40+ Cool Among Us Merch Items to Buy!

We’re living in a day and age when romantic love and fandom loyalty are almost synonymous. In fact, a fanboy/girl would even attest that fandom love runs deeper and with good reason. The pay off is incredible and the makers practically give a part of themselves to create something wonderful that stays with you forever.

Of course, when one falls in love, it’s only natural to want to proclaim it to the rest of the world and with many discovering Among Us as the most recent love of their lives, it was only a matter of time before some good merch arrived in the market to enable to represent this love.

Out of all the merch items listed below, there are some that are sold officially by the makers of Among Us. Yes- Innersloth has recently opened shop where you can pick your favorite crewmate-colored collectibles and don them.

You can check out all the Among Us-themed products that you can buy officially by checking out the official Among Us Store. Here, you’ll get to check out a bunch of the game’s official merch like tees, coffee mugs, tumblers, backpacks, tote bags, notebooks, journals, desk mats, blankets, laptop sleeves, phone cases, and even socks!

It’s a good thing as Among Us fans can now look forward to wearing their heart on their sleeves proudly in the form of these cool Among Us merchandise.

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Top 5 Official Among Us Merchandise items

1. Among Us: Crewmate Task Parade Tee

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “merchandise”? T-Shirts, right? So here is the Tee that should let everyone else around you know that you’re the biggest Among Us fan. See your crewmate pals in each of the colors you might don in the game. This one is in Blue but you can also get one in Pink and Yellow.

Get it on Innersloth Store ($27.00)

2. Color Changing Mug

So your friend turned imposter on you. Get one over them with this Color Changing Mug that reveals another print when exposed to hot liquids.

Get it on Innersloth Store ($12.00)

3. Among Us: Pink Egg Cell iPhone Case

Finished all your tasks? There’s still an imposter out there! Take this Pink Egg Cell crewmate everywhere you go. Available for all iPhones as new as the iPhone 12 and even the older ones dating back to the iPhone 7, get this extra protection for your phone and your avatar.

Get it on Innersloth Store ($22.00)

4. Among Us: “Who Could Have Done This?” Backpack

Headed to an emergency meeting? You might want to take everything you have with you and what better option than this Canvas backpack with teeny tiny crewmates imprinted on it.

Get it on Innersloth Store ($60.00)

5. Among Us: “Me, the Impostor? Lol.” Mug

Watch blue get mad over cyan getting ejected and then sip some coffee. That’s the way you roll with this “Lol” Mug from Among Us. It’s white. It’s catchy. It’s Dishwasher and microwave friendly. It’s that perfect gift for every Among Us fanatic out there.

Get it on Innersloth Store ($15.00)

Top 5 Among Us Masks

1. Floating Crewmates

This comfortable and kind of amusing mask will definitely tickle your fancy.

Get it on Teespring ($14.99)

2. Crewmate mask

This one is super heavy-duty and while it does not guarantee protection against an imposter, this mask with its carbon filter will definitely keep you safe from Corona.

Get it on Etsy (10.90)

3. Ew concept mask

A fun, amusing combination like this is definitely worth investing in, wouldn’t you agree?

Get it on Redbubble ($13.53)

4. Sus concept mask

What might soon be the word of the year is now on your face mask as well.

Get it on Redbubble ($13.53)

5. Minimal concept mask

Crewmates, crewmates, and more crewmates make this lovely minimal black and white mask a must-have.

Get it on Redbubble ($13.53)

Top 8 Among Us Mugs

1.Mug in Denial

Wake up to a nice mug filled with imposter denial to start your day on a good note.

Get it on Teespring ($14.99)

2. The blown cover

This is certainly a delightful representation of a favorite line from the fandom, wouldn’t you agree?

Get it on Teespring ($9.99)

3. Tumbling Crewmates

Seldom do functional and cool go together, yet in the case of this tumbler, that’s exactly how we would describe it.

Get it on Etsy ($18.00)

4. Keep it Basic

Just want to wake up to the name of your favorite game? This mug will do a fabulous job.

Get it on Redbubble ($15.76)

5. Minimal yet major

Indulge the imposter in you with this crewmate-filled design.

Get it on Redbubble ($15.76)

6. Official A-Mug-Us Mug

Get it on Innersloth ($12.00)

7. Quirky Official Among Us Mug

Get it on Innersloth ($15.00)

8. Days Since Last Kill Official Mug

Get it on Innersloth ($12.00)

Top 4 Among Us Stickers

1. Imposter in action

Want a constant reminder of your favorite scenes from the game? This sticker set has got you covered.

Get it on Redbubble ($2.50)

2. Assortment Among Us

We say go for this amazing variety of stickers ranging from tons of crewmates to Among Us references that will last you for a very long time.

Get it on Etsy ($4.50)

3. Crewmate Tamagotchi

A Tamagotchi rendition of your favorite crewmate will be cute as hell.

Get it on Etsy ($1.50)

4. Typical Among Us

We love how these stickers have attached our favorite denials and accusations from Among Us on the cutest crewmates with their adorable hats. Major points for the design.

Get it on Etsy ($2.82)

Top 7 Among Us Sweatshirts

1. Menacing Print

Available in multiple shades and hoodie styles, this sweatshirt is a classic must-have with the menacing imposter and cowering crewmate dynamic in a cool minimal print.

Get it on Amazon ($21.99)

2. Keep Calm

Has there ever been a decent fandom without its own cool Keep Calm rendition? Well, this one for Among is absolutely on point!

Available in 5 colors.

Get it on Teespring ($34.99)

3. Imposter in disguise

If you’re looking for something subtle but with a little bit of oomph factor, we think this cool blue sweatshirt will cut it for you.

Get it on Teespring ($47.99)

4. Dead Crewmate

We would be seriously remiss if we did not have this classic on our list.

Get it on Redbubble ($45.72)

5. Shhhh

This sweatshirt takes one epic moment from the year and merges it with our favorite game in the best way to form one exciting must-have t-shirt.

Get it on Redbubble ($41.92)

6. Pets of Among Us

We say this is the perfect way to pay tribute to the cutest creatures in the game.

Get it on Redbubble ($45.72)

7. Kinda Sus

Your favorite term when you’re in the game? Well, you can now wear it in the form of this cool sweatshirt too!

Get it on Redbubble ($44.80)

Top 6 Among Us T-Shirts

1. Planetary Deception

This astronomical rendition of your favorite game will certainly be a great conversation starter.

Get it on Teespring ($20.99)

2. Word Cloud Among Us

Can’t get over the Among Us lingo? This T-shirt will be right up your alley.

Get it on Redbubble ($21.52)

3. Sus in vintage

Shout out to all those who love playing the imposter, this one is for you.

Get it on Redbubble ($21.52)

4. Deceptive Imposter

If there was a T-shirt that captures the essence of Among Us, we’d say it is this one.

Get it on Redbubble ($19.60)

5. T-shirt with a message

The reference to context on this T-shirt is definitely on point. The fact that it’s also cute is a major bonus.

Get it on Redbubble ($21.52)

6. Crewmate in a pocket

Cute, basic, and minimal. We definitely think this popular style has been adapted well for the game.

Get it on Amazon ($16.99)

7. Crewmate Red

Want to go old school and show off your new crewmate threads to the world? Be sure to check out the official merchandise store and get the one you like. All colors are available for adults and youth.

Get it on Innersloth ($27.00)

8. Crewmate Task Parade Tee (Pink)

Refresh your wardrobe with an exciting, pink, Crewmate Task Parade t-shirt by Innersloth. This t-shirt is all about peppiness and camaraderie, which could really lift your mood on a dull day.

Get it on Innersloth ($27.00)

Top 4 Among Us Pillows, Blankets, and Tapestries

1. Among Us Throw Pillow

This pillow will allow you the luxury of hugging a crewmate while simultaneously sabotaging lights.

Get it on Redbubble ($20.14)

2. Sus hangings

This tapestry is like a famous quote hanging on your wall while managing to look really cool in the process.

Get it on Redbubble ($31.73)

3. Spartan Crewmate

This tapestry represents a beloved avatar for many players and something that will also look great on your wall.

Get it on Redbubble ($31.73)

4. Bulba tapestry

Another fan favorite, this Pokémon reference for a popular crewmate avatar brings together a great tapestry for your wall.

Get it on Redbubble ($31.73)

5. Crewmate Space Party Blanket

This winter season, keep yourself warm with betrayal and treachery, keep yourself comfy with this official blanket. This space party blanket can also serve as the perfect gift for Among Us fanatics.

Get it on Innersloth ($42.00)

6. Ejected Hooded Blanket

Want the extra warmth of a blanket with the convenience of a hoodie? We’d recommend taking a look at the Ejected hooded blanket. It might seem a bit expensive, but the Among Us fan in you would thank you for it.

Get it on Innersloth ($55.00)

Top 5 Among Us Toys, Keychains and more

1. Crewmate plushies

Fulfill your fandom wishes and add some cuteness to your couch all at the same time with these adorable plushies.

Get it on Etsy ($17.98)

2. Report Button Patch

Sew this ingenious patch on whatever you like and let this cool patch represent your love for Among Us.

Get it on Etsy ($12.00)

3. Imposter Lamp

This lamp version of your favorite crewmate is more than just about indulging yourself, it’s also great value-for-money.

Get it on Etsy ($25)

4. Among Us keycard

Fellow Among Us fans will absolutely trip when you whip up this surprisingly well-replicated real-life keycard. We call this one a conversation starter.

Get it on Etsy ($8.13)

5. Crewmates on a keychain

Hang it on your bag or use it for an actual key, whatever you do, make sure you get these cuties.

Get it on Etsy ($10)

Which Among Us merch are you buying? Do let us know your favorites in the comments. It’s hard to resist many of these, right?

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