Genshin Impact Server Time: What Is It for You and What Does It Mean?

It won’t be surprising if you’re spending more time as a traveler on the magical island of Teyvat and less time in reality. Ever since Genshin Impact made its debut in September-end, this free-to-play RPG has become the next big thing in the realm of gaming and its servers are busy catering to millions of travelers ever since the game launched.

Besides some of the most fantastic settings and sceneries that will take you on a Breath of the Wild Clone trip (something that Zelda fans understandably took major offense to) and keep you coming back for more, the game is set around a premise of constant and regular character upgrades that are heavily dictated by time. To be more specific, server time. Let’s understand what Server Time is and what it means for you as a player in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Server: What is it?

You may have noticed that the moment you launch the Genshin Impact, you will be asked to select a server through which to join. Since millions of players across the world are playing Genshin Impact the devs have set up servers across different regions to manage this load. Currently, there are three servers that range across America, Europe, and of course, Asia. As a traveler, you need to choose the server that’s located closest to your own location.

What is server time in Genshin Impact?

There is a particular time in the day when the Genshin Impact servers go through a reset. So at 4 AM in real-time, the game servers reset themselves. However, this time will vary depending on which server you are on because of the difference in time zones.

So if you are on the American server, the difference between the server reset times and your own time zone is UTC-5. This means that the server resets itself at 5 AM as per the Eastern US Time and 2 AM as per the Pacific US Time.

If you are on the European server which is running on UTC+1, then the server resets itself at 10 PM of the previous night for Eastern US Time and 7 PM of the previous night for those in the Pacific US Time zone.

Finally, on the Asian server which is set at UTC +8, the servers are reset at 4 PM of the previous day for Easter US Time and at 1 PM of the previous day on US Pacific time.

What is Server Time used for?

The Server reset time won’t affect your progress in the game as it is not affected by the real-time date and time. There are other aspects of the game though, like daily commission quests, store inventory, resin, etc that adhere to a game-specific calendar and are updated when the server is reset. So knowing when the server (especially if you’re on a server that’s in a different time zone) is reset will give you an idea of when you can play new quests and access to even freebies if you’re looking forward to those.

Is it the same as Daily Reset Time?

Yes, Server time is the same as Daily Reset Time. This activity happens every day to ensure that players can come back to fresh activities and content.

We hope this article solved any confusion you might have regarding Server Time. Happy gaming! Take care and stay safe.

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