Genshin Impact Sucrose Build: Talents, Artifacts, Weapons, and More!

Sucrose gets a lot of flack as a cheap Venti substitute in Genshin Impact, when really she’s one of the most OP DPS Supports in the game — when built for it accordingly. Not only does she represent one of the most valuable characters for F2P players for her passive, but the fact that she’s a more easily-acquirable 4-star character also makes it easier to hope for constellations — though she’s just as viable without them.

Below we’ll run through our recommendations for a DPS Support Sucrose build, and lay out some basic stat priorities and gameplay tips to make sure you squeeze all the utility you can out of the only character ever to be named after a table sugar while simultaneously capable of singlehandedly annihilating whole towns and villages.

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Sucrose Talents

Normal Attack: Wind Spirit Creation

Sucrose Build Genshin Impact - Sucrose Talents showing Normal Attaack

Basic Attack

Sucrose’s normal attack is a straightforward, four-step catalyst combo that deals a modest 33.5%-47.9% of Attack as Anemo Damage.

Charged Attack

Sucrose’s Charged Attack has her channel for a second before casting a straight AoE Anemo attack that deals 120% of Attack as Anemo Damage for 50 stamina.

Plunging Attack

Like everyone else, Sucrose’s plunging attack is a straight-down strike that deals AoE (Anemo) damage upon impact.

Elemental Skill: Astable Anemohypostasis Creation – 6308

Sucrose Build Genshin Impact - Sucrose Talents Showing Elemental Skill

The bread and butter of many a Sucrose build, her Astable Anemohypostasis Creation – 6308 skill deals 211% Anemo Damage and, more importantly, casts a small pull and subsequent knock-up that’s great for not only dealing damage but grouping clusters of enemies for a follow-up.

Elemental Burst: Forbidden Creation – Isomer 75 / Type II

Sucrose Build Genshin Impact - Sucrose Talents showing Elementaal Burst Forbidden Creation

Sucrose’s elemental burst creates a large, multi-staged AoE that deals Anemo Damage over 6 seconds with multiple knock-ups — dealing serious damage, keeping enemies CC’d for its duration, and priming them for vicious swirl effects. This is where her reputation for being a poor man’s Venti comes from, for it’s another hard-CC swirl-ult that simply demands a follow-up.

Passive Talent 1: Catalyst Conversion

Sucrose Build Genshin Impact - Sucrose Passive Talents Showing Catalyst Conversion

Sucrose’s first passive talent gives party members a 50 elemental mastery boost if their element corresponds with the element she Swirls.

Passive Talent 2: Mollis Favonius

Sucrose Build Genshin Impact - Sucrose Passive Talent showing Mollis Favonius

Sucrose’s signature passive, Mollis Favonius gives the rest of the party 20% of her Elemental Mastery for 8 seconds whenever she hits an enemy with either her Elemental Skill or her Elemental Burst.

Passive Talent 3: Astable Invention

Sucrose Build Genshin Impact - Sucrose Passive Talents showing Astable Invention talent

Astable Invention gives Sucrose a 10% chance to craft double the materials whenever she crafts a Character or Weapon Enhancement material

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Sucrose Artifacts

Main priority should, as always, be Attack — this is because, even with all the hype around elemental mastery and its potent effects in making colored numbers go big in Genshin Impact, the foundation of any damage dealt in the game remains Attack.

This is because elemental mastery increases the damage dealt by elemental reactions on a percentage basis — reactions that first depend on Attack for their damage output. If you put all your points into elemental mastery at the cost of Attack, you’ll be doing 50 to 100% more damage than almost nothing.

Whereas, if you build Attack and throw some elemental mastery on top, you can be getting a much bigger bonus (e.g. 100 damage with a 50% damage bonus is a lot lower than 300 damage with a 20% damage boost). So, as always, build for Attack but make sure your secondary stats include Elemental Mastery and Anemo Damage bonuses.

Instructor’s Set

Sucrose Build Genshin Impact - Instructor Set for Sucrose Genshin Impact

Instructor’s is the first, early-game set for a typical Support Sucrose Build. The 2-piece set bonus gives her more of the always-welcome Elemental Mastery, while the full 4-piece set bonus synergizes impeccably with her passives.

Wanderer’s Troupe Set

Sucrose Build Genshin Impact - Wanderer's Troupe Artifact Set for Sucrose Genshin Impact

Wanderer’s Troupe is the best choice for a Sucrose build designed to kick ass more directly rather than setting up combos — which her passive talents make her equally capable of doing anyway. The massively upped charged-attack damage lets you make frequent use of her immense elemental mastery bonuses and create some serious burst.

Gambler’s Set

Sucrose Build Genshin Impact - Gambler's Artifact Set for Sucrose Genshin Impact

Another set for a more trigger-happy Sucrose build, the Gambler’s set is designed to turn whatever elemental skill the user is wielding into a full-blown Gatling gun by upping the damage and massively increasing spammability. If you like to run Sucrose like a train into enemies, Gambler’s is as good an option as Wanderer’s Troupe — it really just depends on where you want to inject the steroids: your charged attack or your elemental skill.

Viridescent Venerer Set

Sucrose Build Genshin Impact - Viridescent Venerer Set for Sucrose Genshin Impact

Viridescent Venerer’s on Sucrose is like Instructors on steroids. It juices up the Swirl damage by a ridiculous 60% and gives the wearer a substantial 15% Anemo damage bonus that is always helpful on Sucrose. This is the post AR-40 set for a Support DPS Sucrose Build and one that does take some grinding to get a full, well-rolled set. So be prepared to farm like its old-school Runescape.

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Sucrose Weapons

Mappa Mare

Sucrose Build Genshin Impact - Mappa Mare Sucrose Weapons

Mappa Mare is a simple, straightforward catalyst weapon that grants you an 8% elemental damage bonus upon triggering an elemental reaction, stacking up to two times. On its own, this makes the Mappa Mare a modest weapon that hits the right notes but doesn’t knock anybody’s socks off.

What makes it great is that it’s easily craftable and thus easy to refine. This makes it perfectly viable to work towards refinement level 5 where it provides double the elemental damage bonus — capping out at 32%!

Sacrificial Fragment

Sucrose Build Genshin Impact - Sucrose Weapon Sacrificial Fragments for Sucrose

When combined with a Gambler’s set, the Sacrificial Fragment is the weapon of choice to build a Sucrose capable of ending whole civilizations. With the Gambler’s guaranteed elemental skill CD reset every 15s, combined with Sacrificial Fragment’s every 30S, you can spam her elemental skill that does tons of damage and hard CCs the enemy for a moment.

But wait! There’s more. Her first constellation actually gives you a second charge for the elemental skill, meaning even more improbable spamming-power. Yeah, it can get pretty wild. And they say she’s just a cheap Venti…

Sucrose Gameplay Tips

Juggle Enemies

Sucrose certainly does share some overlap with Venti — after all, they’re both Anemo support DPS’ with a boatload of CC and a penchant for setting up ridiculous damage bonuses for their party. And what works for Venti works for Sucrose as well — knock-up after knock-up to keep not only your team primed for a vicious combo but to clear out groups of enemies with damaging, hard CC.

Practice Social Distancing

The right Sucrose build will get you to the door, but in a game like Genshin Impact, it’s your in-combat skill that serves as the key. A critical component to combat success with Sucrose is getting a feel for the exact distance of her Charged Attack so you can pop it right at the end of its AoE. Think like a boxer; learn your range so you have a mental “tripwire” that will trigger your reflexes whenever an enemy crosses it.

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