Genshin Impact Crystal Chunk Map and Farm Guide and Locations

Ah. Crystal. The top-tier resource needed for top-tier weapons and artifacts. If you want to hike up the damage your party can dish out with five (or even six!) digit numbers then you’re going to need a whole bunch of Crystal Chunks.

Luckily we have this handy guide for you to refer to in order to maximize your Crystal Chunk Farming in Genshin Impact!

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Crystal Chunk Farming in Genshin Impact: Sources

1. Expeditions

Genshin Impact Crystal Chunk Farming Expeditions

Once you reach Adventurer Rank 14, you unlock the Expeditions which can be used to send characters away for a period of time to return with material rewards depending on the length and location of their Expedition.

Twenty-hour Expeditions to Dadaupa Gorge, Whispering Wood, and Yaoguang Shoal can yield 7-8 Crystal Chunk and 3-4 White Iron Chunks respectively, which may not sound like much when compared to storming through some of the gathering spots with 20+ clusters that we’ll go into next, but is a great way to make use of characters you don’t need in your party and develop some passive Crystal Chunk income.

2. Gathering

Genshin Impact Crystal Chunks Farming Crystal Shot

The most reliable way to get your hands on some delicious Crystal Chunks is by farming them yourself. Establishing a regular collection route early to run like clockwork is the best way to accrue all of the Crystal Chunks you’ll need. Below is a list of the best crystal chunk farming locations in the two regions unlocked thus far.

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Crystal Chunk Farming Locations in Genshin Impact

1. South of Quingce Village

Sure, it’s not exactly a treasure trove, but with 5 clusters basically on top of each other, there’s no good reason to skip out on this spot just south of Quince Village. Aside from the two giant spots, we’ll go into next, there’s no other place in the game that can net you as many Crystal Chunks in one shot as this spot can. Just head south for the small inlet just across the river running along the southwestern edge of the village proper.

2. Around Stormterror Lair: 20 Crystal Chunks

Before your adventure inevitably leads you to the nation of Liyue, the best place for the opening segment of Teyvat is more certainly Stormterror Lair. There, players can find at least twenty separate clusters of Crystal Chunks, with another six in the east up against Monstadt city’s moat.

2. Quingyun Peak: 34 Crystal Chunks

The way Mt. Aozang is a one-stop-shop for White Iron Chunks, Quingyun Peak boasts the highest concentration of Crystal Chunks anywhere in the game with 34 chunks in the immediate vicinity of the mountain itself and another nine in the surrounding foothills.

Crystal Chunk Farming Tips

Update Your Map

Genshin Impact Crystal Chunk Farming Map Functions

When embarking on your initial gathering quest, make good use of your map while cross-referencing the screenshots above or the original interactive map. Utilize the custom symbol feature and note down the locations of Crystal Chunks farming spots you’ve already cleaned out, creating a personalized in-game map you can reference whenever you want.

Pillage Visit Other Worlds

Genshin Impact Crystal Chunk Farming Co-Op Invites

One of the most profitable avenues for Crystal Gatherers, after they’ve certifiably cleaned out everything in their homeworld, is to make use of Co-Op mode and request to join other players in their own realms, where they may have many materials yet ungathered. Just be aware that it’s somewhat impolite to show up only to plunder their worlds of valuables because item spawning is not unique to the player in Genshin Impact and by cracking open their Crystal Chunks and White Iron Chunks you’re putting it on cooldown for them as well.

And that’s about it! Amassing yourself a fortune in Crystal Chunks is as easy as maxing out your Expeditions, finding the best gathering spots, and seeing how many people are “willing” to let you ravage their homeland and strip it of any and all natural resources.


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