The Chi of Guyun Bug in Genshin Impact: What You Need To Know

Genshin Impact has shot to fame within two weeks of its initial release, luring gamers to log in hours of play, exploring the beautiful and challenging world of Teyvat. The game is simple enough for an open-world RPG and encourages players to search look for side quests and bonus puzzles.

Rewarding as it might be, Genshin Impact, has gotten a lot of flak for handling one particular Quest rather poorly. On paper, Chi Guyun is a pretty straightforward Quest, but players are running into a peculiar problem that’s keeping them from finishing it. Today, we’ll look at the issue at hand and hopefully give you a solution.

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What’s the issue with Chi of Guyun?

The objective of the Chi of Guyun is rather straightforward. Once you defeat the Ruin Hunter and are eventually directed to Granny Ruoxin, you’ll need to find two fragments, go to a hidden waterfall, fight off some bad guys, grab the treasure and return back to  Granny to complete the quest.

Everything appears to go smoothly before the player is sent to Granny Ruoxin for the location of two fragments. Even if the player has the two concerned fragments in their inventory, Granny still pushes them to go to Ruins and look for the same. Since the fragments are already in the bag, the players return empty-handed, and the mission is suspended. So, if you mess up the order of the fragments, the game is hung and there is no reset button to fix the issue.

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Is there any solution for Chi of Guyun bug?

Genshin Impact is an open-world game, which encourages users to go on adventures and look for new challenges. Enthusiasts, who love exploring, might already solve puzzles and acquire fragments ahead of schedule, which forces the game to behave erratically.

So, if you’re reading this article just out of curiosity, we’d advise against wandering off by yourself and let the game take you to your quests. If you’re a sufferer, we’re sorry to inform you that the developing studio, miHoYo, hasn’t come up with a solution yet. However, since it’s happening to more and more people lately, we should get a workaround sooner than later.


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