Among Us Halloween Update Map and Decorations: Check them out here!

So what if you cannot step out for Trick-or-Treating this year? As life has gone virtual, Halloween is coming to our screens from some of our most favorite apps and games in some really cool ways. Indeed it was quite delightful when the Among Us people decided to touch up Mira HQ, and The Skeld with fun, spooky Halloween delights. As the game already works based on the premise of an imposter secretly killing crewmates who are trying to survive in sadistically vicious ways, one must admit that this is both an ingenious trick and a lovely treat all coming together as one.

Here’s a look at the Among Us Halloween Update Map and Decorations that you should keep an eye out for!

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Among Us Halloween update

Since Halloween is right around the corner, the Among us devs decided to add spooky Halloween elements across different sections of Mira HQ and The Skeld.

These range from bat stickers, spooky ghosts, slime, spider webs to an occasional pumpkin here and there. We believe this update has especially been made for Halloween.

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Among Us Halloween map: Is there anything different?

All three maps remain the same. There is absolutely no difference in terms of layout and locations. However, wherever you go, there will be some kind of Halloween decoration or another. Only Polus appears to not be decorated in any way, however, both The Skeld and Mira HQ are looking in the peak of Halloween.

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Among Us Halloween decorations

We’ve explored Mira HQ and The Skeld to see what these maps look like during Halloween.


The Skeld Cafeteria during Halloween
The Electrical Room with tiny ghosts
Medbay and Corridor Halloween Look
Weapons room with bats and ghosts

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Mira HQ

Cafeteria with cute Halloween props
Greenhouse during Halloween
Corridor with a bat decal
Launchpad decked up for Halloween

Aren’t these Halloween decorations absolutely awesome? Have a happy Halloween!


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