What Is Among Us Based On?

The American science-fiction, murder-mystery classic gaming title, Among Us, has done exceptionally well for itself over the last few months. It’s the leading gaming title in the world, right now, and is bound to keep its place for the foreseeable future.

The game, on the outside, isn’t jaw-dropping by any means. The graphics don’t woo you, the loading or menu screens aren’t fancy, and there’s a clear lack of aesthetic brilliance in the game. Still, despite the “flaws,” millions of users log in and play the game every day.

Today, we’re paying heed to the game’s exponentially rising popularity and see what the game is all about.

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Is Among Us based on a movie?

If you search for “Among Us” on Google, you might come across a 2017 Horror/Drama movie of the same name. Interestingly, the genres of the game and the movie do overlap a little. So, the curiosity isn’t entirely misplaced. However, we’re sorry to inform you that there’s no correlation between the two, whatsoever.

Among Us — the movie — is a lowly-rated horror flick. Among Us, the game, on the other hand, has been the number one game in this quarantine season. So, to wrap things up: Among Us — the hugely popular cross-platform, social deduction game — is completely independent in terms of thoughts and inspiration. No TV series or movie can be tied to the game; not at the time of writing, at least.

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What is a social deduction game?

In the previous section, we categorized Among Us as a Social Deduction game. Even if you’re a seasoned gamer, the term could seem a bit mysterious — just like the game in question. Fortunately, understanding a social deduction game is hardly rocket science.

A social deduction title — like Among Us — is a team-based game in which the participants do their best to uncover the true intentions of one another. Among Us, for example, places one or multiple imposters in the space crew repairment.

The imposter(s) try to sabotage the launch of the spaceship and even kill the crewmates along the way. Any social deduction game instigates a lot of drama and conflicts — so, make sure to bring your punching gloves along.

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How many players do you need to play Among Us?

Excited to play the social deduction classic? All you have to do is find a few friends, and you’d be good to go.

The game can be played by 4 to 10 players. However, we recommend playing with maximum capacity to ensure optimum enjoyment. Since the game supports cross-play, your friends can join in from PC, Android, or iOS — no restrictions there. Among Us is not out for consoles yet, but it could very well launch for Sony and Microsoft’s systems in the future.

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Can you play Among Us at a party?

Among Us, for all intents and purposes, is a multi-layered party title. If you have more than four friends at your little party and no one is scared of a little altercation, be sure to bring out the classic.

The online multiplayer can be played over a local connection — over shared WiFi — which only adds to the genius of the title. Simply ask your friends to download Among Us for free from Google Play or Apple App Store to kick-off the action.

Download Among Us:

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Will there be a movie on Among Us?

Soon after the 2018 Indie classic shot to fame, many claimed that Netflix was working on a movie on the surprise hit. Considering how eager Hollywood is to cash in on popular content, the rumor didn’t really come as a surprise. Official sources, however, have not confirmed the speculations.

As of now, no Among Us movie is in production, and, we believe, it’s likely to stay that way. Since the game is based on social deduction and not really story-driven, the possibility of it doing exceptional business is rather small. So, despite the current craze surrounding the game, don’t be surprised if Netflix gives this venture a pass.

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