15 Best Android games for 2019

In terms of gaming, our mobile devices have come a long way from being able to play Snake II on the pixelated screen of Nokia 3310. The latest and greatest in the world of Android pack some of the most powerful hardware that can easily beat most computers from a couple of years ago.

Thanks to the release of Vulcan API with Android 7.0 Nougat, the gaming experience on Android devices is only going to get better. The year may have just begun, but we already have a bunch of titles lined up to be the best Android games of 2018.


1. PUBG Mobile

PUBG MOBILE- Version 1.0.0

Now there’s no denying that PUBG Mobile is one of the most played mobile games these days and has amassed a massive fan following in some countries. The battle royale game is an almost exact copy of PUBG PC/Console experience apart from the obvious difference in graphics.

We probably don’t need to introduce you to the game since you must have already played the action-packed game more than a dozen times already; however, if you haven’t yet tried out PUBG Mobile, then now is a good time to grab your first Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

You would be dropped in on an island via a plane along with 100 other players most of which are real players; however, you might even run into some bots which are easy kills. You could drive vehicles, smack enemies with the ‘Pan’, shoot different weapons as well as throw grenades to kill enemies.

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2. Rules of Survival

It almost seems unreal that an open-world game such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds can be ported to mobile devices, but NetEase Games has made it possible. Played by more than 100 million users already, Rules of Survival parachutes you onto an island of chaos where survivors battle each other out to make the last stand.


With an immersive and detailed HD map, you move around the vicinity to find weapons, stock up on armor, and even drive vehicles to get from A to B. You can either play solo and battle it out with 300 players on the battlefield, or team up with a partner and take on 120 players in the ultimate survivor’s battle.

3. Asphalt Extreme: Rally Racing

There’s no need to walk the guided lines when you can live a life on the off-roads with adrenaline pumping every second. Asphalt Extreme: Rally Racing charges you through treacherous terrains and steep canyons, as you drift through the dirt and race to the finish for the gold.

Asphalt Xtreme - World Premiere Trailer

There are no Lamborghinis around this time as you get more than 50 mean machines, from beastly 4X4 Monster Trucks to pimped out Muscle Cars. With thousands of personal challenges, dozens of scenic yet dangerous circuit maps, and the ability to customize your vehicles to the very edge, you get all of this on Asphalt Extreme: Rally Racing for free.

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4. Crashlands

Pitching a game with high-end graphics can take you only so far, but with Crashlands you get all of it and more. Released back in 2016, this open-world RPG has its fan wrapped around with its wonderfully detailed characters, immersive plot, and hilarious style of story-telling that is unmatched.

Crashlands - Launch Trailer

You play as an intergalactic armor-bearing trucker who has crashed onto an unknown planet with no means to get back. It is up to you to help the little guy build up a base, collect and craft items, complete challenges and divert from your main mission, and manage your inventory with the wackiest items you’ll ever find.

5. Stranger Things: The Game

Riding strong on the wave of popularity that the Netflix series has created, Stranger Things: The Game hits all the right spots for the fans. Built in the classic retro gaming fashion and set in 1984, this action adventure brings you your entire cast along with the town of Hawkins, Indiana turned into a pixelated nightmare.

Stranger Things: The Game - Release Trailer

The closest comparison you could make would be the classic Legend of Zelda games, where you could switch between characters and change the storyline. From adding the Eggos and Gnomes all around town to your inventory, to solving puzzles with the whole gang, Stranger Things: The Game is a fun way to kill time.

6. Alto’s Adventure

Despite being almost three years old now in an unlimited-runner genre that already has games like Subway Surfers and Temple Run, Alto’s Adventure has managed to stay popular and unique. You join Alto as he snowboards through the mountains of his beautiful town, trying to stop his Llamas from escaping and running off.

Alto’s Adventure - Trailer

The game is designed to keep things interesting with procedurally generated terrain with obstacles such as boulders and chasms in your path. With a serene backdrop and a soundtrack that will put you in a trance, Alto’s Adventure manages to keep things interesting at every step.

7. RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic

During the golden age of desktop gaming, the entire Tycoon genre of developing and managing your own empire struck a chord with gamers. Atari’s RollerCoaster Tycoon series was an instant hit, and now the dwindling game company is bringing nostalgia back with RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic.

RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic Trailer

The premise of the game is simple – build your very own amusement park, develop the coolest and most outrageous rollercoaster tracks ever, and keep your patrons happy. With 95 different classic park scenarios, isometric retro graphics that look oddly good, and more in-game customization than your mind can handle, RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic is a whopper.

8. Plague Inc.

We’ve all watched enough movies to know how a zombie apocalypse with a global virus chain would go down, but what if you could be the one to start it? Plague Inc. puts you in the position of power to develop a strain of infective virus or bacteria, which you have to mutate and strengthen enough to affect the entire world population.

Plague Inc. Trailer - Android

Built purely on strategy and scary real-world consequences of every decision you make, you are the sole reason humanity may go extinct. From managing the way these pathogens are created and spread across regions, evolving the strain of the pathogen before scientists can create a vaccine, and bringing humanity to its knees – Plague Inc. is your ticket to becoming the next great supervillain.

9. The Room Trilogy

When you’re tired of playing adrenaline-fueled racing games all day, kick back and immerse yourself in the mind-games of The Room. The series is built up with three games, each of which is packed puzzles, each of which brings you one step closer to escaping the very place that you are trapped inside.

The Room Three for Android

The premise of the entire series is to help you gather your bearings and analyze the things around you, find hidden clues and put all the pieces together of the puzzle. With beautifully crafted 3D imagery and an interface that makes you naturally adapt to the virtual surroundings, each game in The Room trilogy is built right.

10. Reigns: Her Majesty

A follow-up to one of the most popular indie games ever made on the mobile platform, Reigns: Her Majesty puts you in the position of a powerful monarch.  You have the ultimate command of the church, the people, the massive army, and the royal wealth, and it is your duty to find the perfect balance to maintain harmony in the kingdom.

Reigns: Her Majesty - Launch Trailer

As the Queen of your very own land, you will face challenges with the aristocrats, deal with the woes of the common people, and keep them safe under your watch. As the ultimate ruler, it is entirely in your power to take down those who stand up against you with your wit and might if the need be.

11. Critical Ops

There have been plenty of failed attempts to bring the thrilling experience of Counter-Strike to the mobile platform, but it seems like Critical Ops is the first one to get it right. This first-person shooter puts you on the modern battlefield where you fight for the people as a counter-terrorist, or wish to ensure mayhem as a terrorist.

Critical Ops trailer

The game offers to modes – Defuse where you play out the classic bomb squad scenario and a Deathmatch mode where it’s all about the kills. While there is no offline multiplayer mode just yet, you do get to enjoy the customization element as the game offers hundreds of skins for you to flex your weapons with.

12. Fortnite

Fortnite took over the world by storm and it was the most streamed game on Twitch. A few parents even hired ‘tutors’ to teach their children how to play to cool battle-royale game. Fortnite was released for smartphones as well and the game was brought over for iOS devices at first; however, it is now available to play on Android devices.

The game offers one of the slickest battle-royale experience and has almost little to no annoying bugs and issues. The game lets you construct stairs, walls, and a lot more to shield yourself from enemy attacks. You could also destroy almost any object in the map including buildings to collect building materials.

If you’re a PUBG Mobile fan, then you might want to give Fortnite a shot as well since both games offer a fairly different experience. The only downside here is that the game isn’t available through the Google Play Store and you would have to download it via the Fortnite for Android website.

13. Mekorama

Mekorama Trailer

In case you’re tired of playing action shooter games all the time or aren’t a big fan of hack and slash games, then this beautiful puzzle game is absolutely worth checking out. Even if you aren’t a big puzzle game fan, we’d suggest trying out Mekorama since it’s one of the most relaxing games which ironically jogs your mind as well.

All you need to do is help a cute little robot make its way back home by completing the puzzle. At first you might find the game a tad bit easy; however, as you complete levels, the puzzles become increasingly challenging.

14. Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World - Trailer 2017

In this epic game, you get to play in the role of a bunch of terrifying sharks who constantly are in need to eat. Sink your teeth into unsuspecting humans swimming near the shores or launch your shark out of the water to nab humans in a flying kite or close to the beach.

Not only do you get to crunch and munch on humans, but you also need to devour other smaller sharks and fish in the vast ocean. As you progress and earn more coins, you get to unlock bigger and badder sharks. The graphics of the game are great as well and we’re sure you’d enjoy this unique game.

15. Shadow Fight 3

This is easily one of the best Role-Playing action game available on the Google Play Store. Choose from a lineup of different warriors and head into 1v1 battles against AI-controlled opponents. The game also has an awesome storyline hence, you wouldn’t be bored soon.

Most importantly, the graphics of the game are absolutely stunning and would give you a console-like experience on your smartphone.

Bonus for FPS lovers: Shadowgun Legends

Games like Overwatch and now Fortnite have redefined how the First-Person Shooter games have been designed to work over the years, but none of them have made it to the mobile platform yet, filling the void is Shadowgun Legends, which combines the thrilling fun of FPS games with role-playing in a futuristic world where humanity is at war.

Shadowgun Legends Launch Trailer

As a team of legendary warriors, you and your teammates have to take on challenges to defeat the Alien invaders in an exhilarating campaign story with over 200 missions that span across 4 exotic planets. From going on a co-op mission to raid and defeat giant enemy bosses, to fighting for survival in PvP battles with real players online, Shadowgun Legends is the evolution of mobile FPS gaming you’ve been waiting for.

Do you know of a game that is worthy of being among the best Android games of 2018? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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