Genshin Impact QiQi Build: Best Artifacts, Weapons, Team Comps, Gameplay Guide and Tips

While much of the noise generated online concerning Genshin Impact builds and character guides focus on maximizing DPS for this character or that characterdamage isn’t the be-all-end-all of godlike power in Genshin Impact.

Indeed, the thing about a god isn’t just unopposable might, but invincibility. Ask Kratos: it’s usually hard to kill a god, because they’re not exactly squishy. 

And that’s where a specific, loli zombie from Bubu Pharmacy comes in handy.

Qiqi gets all five of her stars for not just the insane healing she provides her party, but the particular way she heals. She can buff up the healing for a bruised and battered team, or supercharge the HP of a damage dealer and turn your main DPS into a vampire god. Or you could even go the “best of both worlds” route and build her as your main carry — an expensive, but 100% viable strategy to employ.

Qiqi Talents

Normal Attack: Ancient Sword Art

Qiqi build Genshin Impact - Qiqi talents showing normal attack

Normal Attack

Qiqi’s basic attack is a basic, five-part sword combo that ranges from 37% to 63% of Attack. Yeah, her damage won’t be laying waste to whole armies or ushering in unending eras of darkness or anything but considering her heals scale with her attack.

Charged Attack

The charged attack deals two quick strikes at 64% of Attack each. Nothing to see here really.

Plunging Attack

Like most other characters, Qiqi’s plunge attack is a straight-down aerial strike that deals AoE damage at the bottom.

Elemental Skill: Adeptus Art – Herald of Frost

Qiqi build Genshin Impact - Qiqi talents showing Adeptus AArt: Herald of Frost elemental skill

Herald of Frost is itself a gargantuan heal that can restore a character on the verge of death to full health in a matter of a few moments — with the right Qiqi build of course. The move summons a Herald of Frost that circles her for 15 seconds, providing a regular heal, dealing AoE cryo damage, and converting attack damage into heals for the whole party.

Herald of Frost converts about 11% of Attack on top of a flat 67 per strike to HP for the party — which adds up fast, and restores the current character’s health by 451 + roughly 70% of Attack per tick.

Elemental Burst: Adeptus Art – Preserver of Fortune

Qiqi build Genshin Impact - Qiqi talents showing Elemental Burst, Preserver of Fortune

An absolute tidal wave of tactical healing, the Preserver of Fortune marks an enemy with a talisman for 15s, converting damage dealt into HP for the damage dealer. The best part about Adeptus Art is that you can switch out of QiQi to your prime damage dealer — turning them into the aforementioned Vampriic god and is the move of choice when taking out a boss.

Passive Talent 1: Life-Prolonging Methods

Qiqi Build Genshin Impact - Qiqi talents showing Life-prolonging Methods passive

Quiqi’s first passive, Life-Prolonging Methods, gives a 20% incoming-healing boost to any character for 8 seconds whenever they proc an elemental reaction. This ties in well with her ult distance-casters who rely on elemental damage from afar and can set up a party-wide healing boost with a well-timed proc-storm.

Passive Talent 2: A Glimpse into Arcanum

Qiqi build Genshin Impact - Qiqi talents showing A Glimpse into Arcanum passive

A Glimpse into Arcanum, unlocked at Ascension 4, gives Qiqi a 50% chance to drop a Fortune-Preserving Talisman (her ult) onto an enemy for 6 seconds whenever hitting them with a Normal or Charged Attack.

Passive Talent 3: Former Life Memories

Qiqi build Genshin Impact - Qiqi talents showing Former Life Memories passive

Former Life Memories reveals the location of Liyue-unique resources on the mini-map — a great boon for anyone hunting down ascension materials.

Qiqi Artifact Build

Your main priority when kitting out your Qiqi build is, without a doubt, Attack. Like Jean, all of her healing abilities scale directly with Attack — meaning the harder she hits, the more HP she and the rest of the party get. It’s pretty much a win-win.

Secondary to Attack is Energy Recharge. Qiqi needs to be pumping out her Herald and Talisman as often as (in)humanly possible, otherwise she’s just a lackluster DPS (unless you build her a little differently).

A third stat to look out for but of lesser importance than the first two is Healing Bonus, for obvious reasons. It may be counterintuitive, but Healing is less important than attack and energy recharge for the simple fact that Attack is itself a healing bonus with Qiqi, and Energy Recharge equals more heals and more heals trumps bigger hills every time. That said, it’s better than other stats like DEF or HP.

Qiqi Gladiator’s Set

Qiqi build Genshin Impact - Best artifacts for Qiqi Gladiators

Gladiator’s is one of your first and foremost options for a straightforward, user-friendly Qiqi build that gives her a boatload of percentage attack. Without any effects to proc or situational pros/cons to worry about, this lets you get a lot of bang for your buck and comes with a lot of flexibility.

Qiqi Martial Artist Set

Qiqi build Genshin Impact - Best artifacts for Qiqi Martial Artist build

The Martial Artist Qiqi build is similar to Gladiator’s but offers slightly better synergy with her Frozen Herald, buffing her Attack whenever she casts the Frozen Herald and increasing the healing for your team. The only real trade-off is the lower overall DPS she’ll be sporting so best reserved for a Qiqi build designed to keep her in her Support box.

Qiqi Exile Set (2 Piece Bonus Only)

Qiqi Build Genshin Impact - Best artifacts build Qiqi showing Exile's Flower

The Exile Set is an excellent option for a support-Qiqi pre-AR Rank 40 with the phenomenal amount of Energy Recharge % it gives her. The benefit of this build is pretty simple: awesome energy recharge. The four-piece bonus is less worthwhile — unless you’re looking to provide more recharge to the rest of the party — and can be outfitted with 2-Piece Set bonus for Attack from a set like Martial Artist, Resolution of Sojourner, or Brave Heart.

Qiqi Best Weapon

Skyward Blade (Five-Star)

Qiqi build Genshin Impact - Skyward Blade for Qiqi

Aside from the solid damage buff it provides, Skyward Blade’s attack speed buff is what makes it truly shine. Quiqi’s elemental burst, the Frozen Herald, puts 67 flat HP on top of the 11% Attack conversion, meaning it scales even better with Attack Speed — the Attack % scales evenly with your output, but the flat 67 scales with the number of strikes, not how hard they hit. Combine this with the energy recharge it provides and and Skyward Blade becomes a uniquely potent weapon for any DPS Healer Qiqi build.

Aquila Favonia

Qiqi build Genshin Impact - Aquila Favonia for Qiqi

This weapon is for those looking to do a lot more of their team’s heavy lifting with their Qiqi build. The Aquila Favonia adds both tankiness and damage to Qiqi, further bolstering her attack-healing synergy and making her a force to be reckoned with, fully capable of carrying any team comp with the right artifacts.

Qiqi Gameplay Guide & Tips

Qiqi build Genshin Impact - Image showing Qiqi fighting HIlichurls

Vampire God

Qiqi’s ult can be used to turn your main DPS into an unkillable tank for the 15 seconds its up. Popping her ult and then switching into whoever carries your team is a strong combo that excels at taking down bosses in 1v1s. This synergy is on best display with Razor, who benefits immensely from longer field-time than other characters who often rely on extensive combo setups.

Use Life-Prolonging Methods to Boost her Ult

Another strategy aside from turning your central carry into a straight-up Bloodthirster is to use a reaction heavy combo like Venti/Mona to create an absolute storm of healing for your team. Popping the ult right before creating a proc-fest can set your team up for some huge, huge healing a moment later — allowing for riskier positioning in order to get more damage off in one go, too.

And there you go — just about everything you need to turn a baby-like loli girl into an icy Vampiric dreadlord of unfathomable might. If you have any questions you want to shoot at us, let ’em loose down below and we’ll get back to you. For more Genshin Impact guides, walkthroughs, tips and tricks, and even memes, check out our Genshin Impact Archive. 

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