Genshin Impact: How Old is Paimon?

In only two weeks, Genshin Impact has managed to captivate millions of fans across the globe. The free-to-play, open-world fantasy action RPG is available on all leading platforms and urges users to uncover the magical island of Teyvat.

In this tiresome journey, users are accompanied by a breath of fresh air named Paimon. She guides you through the countless obstacles the game throws at you and never fails to give you a reality check.

Today, we’ll help you learn a little more about Paimon and try to guess how old the character is in the game.

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Who is Paimon?

Paimon, as you might already know, is a non-playable character in Genshin Impact. She accompanies the traveler, sort of like an assistant, and pitches in with valuable input from time to time. She’s honest, doesn’t hold her punches, and has a strong opinion about everything. She loves food and is well-acquainted with the ins and outs of the industry.

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Paimon’s Age in Genshin Impact

Image via miHoYo Forum

Paimon, as we know, is a non-playable, supporting character in Genshin Impact. Since the character doesn’t have a tangible impact on the outcome of the game, Genshin Impact’s developing studio, miHoYo, has decided to keep the details to itself.

The game doesn’t mention how old Paimon is and her fairy-like build doesn’t make the task any easier. She obviously is very smart but her height is only around 1.5-2ft — just a little taller than a toddler.

But she could be over 1000 years old as many speculate her to be an elf. For what it’s worth, miHoYo celebrates Paimon’s birthday on the 1st of June, but there’s no birth year mentioned anywhere.

If you know or have a hint of how old Paimon is, do share with us in the comments section below.


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