Genshin Impact Meme: Top 20 Images Fans Shared!

Scoot over Among Us, there’s a new — go on, keep scooting. Yeah, there, next to Breath of the Wild. Scoot over Among Us, there’s a new party animal in town and this time the only crewmate you’re backstabbing is the wholesome fairy floating alongside you, always trying to help.

Genshin Impact is a funny game; often unintentionally so. It’s a gigantic, expansive, impressive game with a lot going for it, but a funny game nonetheless. Unless your anime tolerance is especially high, the unique tone and aesthetic can be a bit more demanding than its godfather, Breath of the Wild, ever was.

But that awkwardness makes for just… the best memes, doesn’t it?

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Best Genshin Impact Memes

Understandable. Nobody touches my food either.

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Just let it happen Paimon. We’re all food for something. 

Download Link | Via: Mihoyo forum

We’ve all been there — desperately having your ass handed to you for the first time by a group of fire slimes and desperately clicking on Paimon in search of something. 

Download Link | Via: Mihoyo forum/Asrielthegoat

No, Nintendo. Credit where credit is due. You made Breath of the Wild, and miHoyo made Breath of the Wild (feat. Paimon and Slimes)

Download Link | Via: Pinterest

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Another one lost to the seductive allure of highly inaccurate female anatomy and clothing ostensibly inconvenient for battle.

Download Link | Via: Twitter/MemesGenshin

Sorry milady, but those weapon enhancements aren’t going to finance themselves.

Download Link | Via: Twitter/MemesGenshin

Paimon is definitely more bubbly than most other forms of livestock destined for the chopping block.

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How dare they give us one of the highest selling, most successful games ever, widely regarded as one of the greatest open-world ARPGs ever created, and do it for free across multiple devices. The bastards! 

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I wonder how many employees are plaaying Genshin Impact on the sly over at Nintendo Headquarters right now.

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Resistance is futile, my small, well-meaning chibi fairy.

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Genshin Impact, bringing us back to 1999!

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Trust us. It’s safer than it sounds. And safer than it tastes.

Download Link | Via: Mihoyo Forum

Sorry, Cyan. Genshin was the only person in the meeting with a mic.

Download Link | Via: Tumblr

You know you’re a certified badass when, on top of wielding a claymore that would make Guts himself smile, you have a shield that heals depending on how much pain you cause.

Download Link | Via: Mihiyo Forum /Pandorisa

“Emergency food ain’t no country I ever heard of!”
— Paimon, who doesn’t look anything like a La Royale with Cheese.

Download Link | Via: 9Gag

I can take you to the hospital later. I just realized Mt. Aozang has a ton of White Iron!

Download Link | Via: Mihiyo/TyzhouNeko

A complete absence of originality should never stand in the way of a good idea.

Download Link | Via: Mihiyo Forum/TyZhouNeko

It’s almost like the CEO of MiHoyo took BOTW’s console exclusivity personally and created Genshin Impact as a super-industrious way of exacting his revenge.

Download Link | Via: Knowyourmeme

It’s the only thing any of us want. And yet, something few of us have the patience and willingness to plunder enough worlds of strangers to attain.

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The craziest part of this meme is really everything that wasn’t photoshopped into it.

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There’s nothing worse than a great game that’s a free game, that you can’t play. Welcome, friends, for a small taste of what it’s like to be a mac user.

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Modules: No. Not yet, sweet prince. Not for you; not yet.

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If you still can’t get into the game to really dig into these memes and all that juicy Genshin-ness, we suggest cooking up from Butter Fried Paimon to snack on while you wait.