Best apps and games for the week [July 1, 2019]

Recent app releases on the Play Store come with a promise of great potential. From a radio app that will connect you to popular music from any part of the world to retro games that are reminiscent of our Gameboy days, the latest set of apps and games are a holistic combination of wellness, productivity, and fun.


Best new and free apps

There is most definitely something for everyone in this particular set of apps and games. Without further ado, here’s a look at the latest apps and games available on the Play Store:

Rec Recorder PRO

This app is a really great option for amateur singers and soft-spoken people who are looking for a recorder app. Rec Recorder isolates voices and records in high quality to deliver some great results.

You can get this app for free on the Play Store for a limited time. From recording at meetings and conferences to having a backup app in case your actual recorder bails on you, this app is pretty handy to have on your phone.

Download: Rec Recorder Pro

Private Browser Pro – Secure Incognito Browsing

This browser is basically one massive incognito mode that manages itself. While it claims to be secure, the functionality majorly tries to establish privacy in one’s browsing experience.

If you need a browser for private browsing activities, Private Browser will make sure that you won’t be leaving behind even a single trace. From ensuring a non-existent history to erasing cookies and online sessions, Private Browser Pro knows how to keep thing private.

Download: Private Browser Pro

Daywise: Schedule Notifications

For working professionals and pretty much any of us who have a job, our phone is like an un-official clock-in that can become really toxic. Daywise tries to assuage this toxicity by managing your notification for you.

The barrage of notifications that can pile up in your notification center can become really overwhelming. Daywise puts more control in your hands by identifying and organizing important notifications. It will also batch notifications to ensure that you are not disturbed and remain calm and focused whenever necessary.

Download: Daywise

Curated – Save, share & discover quality content

This app is for Pinterest boarders and organizers, but if you’re not one and still want a decent curating app, we recommend Curated.

You can keep tabs of your preferences and organize content as per type and genre. Consider Curated like social media for quality content. You get access to the like-minded people and fellow fans who will relate to your tastes and preferences too.

Download: Curated

Lens Distortions®

Lens Distortion is a great photo editing app for your phone. It allows you to test out different effects and lets you edit every single layer of filter till you get a result you’re satisfied with.

From elegant glass to nature-themed effects, you can access 5 filters for free as of now. If you like the filters that you’ve tested, enjoy the rest with a minor purchase.

Download: Lens Distortion

Privy — A Private network for Friends & Family

Privy is like a private social media platform for your family and really close friends. It lets you easily capture and share memories that are only meant for specific people in your life.

If you have a massive family WhatsApp group or something equivalent, Privy might actually make your life better. It reduces the effort involved and allows you to stay up to date with what the closest people in your life are doing and vice versa.

Download: Privy

Radiogram: Music, Sports and Talk Radio

The completely ad-free experience to comprehensive country-specific access to radio channels makes this app a must-have for radio junkies out there.

The great quality of audio and customizations are other pleasant surprises that make Radiogram so great. This app is a great way to ensure direct access to international channels using just data.

Download: Radiogram

Best new and free games

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

The Wizarding world has definitely made a pretty exciting entry into the digital world. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a delightful experience, even if you aren’t a Potterhead.

Besides the great AR experience, the fact that this game is highly interactive and serves a noble purpose making it a tantalizing play for those of us who love adventures.

Download: Harry Potter

Survive The Bridge

As the name suggests, you have to try to cross and survive the bridges while they fall apart. We like this game for being simple with minimal controls. The nifty controls also ensure that you can navigate this game like a pro in very little time.

The game certainly has a lot of potential and we look forward to the different cityscapes that it will eventually expand into. Meanwhile, you can still enjoy the current lot and decide if more are worth the purchase.

Download: Survive The Bridge

Gravity Box – Minimalist Physics Game

We like Gravity Box for its minimalist set-up. This physics puzzle uses blasts to push a box around, till you can ensure it reaches the finish point.

The early levels are fairly simple and you will be equipped with a rocket launcher that you will control by tapping the screen. Once you master the trick of using the right amount of force by launching rockets at the right distance and angle, the game will go to the next level.

Download: Gravity Box

Sea Stars: World Rescue

This adorable runner dash game uses the Flappy bird mechanism, except you’re navigating a cute dolphin instead of a bird. Also, all of this will be happening is an epic underwater setting.

The premise of Sea Stars is simple. You will navigate the Dolphin to save the ocean and make it through rough tides to earn points and power-ups. Also, do not underestimate the savagery of this game just because of the cute theme.

Download: Sea Stars

UniCorn – Born of Corn

Impeccable aim and flip management are key to cracking UniCorn. This absurd game has one goal, to transform a normal regular horse into a magical unicorn by throwing a corncob at it.

You can also do this to other animals, as long as you get the aim right. You can turn anything into a UniCorn as long as you get a perfectly placed cob on the animal’s forehead.

Download: UniCorn

Empire Warriors Premium: Tower Defense Games

If you like strategy gaming on mobile, chances are this game is already in your list. But if you are still unaware of this one, we recommend that you try Empire Warriors Premium.

This game is an intense amalgamation of powerful heroes, unique towers, epic challenges and humor that will get you hooked.  Everything you do in this game has a cool backstory as well.

Download: Empire Warriors Premium

Stickman Legends: Shadow War Offline Fighting Game

One of the best offline fighting games available, Stickman Legends is an interesting mix of RPG and PvP in which you’re a ninja who has to beat enemies.

The biggest perk of this game is access to stick fight style even offline. So if you want to get a good fight in without having to watch ads and go online, this one is a great game available on the Play Store.

Download: Stickman Legends

Buff Knight – Idle RPG Runner

The retro feel and controls of this game will take you on a lovely nostalgia trip. Buff Knight is a continuous runner game except that you will focus more on defense and offense.

Buff Knight definitely takes some time to get used to, but once you do, it will be difficult to stop. If you loved being on your Gameboy, definitely try this one.

Download: Buff Knight

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