Genshin Impact White Iron Chunk Farm Guide: Map and Locations

At long last, Genshin Impact dropped late September ’20, and in the time since, millions of players have begun their journey across Teyvat’s first two regions, Monstadt and Liyue. But, like any good action RPG, the game goes a lot deeper than completing the main quest. The real juice in any open-world adventure is in achieving the pinnacle of your character’s power. In the case of Genshin Impact, this means numerous characters and their respective weaponry.

And that means frequent trips to the blacksmith to acquire the coveted four-star equipment. And that means a lot of materials, namely White Iron.

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What Are White Iron Chunks?

Genshin Impact White Iron Chunk

White Iron Chunks are a collectible resource used for upgrading the equipment wielded by the numerous characters in the game. Used for higher quality items than normal Iron Chunks, White Iron Chunks appear less frequently across Teyvat.

Players will typically find clusters of White Iron Chunks in mountainous areas, like Mt. Aozang or Quinyung Peak, or in mining sites like the one between Quinxu Pool and Lingju pass. These things play a critical role in enhancing your character’s overall power and are thus well worth the effort required to farm them.

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Where to find White Iron Chunks in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact Ore Map

Below is a bird’s eye view of the White Iron Chunk locations in Genshin Impact. Each spot will often have several chunks of ore alongside other collectible minerals so it’s a good idea to get everything you run into when checking each of these spots.

White Iron Chunks in Monstadt

Genshin Impact White Iron Chunk Ore Map Monstadt

White Iron Chunks in Liyue

Genshin Impact White Iron Chunk Ore Map Liyue

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Easy White Iron Chunk Locations

While you can find White Iron pretty much all across the map, down below we’ve compiled a list of certain areas where the frequency and density of White Iron Chunks is considerably higher.

If you’re looking to stock up ASAP for that four-star weapon, these are the spots you’re going to want to hit first. Once you’ve cleaned these out, you can move at a more leisurely pace through the wider areas of the map and consult the Genshin Impact Ore Map shown above to make sure you’re routinely collecting White Iron Chunks along the way.

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West of Liyue Harbor and Mt. Tianhang

The western slopes of Mt. Tiang are riddled with at least ten White Iron Chunk hotspots full of ore just waiting to be cracked open. Luckily you’ve got two waypoints in the area to choose from, making a quick farming trip all the easier to integrate into your regular route. The southwest cluster is an especially lucrative hotspot to dive into with three in extremely close proximity to one another.

Southwest of Dawn Winery

For those still starting out in their journey across Teyvat and enjoying the honeymoon period of the early game, just across the water and southwest of Dawn Winery is a prime location for new players to start accruing a stockpile of White Iron ore. The area is relatively low level and shouldn’t pose a problem for lower-level adventurers in dire need of higher level equipment.

The Chasm

Between Lingju Pass and Quinxu Pool is a mining site known as the Chasm. The popular interactive map doesn’t indicate any White Iron Chunk spawn locations there, so you might have missed out on a chance to nab an extra handful. You can get your hands on a fair amount of White Iron Chunk ore over there, as well as from the mining carts so be sure to interact with each of them on your way out and don’t forget to hop over to the east side of the river to get the 10 spawn locations there too.

East of Jueyunjian

East of Jueyunjian and Quingyun Peak, and northwest of Cuijue Slope is a mining site where players can find seven clusters of White Iron Chunks in a relatively easy to traverse area. They’re a little more spread out than the clusters in other areas like Mt. Aozang, so be sure to get both waypoints unlocked before incorporating it into your regular route.

Mt. Aozang

The single best place to stock up on White Iron Chunk ore, Mt. Aozang can net you dozens of ore in a single trip. A majority of the White Iron Chunk ore can be found at the base of the mountain, but don’t be afraid to put on your climbing shoes –much more ore can be found scattered across the many terraces and overhangs along the mountain. Seriously, there’s no better place in all of Teyvat to acquire a truckload of White Iron Chunk ore

2 Tips to Farm White Iron Chunks easily

1. Mark Your Map

Be sure to make good use of your map’s custom pin function as you journey across Tevvat (or use the interactive map to track progress). This lets you cross-reference with online resources and keep better track of your own exploration with an in-game database of ore points. You can consider using a set of symbols of mark off recently cleared points.

2. Visit other Worlds

Once you’ve reached Adventurer Rank 16, you can start running Co-op with other players. When you’ve cleared out every single White Iron Chunk from your own Teyvat, rather than waiting around for respawn timers to tick, open up Co-op mode and ask to join the worlds of the other online players. You’ll be deposited into their own.

Remember that you can’t do their quests, open chests, or discover landmarks like statues and waypoints for them. Nor can you collect their Anemoculus or Geoculus.

And also be aware that this tactic is… well… frowned upon. Resources are not unique to each player’s game, and whatever materials you take from the other player’s world — be it ore, plants, crystal, etc — are put on a respawn timer for them as well.

Hopefully you found this white iron chunk farming guide useful, and you’re well on your way to a set of gleaming four-studded arsenal for each of your characters. What are your favorite hotspots for farming that sweet, sweet ore? Let us know, along with any locations you think we’re missing, down below!


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