Want to Get Free Pets in Among Us? Here’s All You Need To Know


It does feel a tad bit ironic that a game like Among Us with its rather brutal concept still manages to not only maintain a cute theme but also includes pets into the equation. Of course, it’s understandable that a game cannot survive without ads and in-game spends. This is why when it comes to generating revenue with add-ons and purchases, Innersloth has not left any stone unturned to ensure that we’ll be compelled to spend some dough in the game, including introducing some cute pets to follow us around.

Pets in Among Us

It’s fair to assume that it was with this intention to generate revenue that Pets were added in an update last year. But the role of these creatures is more ornamental than anything. Basically Pets will follow their players around and if their owner is killed by an impostor the pet will stay where the player died and simply cry in the spot where its owner died. For added dramatics, the pet will also appear terrified when a player is getting killed in the kill animation that you will have gotten used to if you’ve been playing this game.

How to get free pets in Among Us

Unfortunately, there is no way to get free pets in the game. You will need to purchase the pet of your choice from the game’s store if you’re using the mobile version and purchase the Add-ons from Steam for PC gamers. All pet bundles cost $2.99 across all platforms. Here’s a look at each pet bundle and what you’re getting.

  • Hamster pet bundle
  • Bedcrab pet bundle
  • Brainslug pet bundle
  • Hamster pet bundle
  • Mini pet bundle
  • Mini Crewmate bundle
  • Stickmin pet bundle

The pets are not exactly animals. Rather you could say that they are more like companion creatures that add to your crew character. There might be a possibility of freebies which tends to happen once in a while in any game and if you’re really lucky you might be able to claim a pet for free. Make sure you keep an eye out for such offers!

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