How to Clean the ‘Statues of the Seven’ in Genshin Impact

It’s been a week since Genshin Impact released for the PS4 and from the looks of it, many have been awestruck with the vast open-world that you can explore in Teyvat — a fantasy world where the seven elements flow and converge. You can switch between the several attainable characters instantaneously and navigate across a beautiful, cel-shaded world with lush landscape.

Among the lores, activities, and quests you might get to interact with are the Statues of The Seven where you travel through and level up your abilities to explore more parts of the game. In this post, we’ll help you learn why you need to and how you can clean any of these Statues of The Seven in Genshin Impact and what happens when you get it done. Let’s get started.

What are the Statues of The Seven in Genshin Impact

Around all of Teyvat, you will find just about seven monumental stone statues that watch over the world. These seven statues were sculpted after the seven elements that sustain the world and legends say that the statues are anticipating the arrival of a noble soul. No traveler passes through any of these statues without praying for the statue’s protection.

Why the Statues of The Seven are important and why you should clean them?

All Statues of The Seven have significant purposes in Genshin Impact. That’s because:

  • They will let you view the missing parts of the map once you have resonated them
  • Serve as waypoints all throughout the map
  • Can restore your party’s health by utilizing a limited resource
  • Gives you maximum stamina in exchange for Oculi and some more rewards
  • Helps you change your elemental talents depending on the statue you visit

Blessings from the Statues of The Seven don’t come for free as you will have to offer elemental oculi to grant intrepid adventurers strength. The more times you visit the Statues of The Seven, the easier it will be to level up your Adventure Rank and higher Adventure Ranks will get you more quests to accept and more areas to explore. That’s why it’s important to clean the Statues of The Seven when you visit them.

Which characters can you use to clean the Statues of The Seven

According to many who have played Genshin Impact, you can clean the Statues of The Seven using characters based on other Anemo or Hydro elements. This means you can use any of the following seven characters to clean any statue in Teyvat.

Character Element
Barbara Hydro
Mona Hydro
Xingqiu Hydro
Jean Anemo
Sucrose Anemo
Venti Anemo
Xiao Anemo

How to clean the Statues of The Seven in Genshin Impact


Before you set forward to clean the Statues of The Seven, you need to make sure you have any one of the above characters in your 4-character team roster. You can change the team members in your roster by summoning Paimon and selecting your desired character (include any one of them from the list of characters listed above) from the menu.

Now that you have chosen your set of characters to team up in your roster, it’s time to select the Anemo or Hydro character from the table above. In the screenshot below, we’re choosing Barbara, a Hydro female character from Mondstadt.


At any point during the game, you can change between characters in your team roster by:

  • On PC: Pressing numbers 1-4 in the num pad on your keyboard
  • On PS4: Using your d-pad buttons – up, right, down, and left.

After that, you need to get close to one of the statues on the map and then activate their abilities by using the controls to trigger “Elemental Skill”.

You can use Elemental Skill in Genshin Impact by:

  • On PC: Pressing the E key
  • On PS4: Pressing the Triangle on your DualShock controller

After activating the Elemental Skill of your suitable character, move in and around the statue using the arrow keys on your keyboard (on PC) or using your left joystick (on PS4). To perfect the action, you can jump and glide on the statue using the following controls:

  • On PC: Press the Space key for jumping; Double-press the Space key for gliding on the statue
  • On PS4: Press the ‘X’ key on your controller to jump; Double-press the ‘X’ key to glide on the statue

Make sure you have covered all or most of the statue with your Elemental Skill activated.

How do you know if you have successfully cleaned a statue?

After you have successfully cleaned one of the Statues of The Seven, Pyro slimes (flame powers!) will spawn near you. These slimes will bounce toward you and you will need to fight them with the character that you had selected before (Anemo and Hydro characters work best).

Pyro slimes will explode when they’re defeated and in order to defeat them, you can either use Normal Attack or Charged Attack or a combination of both. Here’s how to use them:

  • On PC: Press the Left mouse button once for Normal Attack; Hold the Left mouse button for Charged Attack
  • On PS4: Press the Circle key once for Normal Attack; Hold the Circle key for Charged Attack

That’s it! You have successfully learned to clean the Statues of The Seven. Go ahead! Clean all of them to level up your Adventure Rank and explore more areas.


Image Credits: MonkeyKingHero

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