements.

But on the bright side, some tasks are present in the same room as the vents which makes it super easy for the imposters to ruin a task as well as kill a crew mate altogether; i.e kill two targets with a single bullet.

How to use Vents in Among Us?

Vents or holes are present in all the three maps but are only accessible by the imposter. To access the vent, the imposter has to go stand near it, which will replace the sabotage button with a vent button thereby making it appear as red. Then with a simple click an animation will occur and your character will hop into the vent.

One must be aware of his or her surroundings while using these shortcuts as someone might see and call an emergency meeting which might get him kicked out of the ship.

Once the imposter has exited the vent, the player might encounter a crew member working on a task. Then the imposter can kill the crew member, thereby sabotaging the task. The imposter can travel back through the same vent or can even try to find another one.

The travel time between these vents is minimal and is identical for all the vents in the game. Moreover, there is no cooldown on the number of times an imposter uses these vents.

The vents in all the three maps of Among Us are not interconnected to each other, therefore venting must be done with precision. A point to ponder: if an imposter went from vent A to vent B, kills a crew member and decides to hop back to vent A, then there are chances that he might end up somewhere else, for example, Vent X because in this game, one vent can be connected to multiple vents.

Among us is quite the craze right now and deservedly so. The game is pure fun, and is even light on hardware, while also being available on mobile phones, making it versatile.

Though among us is a paid game on windows, one can buy it on steam for just $5 but as the game is available for free on Android, one can use an emulator to play this game on your PC for free and even Mac. Though, you cannot get Among Us online for free.

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