How to Play Hide and Seek on Among Us

Among Us might have been out for a while but since it has only gone on to become an internet sensation only recently, players are starting to stretch the limits of the game to make it more interesting and entertaining. The game is being played extensively by people all over the world and the gaming community has started creating variations within the game to tweak with different rules, guidelines, and game modes.

One such mode that gamers have started to play and love is Hide and Seek. In the following post, we’ll help you better understand what Hide and Seek on Among Us is all about, the rules you should follow while playing it and how to play it.

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Hide and Seek on Among Us: What is it?

If you want to freshen up your Among Us skills and want something more casual, Hide and Seek is the way to go. As the name suggests, when playing Hide and Seek on Among Us, your target is to stay alive for as long as you can, possibly until the end of the game.

In this game, there can only one imposter while the rest of the players are Crewmates. Crewmates will get a certain countdown time at the start of the game during which time they should find places where they can hide themselves to escape being killed by the imposter.

I have been playing Hide and Seek mode and this is one of the few hiding spots I use in Mira map. from AmongUs

An interesting aspect of this game mode in Among Us is that all the crewmates know who the imposter is at the beginning of the game. When the imposter their finishes the countdown, they can sabotage the lights and then proceed to locate and kill the crewmates. The imposter might technically win when they find the last crewmate but the last crewmate is the actual winner here, even if they’re found.

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Hide and Seek on Among Us: Rules and Settings to follow

If you wish to play Hide and Seek on Among Us with your friends, you should stick to the following rules that are devised by the community to make this game mode more enjoyable.

  • Number of imposters: 1
  • Number of Emergency Meetings in one game: 1
  • Emergency Cooldown: 20 seconds
  • Discussion time: 15 seconds
  • Voting Time: 15 seconds
  • Player movement speed: 1.0x
  • Crewmate Vision: 0.25x
  • Impostor Vision: 0.25x
  • Kill Cooldown time: 15 seconds
  • Kill Distance: Short
  • Visual Tasks: Off
  • Common Tasks: 0
  • Long Tasks: 0
  • Short Tasks: 4

Besides these rules, there are also some standards that you may need to adhere to:

  • Make sure everyone has turned off voice chat
  • There’s just one imposter and they reveal who they are at the beginning of the session
  • Imposters can either sabotage comms or lights but not doors
  • Imposters aren’t allowed to vent
  • Crewmates cannot report bodies
  • No emergency meetings can be summoned after the meeting at the beginning
  • Crewmates cannot fix the lights
  • Do not access security cameras, admin console, or other elements to know others’ locations

The Among Us community has also suggested that you can change some values of the game settings as follows to tweak them a little bit every time you start one.

  • Crewmate Vision: 5x
  • Imposter Vision: 0.5x
  • Player movement: 1.5x

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Hide and Seek on Among Us: How to Play

For you to start playing Hide and Seek on Among Us, you must make sure that you’re playing the game with a cooperative bunch of players, possibly your friends. This is because, even though Hide and Seek is now a known game mode, Among Us doesn’t officially feature it.

In order to, thus, play the Hide and Seek mode you shouldn’t opt for a public lobby. Pick a friend circle or a lobby you often use and set it to the in-game rules as shown in the section above. Once that’s sorted, one of the players needs to be an imposter and make sure it’s just one.

If all of that’s taken care of, you can start a game on Among Us. At the very beginning of the session, someone will have to host an emergency meeting and in this meeting, the Imposter will have to come forward and reveal that they are indeed the imposter. If you wish to do the announcement swiftly, you can use Discord’s voice chat to know who the imposter is but after that disable voice chat entirely.

Screengrab via FalsehopeWhiskey

The next step is important. After an imposter reveals their identity, make sure you skip the votes and proceed to the game. When the meeting ends, the crewmates get a 15-20 seconds cooldown time which they can use to run and hide anywhere on the map they would like to be. During this time, the imposter will have to stay in one place and wait till the cooldown is over.

When the cooldown period is over, the imposter can start moving around and search for crewmates to kill. While an imposter is set to kill the crewmates, other players should hide and avoid getting seen by the killer.

Normally, crew members do not attempt to complete tasks but will just have to hide and stay away from the imposter. Crewmates cannot fix lights that have been sabotaged, report dead bodies, or call emergency meetings during the course of the game.

In some versions, Crewmates can also finish their tasks at the same time. Both crewmates and ghosts will need to complete tasks to have a chance at winning.

All the imposter has to do is seek and kill as many crewmates as they can until there just one crewmate is left.

Screengrab via FalsehopeWhiskey

The winner is declared on different conditions which we discuss below.

Hide and Seek on Among Us: Win conditions

There are rules to stick to but if you want to win a game of Hide and Seek on Among Us, there are a couple of conditions that the gaming community follows to decide who’s the winner of the match. For Hide and Seek on Among Us, there are two Win conditions:

Last One Standing: As is how you have cherished this childhood game, the winner when playing Hide and Seek in Among Us is the last one standing. By last one standing, we don’t mean the imposter but the only remaining crewmate who is declared the winner of the game.

Complete all tasks: Unlike the Last one standing, this mode requires crewmates to complete tasks but to balance the risks involved, they will also be able to know where the imposter is. However, if any player is stuck doing their task, they are most likely going to get killed by the imposter and lose the game. Also, unlike the earlier winning condition, the imposter here can win the game too.  The imposter wins this game if they can kill all the crewmates except for the last one and a crewmate wins if they can complete all their tasks.

More Among Us Game Modes:

Besides Hide and Seek, there is a handful of modes you can try out when playing Among Us. Keep in mind that some of these modes will favor one side or the other for ease of play and for the sake of making the game as fun as possible.

Color Mode

So you’re a pro in Among Us and you have a history of confusing others by naming yourself after a color you aren’t. But are you skilled enough to make it through when things get harder? In Color Mode, each of the players is to be named after a color that they’re not assigned in-game.

The basis of doing this is to make it harder for players to call each other out by color or name because if you say you saw “Blue”, you might have meant a player with the name “Blue” but others will mistake it for a blue-colored player or vice versa.

Color mode is thus a challenging mode for crewmates to win but easier for imposters as there’s chaos everywhere. The only solution that could work is by calling yourself “I”, “me”, “we”, or the opposition as “they” and “them”.

Monster/Horror Mode

If you’re reading this but you have no clue what Monster mode is all about, think of it as the opposite version of a standard Among Us game. You need to set the following rules:

  • Imposter kill Cooldown: 10 seconds
  • Crewmate vision: 2x
  • Imposter vision: 0.5x
  • Confirm Ejects: On
  • Discussion time: 15 seconds
  • Voting time: 15 seconds
  • Player speed: 1.5x
  • Kill distance: Normal
  • Visual Tasks: On
  • Imposters can only sabotage doors
  • Disable reporting a body
  • Emergency meetings are recommended to be OFF

Confirm ejects are turned On for you to eject those players who summon a meeting or report a dead body. You still have to keep up with the ghost rules and can only share what you saw with other prey. Crewmates and ghosts can warn other players when they’re around the imposter.

Frantic mode

In Frantic mode, everything happens swiftly as there’s no cooldown time, tasks are shorter and voting times are minimal as well. This means, Crewmates won’t be able to discuss for longer and the decisions they make will be quick and spontaneous. You will have to make sure that Confirm ejects are turned off as well as visual tasks are set to ‘No’.

Games with Frantic mode won’t last as long as normal sessions in Among Us and you can thus play more sessions in a limited time than you usually would in the game.

Methodical mode

This mode is the opposite of Frantic in every possible way. Gone are spontaneous decisions and zero cooldowns as you will have to make way for long discussions and cooldown period. The rules for this mode are simple; there will be:

  • 2x emergency meetings or long kill cooldown period
  • Long discussion time and long voting time of around 90-150 seconds
  • Confirm ejects are switched ON
  • Visual Tasks is enabled

While Frantic mode favors Imposters, Methodical revolves around deduction and strategy and are often won by the crewmates since they have superior powers. This mode doesn’t depend on player movement which you can set anywhere between 1x and 1.75x.

That’s everything you need to know about the Hide and Seek mode in Among Us. Remember that you’re just doing it all for fun; you can go ahead and break a rule to make it entertaining. 


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