What Is an ‘Event Wish’ in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact has enjoyed exemplary fame since bursting onto the scene, last month. There are many layers to this epic, and the players are having a great time unwrapping them, one by one.

The game is also rather engaging and intricate, meaning you won’t be able to get a hang of it in a heartbeat. The learning curve here is quite noticeable, but that shouldn’t keep you from exploring the beautiful world of Teyvat.

Today, we’ll take a look at enhancing your in-game roster, tell you what an ‘Event Wish’ is the game, and help you bag a featured item.

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What is a Wish in Genshin Impact?

Wish, as the name suggests, is an opportunity for betterment. It’s pretty much like an in-game lottery ticket and could earn you some awesome characters, items, and weapons. Since Wishing is identical to gambling, you must keep the risks in mind and refrain from Wishing for a miracle when you’re low on credit.

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How to get a Wish in Genshin Impact?

Before learning about Event Wishes, we must talk about acquiring wishes in the game. Since wishes are one of the most valued items in the game, you’ll have to work a little extra to acquire them.

The lowest level of currency, in the game, is Primogems. You can collect Primogems by completing quests, opening chests, and more. Primogems can then be used to buy Intertwined Fates or Acquaint Fates, which can then unlock Wishes in the game.

Both Intertwined Fates and Acquainted Fates cost the same — 160 Primogems. The latter is used for Standard Wishes while the former is used for Event Wishes.

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What are the different types of wishes in Genshin Impact?

Wishes in Genshin Impact are split into two main categories — Event Wishes and Standard Wishes. Standard Wishes rarely have powerful characters and are used by players who have attained pretty much all the goals of the game.

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What are Event Wishes?

Event Wishes, on the other hand, are a lot more exciting. These Wishes can be divided into two categories — Character Event Wishes and Weapon Event Wishes. Almost all players opt for Character Event Wishes since they almost always guarantee great characters. Weapon Event Wishes are great, too, but are beneficial for players who already have their favorite Genshin Impact characters.

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Character Event Wishes

Character Event Wishes can get you great four-star characters and even epic five-star heroes. Since all five-star items here are characters, you get a healthy chance of acquiring great five-star starters. The chances of acquiring a five-star character are rather slim — only 0.6% per wish. If you include Pity into the mix, the average chance rises to a comparatively healthier 1.6%

You can also get four-star characters, of course. The chance of getting these stands at 5.1% If you add Pity into the mix, the rate rises to 13%

Weapon Event Wishes

As we discussed, Weapon Event Wishes aren’t exactly beneficial for players looking for awesome characters. Weapon Event Wishes only have four-star characters — no five-star — but can give you access to some legendary five-star weapons.

So, if you’re only looking to improve your arsenal, Weapon Event Wishes may be your best bet. The base rate of getting a five-star weapon remains at 0.6% but players enjoy an improved Pity rate.

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What is Pity in Genshin Impact and how does it work?

In formal terminology, Pity can be described as a glorified loyalty program. The game in question — Genshin Impact — values your presence in the game and wishes you award you for it. The Pity system comes into play only when you’re suffering a rather poor streak in terms of Wishes.

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Character Event Wishes

If you’re using Character Event Wishes, you’re likely going for a five-star item. So, if you don’t manage to get a five-star item in 89 attempts, the Pity system makes sure your 90th draw would offer a five-star item. However, drawing a five-star item doesn’t guarantee one of the featured items on the banner. If that’s the case, the Pity system ensures your next five-star draw features one of the promotional items.

Similarly, if you’re going for four-star items, you’re guaranteed to get one in your 10th attempt — given the previous 9 tries don’t get you anything of higher value.

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Weapon Event Wishes

Weapon Event Wishes, on the other hand, offer a little better Pity system. Here, if your first 79 attempts don’t result in a five-star item, you’re guaranteed to get one on your 80th attempt. Similarly, if your five-star draw doesn’t give you a promotional item, the next draw would definitely get you one.

Pity counter

In the previous two sections, we presented some numbers. These numbers make sure the Pity system continues to work as intended and players get their dues after a rough patch. Each Event Wish — character or weapon — has its own counter, which means that one’s counter cannot be carried over to another.

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For example, if you’ve tried your luck for 55 times in Weapon Events, the number won’t help you get closer to your goal when using Character Event Wishes.

Additionally, it’s important to know that the counter is reset the moment you get your first five-star/four-star item. It won’t help you do any better in a separate draw.


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