Genshin Impact Anemoculus Locations: A Guide Each for All Positions

With Genshin Impact finally releasing on the 28th of September, players have had a little time now to settle into the lush, BOTW-esque world of Teyvat. And, as players dig deeper into the game that rode into this hot mess of a year aboard a hype train of unprecedented magnitude, the least busy among us have already started to reach the border of mid-to-late game.

And that means we have a lot more information about how to best progress through the game. More tips, more guides, more knowledge to share. After all, the wiser man learns from the mistakes (and successes) of others. 

Like any other open-world ARPG, Genshin Impact places a strong emphasis on character building and exploration — something that goes hand-in-hand with the variety of collectibles spread across the land. One such collectible, Anemoculus, is of particular importance for reasons we will go into.

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What is Anemoculus in Genshin Impact?

Early Amenoculus Location in Genshin Impact

Anemoculus are collectibles scattered across Teyvat, typically in hard to reach out off-the-beaten-path places, that can be deposited at a Statue of the Seven for a reward whenever the statue levels up. Indeed, Anemoculus is not a simple currency used to purchase upgrades or gear. They are absolutely critical to your character’s overall growth and power; passing casually by Anemoculus locations without paying heed to their importance can leave you severely underpowered as you progress into the latter stages of Genshin Impact

Offering Anemoculus to a Statue of the Seven will not only increase your maximum Stamina — enough reason alone to warrant going out of your way to collect them all — but will also give your character adventurer a bundle of XP, primogems, and Anemo Sigils that can be used to further enhance your character’s overall might.

There are 66 Anemoculus locations in Genshin Impact, though only 65 Anemoculus are required to level the Statue up to level 10. Why the extra Anemoculus? Unclear. The same goes for the other collectible, Geoculus of which there are 131 despite only ever requiring up to 130.

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How to Find Anemoculus Locations in Genshin Impact

Anemoculus Locations in Genshin Impact Map
A fully interactive map can be found here.

It is entirely possible you’ve stumbled across a few Anemoculus Locations already without knowing what they’re used for, collecting those glowing blue orbs of energy with precisely zero understanding of their importance later on. Be sure to trade them in as soon as you have enough for the next level up the Statue of the Seven.

As you play Genshin Impact, you will soon see that some Anemoculus are easy to acquire, sitting right on the ground just ripe for the plucking by the casual adventurer. Others, however, may require you to complete a challenge of some sort. This can be traversing an obstacle (like climbing a tree, landing in a specific spot, or swimming out to a certain area), defeating a set of enemies, or solving a puzzle.

Whenever you’re on the hunt for an Anemoculus, keep an eye on the mini-map — it’ll give you the X, Y coordinates of the Anemoculus but not the height, so be sure to remain cognizant of Genshin Impact’s verticality. You might even have to use a wind field to get some Anemoculus locations.

A note to new Genshin Impact adventurers: use the map above to keep track of every Anemoculus location as you work your way through the game to avoid missing out on any. Progressively going from location to location will not only keep your character powerful but will prevent you from having to do any arduous backtracking later on. Seriously, taking a detour to get each and every Anemoculus on the way can save you hours in the long run.

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Guides: All Anemoculus Locations in Genshin Impact

1. Temple of the Lion

Players are rewarded with one Anemoculus at the end of the Temple of the Lion quest in the main storyline. Simply playing through the dungeon will see you rewarded with an Anemoculus.

2. Outside Temple of the Lion

Just outside the Temple of the Lion, take a right. You will find an Anemoculus floating just above the player height that just needs a simple jump to collect.

3. North of Windrise Statue

Directly north of Windrise Statue, players can find an Anemoculus on a small rise jutting from the ground.

4. On a Tree South of Windrise Statue

On the other side of Windrise Statue is a large tree — the Anemoculus can be found on a westward pointing bough.

5. In the Air SSW of Windrise Statue

Amenoculus Location Genshin Impact 05

When you reach the Anemoculus point on the map, look up. It will be high in the air, seemingly out of reach. Not to worry though: there are three anemograna you can collect to propel you into the air.

6. Southeast of Windrise Statue

You’ll find a stone pillar rising out of the river just southeast of Windrise Statue — you can actually see it from the statue itself. Head over there, climb up to the top, look NE, and glide into Anemoculus you see floating there.

7. North of Windrise Statue

Teleport to the statue and head directly north towards the road. On your way, you’ll come across a hill that drops off abruptly. Stand at the cliff’s edge and look for the Anemoculus — then glide through the air to collect it.

8. Northeast of Windrise Statue

Genshin Impact Anemoculus Locations 08 Map

To nab this Anemoculus, simply head Northeast of Windrise Statue and look for it floating nonchalantly in the air between a cluster of trees.

Genshin Impact Anemoculus Locations 08

9. West of Windrise Statue

Head directly west of the statue for the road, and you’ll eventually hit a large cliff overlooking it. Make your atop it to find the Anemoculus right on the longitude line with the Statue.

10. West Southwest of Windrise Statue

Genshin Impact Anemoculus Locations 10 Map

West Southwest of Windrise Statue and East of the teleporter, you’ll find an Anemoculus atop a cliff.

11. Directly Southwest of Windrise Statue

Anemoculus Locations Genshin Impact 11

Directly Southwest of Windrise statue is a curved stretch of road hugged on either side by a pair of cliffs. Stand on the southwesterly cliff edge and look

12. South of the Straightaway West of Windrise Statue

Get on the long, straight section of the road directly west of Windrise statue and then keep going south off-road when it bends to the east. Eventually, you’ll come across a set of Anemograna you can collect to catch the Anemoculus in the air.

13. Southeast of Windrise StatueAnemoculus Locations Genshin Impact 13

Head to the point above fixed some distance southeast of Windrise Statue. The Anemoculus is actually high in the air, way above your typical Anemoculus, so you’ll have to use the wind current directly below it to propel yourself upward.

14. North-Northwest nearby Dadaupa Gorge Teleporter

On a small set of flat-topped hills beside the road, you’ll find a set of Anemograna for you to create a wind current to collect the Anemoculus floating above.

15. West-Northwest of Dadaupa Gorge Teleporter

Head west of Dadaupa Gorge Teleporter crawling along an imaginary latitude line while keeping an eye on the map. Once you intersect a second imaginary longitude line running south of the C-shaped lake hugging the road to the north, head slightly north until you find a high cliff overlooking a stone pillar. The Anemoculus will be right off the cliff.

16. Dadaupa Sword Cemetery

Completing the Sword Cemetery quest line and climbing atop the wooden structure there will leave you with one easy Anemoculus for your trouble.

17. North of Dadaupa Sword Cemetery

Look for the highest point around the marked location — the Anemoculus will be floating by a westward-pointing cliff edge overlooking a camp barricaded with wooden walls between the cliffs.

Anemoculus Locations Genshin Impact 17

18. Above Stone Pillar East-Southeast of Dadaupa Gorge Teleporter

Anemoculus Locations Genshin Impact 18

Head East-Southeast of the Dadaupa Gorge Teleporter until you hit the Stone Pillar shown above. Because of the right angle at the top of the pillar, you won’t be able to climb atop to nab the Anemoculus and must instead glide from the adjacent cliff onto the platform.

19. In the Large Camp South of Dadaupa Gorge Teleporter

Directly south of the teleporter, look for the large camp southwest of the lake. The anemoculous is right inside the building.

20. West of Cape Oath Teleporter

Anemoculous Locations Genshin Impact 20

Jumping off the lowermost platform overlooking the sea and gliding northwest will reveal an Anemoculus glowing just by the water’s edge at the bottom of the cliff face.

21. Musk Reef Anemoculus

After using the Spiral Abyss teleport to Musk Reef, look around for the Anemograna in your immediate vicinity to catch the Anemoculus above the gate.

22. Western Edge of Starsnatch Cliff

Anemoculous Locations Genshin Impact 22

Nestled in the nook between two boulders jutting from the cliff face is an inconspicuous little Anemoculus just waiting for you to pick it up.

Anemoculous Locations Genshin Impact 22

23. Thousand Winds Temple – Apex

This Anemoculus is as easy as climbing atop the arch of the temple’s highest wall.

24. Thousand Winds Temple – Entrance

Genshin Impact Anemoculus Locations 24

To snatch up this Anemoculus, just get yourself atop the highest point of the Thousand Winds Temple entrance.

25. Whispering Woods Stone Slab

Anemoculous Locations Genshin Impact 26

Directly east of Monstadt proper, look for a small pile of stone slabs to get your hands on this Anemoculus.

26. Cider Lake – Between the Islands North of Monstadt

Anemoculous Locations Genshin Impact 26

Hop onto the island directly north of Monstadt, activate the wind current there and use some finesse to snatch up the Anemoculus that is there — it’s just easy to miss.

27. Cider Lake – North East Island

To snag this Anemoculus, just head to the northernmost of Cider Lake’s trio of islands, activate the wind current, and then ride it straight up into the air to collect automatically.

28. Monstadt Moat Anemoculous Locations Genshin Impact 28

Just south of Monstadt is an Anemoculus floating above the water that can be acquired by gliding from the cliffs by the water.

29. Northwest of Stormbearer Mountains Teleporter

Find the multi-tiered tower just northwest of the Stormbearer Mountains teleporter, get to the top, and glide Northeast right into the Anemoculus.

30. Stormbearer Mountains North

Anemoculous Locations Genshin Impact 30

The northernmost Anemoculus in the Stormbearer region, this one can be acquired by dropping off the cliffs northwest of the previous Anemoculus.

31. Beside Stormbearer Teleporter

Just next to the Stormbearer Teleporter is a large, multi-tiered tower that only needs to be climbed to nab the Anemoculus floating in the air facing northwest.

32. Off the Cliff Northeast of Stormbearer Teleporter

Anemoculous Locations Genshin Impact 33

The northernmost Anemoculus location in Genshin Impact’s map, this one can be found by leaping right off the cliff and climbing over to the Anemoculus clinging to the rock face.

Anemoculus Locations Genshin Impact 33

33. Remote Island East of Starsnatch Cliff

Anemoculous Locations Genshin Impact 33

This one is a bit of a doozy, and the most out of the way Anemoculus in the game. Located on an island way out in the water, the only way to get there is to use Amber with at least 180 stamina and some stamina replenishment items in your inventory.

Anemoculus Locations Genshin Impact Remote Island Gliding

You’ll have to leap off the clip, glide, and restore your stamina about halfway through to keep from being dropped into the water. Once you’re there, you’ll have to climb up the highest tower on the island and glide east towards the ruined arch in the water — you’ll find the Anemoculus in the air between them.

34. Directly Southeast of the Springvale Teleporter

Anemoculus Locations Genshin Impact 34

Look for a cluster of houses directly southeast of the Springvale teleporter — you’ll find an Anemoculus right on top of one of them.

35. South Southwest of Springvale Teleporter

Look for a high hill south of the Springvale Teleporter with its apex facing north with a great view of Monstadt. Hopping around the stonework there you’ll find a set of anemograna you can use to create a wind current to grab the Anemoculus in the air above.

36. East of Windwail Highland Statue

Anemoculous Locations Genshin Impact 35

Directly east of Windwail Highland Statue is another set of Anemograna to collect in order to grab the Anemoculus in the air above.

37. Directly North of Windwail Highland Statue

Anemoculous Locations Genshin Impact 37

Directly north of the Windwail Highland statue is a jutting cliff just aching for a Lion King to be crowned, under which you can find an Anemoculus. You can either jump glide off, turn about-face, and snatch it up or do the time trial nearby that glides you right into it.

38. Atop Dawn Winery

Right on top of the roof of the Dawn Winery is an Anemoculus right on its uppermost spire.

39. In the Water Southeast of Dawn Winery

Moving directly southeast of the Dawn Winery you’ll eventually come to a little inlet where, if you look to and fro, you’ll see an Anemoculus floating right above the water’s surface. You can either ice the water or climb a tree and fly there.

40. South of Dawn Winery

Genshin Impact Anemoculus Locations 40

Following the road by the Dawn Winery south until you’re approaching the water, you’ll come across a field on the left just before the beach where you can find a set of Anemograna to leap into the air and use the rings to catch the Anemoculus. It may or may not show up on your map due simply to the sheer height of the Anemoculus

41. Southwest of the Wolvendom Teleporter near the Water

Anemoculous Locations Genshin Impact 41

Just southwest of the Wolvendom’s teleporter near the western edge of Monstadt’s moat is an Anemoculus atop a pillar of stone slabs. To get to it, either burn away the bramble bushes using a pyro skill or climb the adjacent pillar and glide off of it onto the pillar, dodging the bush.

42. West of Wolvendom’s  Eastern Teleporter, off the cliff

To get the Anemoculus, just head directly west of the same teleporter and find the tall cliff overhanging a free chest set behind four stone pillars. Jump off the cliff, turn 180 in the air, and catch the Anemoculus on the way down. Simple as that.

43. In the Tree North of the Wolvendom’s Eastern Teleporter

anomeculus locations genshin impact 42To grab this Anemoculus, head directly north of the same teleporter and look for a tree at the apex of the hills. You’ll find it nestled in the crown of a medium-sized tree.

44. Northeast of Wolvendom’s Northern TeleporterAnemoculous Locations Genshin Impact 44

Once you’re in the area just west across the water from Monstadt’s northeastern tip, look for the Anemograna on the ground to snatch that Anemoculus out of its perch, high up in the air.

45. Under the Rocks northwest of Wolvendom’s Northern Teleporter

Anemoculous Locations Genshin Impact 45

To grab this anemoculous, look for the large rockpile clustered between two large boulders jutting from the cliff face and use Noelle to smash them apart. Under the rubble you’ll find an Anemoculus for your trouble.

46. On the Ground Northwest of Wolvendom Anemoculous Locations Genshin Impact 46

This one’s as heading to marked location and looking for the anemoculous sitting right on the ground just waiting to be picked up.

47. Southeast of Stormterror’s Lair Southern Teleporter

Anemoculous Locations Genshin Impact 47

You’ll find this Anemoculus floating just off a ledge of the cliff facing west.

48. Right off an Overhang north of Wolvendom’s Northern Teleporter

To nab this Anemoculus, head straight north of Wolvendom’s northern teleporter and keep going until you’re just past an imaginary latitude line parallel with the island inside Monstadt moat. You’ll find it right at the apex of a large overhang.

49. South of Stormterror’s Lair, on a Cliff Edge

Anemoculous Locations Genshin Impact 49

Head directly south from the southernmost teleporter of Stormterror’s Lair to find this anemoculous on one of the cliff edges overlooking the road to the east.

50. In the Trees South of Brightcanyon Teleporter

Right at the intersection of a longitude line from the Brightcanyon teleporter and a latitude line from Cider Lake’s westernmost island is a set of trees by the water. The anemoculous is nestled inside the trees and can be accessed by gliding down from the cliffs above.

51. Just south of Brightcanyon Teleporter

Just south of the teleporter is a pile of rubble tucked under a cliff overlooking the water. Grab Noelle and have her pull a smash and grab with her claymore to net yourself one new Anemoculus.

52. Northwest of Brightcrown Teleporter


On the path just northwest of the Brightcrown teleporter is an Anemoculus walled off by a wind barrier. You’ll have to get up onto the cliffside above and hop down to bypass to get at it.

53. Under the Ruined Staircase Northwest of Brightcrown Teleporter

Anemoculous Locations Genshin Impact 53

Head north-northwest of the Brightcrown teleporter until you come across a set of ruins with a prominent staircase with a large pile of rubble leaned against it. Smashing the rubble will reveal not only a free chest but a hidden room with a single Anemoculus waiting for you.

54. Directly Northeast of Brightcrown Teleporter

Anemoculous Locations Genshin Impact 54

Head for the highest ground you can find northwest of the Brightcrown Teleporter — you should have a clear view of the ocean — and look for a wind column to descend through and nab that Anemoculus.

55. Atop Stormterror’s Lair

Use the teleporter at the top of the tower and then climb up to grab Anemoculus — and don’t forget to get to the very tippy-top to earn an achievement. NOTE: From right there you can glide to another Anemoculus down below without making it two trips (see 59).

56. By the Pillar under the Stormterror Lair Teleporter

Anemoculous Locations Genshin Impact 56

57. North of Stormterror Lair

Hidden outside the structure just to the north, set inside a small cave within the rock ledges, is an Anemoculus that’s pretty easy, comparatively, to snatch up. Look for the mouth to the cave just outside the walls to the north.

58. Northwest of Stormterror Lair

Hidden in another cave just northwest of Stormterror Lair is another Anemoculus close by, just ripe for the plucking.

59. West of Stormterror Lair, High Up

Anemoculus Locations Genshin Impact 60

There’s an Anemoculus west of the major structure, just northeast of the western Stormterror teleporter, sitting high in the air over a series of wind currents. The currents may or may not be able to propel you into the Aanemoculus, in which case you’d be advised to glide from the top of Stormterror Lair itself.

60. Just Southwest of Stormterror Lair’s Western Teleporter

An easy Anemoculus, to grab this one just climb the stooped tree just southwest of Stormterror Lair’s western teleporter.

61. On a Pillar Southwest of Stormterror Lair

Look for a pillar southwest of the lair and directly south of Stormterror’s western teleporter. The Anemoculus will be floating right atop the pillar beside the cliffs. There’s a wind current nearby but you can access it just by climbing up the side.

62. Atop the Ringed Structure by Stormterror’s Northern Teleporter

This one’s pretty simple too. Just take the teleporter north of Stormterror and climb up the ringed stone structure that’s impossible to miss. The Anemoculus will be right up top.

63. Lake North of Stormterror Lair

Anemoculous Locations Genshin Impact 63

To grab this Anemoculus, head to the lake north of Stormterror Lair. In the center of the water is a tall rock spire crowned by a platform — finagle your way up the side across a few different faces and then jump off facing south, aimed towards the platform below, to get it.

64. Northeast of Stormterror Lair’s Northwest Teleporter

For this Anemoculus, look for a set of ruins northwest of the Lair itself. There will be an air current just beside the particular set of tiered platforms you want; use the current to reach the top of the structure and nab that Anemoculus.

65. Inside the Hollow Tower Northwest of Stormterror Lair

Anemoculous Locations Genshin Impact 65

Getting to this one is simple once you understand the parts. Move east from Stormterror’s teleporter until you hit the outer wall, and move along it until you can climb up to the ledge shown above. Once you’re up there, just glide down into the tower like you’re threading a needle.

66. East of Stormterror Lair

Anemoculous Locations Genshin Impact 66 map

The final Anemoculus requires anemo skills to obtain. Head east of Stormterror lair to the marked area and look for a totem where you can use your anemo skills to create the wind currents required to catch the Anemoculus out of the liar.

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Lore notwithstanding, that’s pretty much everything you need to know about Anemoculus locations in Genshin Impact. Be sure to check out the interactive map above and pin their locations on your own map to avoid missing out on any. Seriously. Don’t miss a single one.


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