How to aim better in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the most trending games in several regions. While the PC version of PUBG is massively popular as well, PUBG Mobile offers almost the same experience as the PC version and lets you play while on the go, too.

The mobile version of the battle royale game has gained a lot of popularity and has prompted the opening of PUBG themed restaurants as well in India. The game has become so popular in India that the developers have added an in-game ‘Indian Kurta Pyjama’ costume as well.

Well, if you too are thinking of hopping on the PUBG bandwagon but aren’t used to mobile shooter games, then the first thing you might want to learn is how to aim and shoot more accurately. A good aim will almost always ensure you take down your enemy before s/he takes you down.

So, let’s take a look at a few tips to help improve your aim in PUBG Mobile.

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Practice in the Training Room

The best way to improve your aim is to get a feel of all the guns available in the game. The best way to do that without being sprayed down with a volley of bullets is to go in the training room. While in the training room, you would have access to all the weapons available in the game along with the attachments.

Pick the gun you’d like to practice with and then shoot at the moving targets from far. Try aiming for the head and don’t just empty out the guns mag trying to take down a few targets. Try using a single bullet for each target and be quick to aim.

There are different kinds of targets as well, so try practicing controlling a guns recoil by shoot at the huge targets which should be towards the left of the shooting range. You can control the recoil of a gun by sliding down a bit on the screen. This helps prevent the muzzle of the gun from raising and firing above your target.

Play the Arcade modes

Playing in arcade mode helps you get better at the game as you need to play against real enemies, however, arcade mode games do not affect the rank, hence even if you end up dying as soon as the game starts, your rank won’t be affected.

Since arcade mode battles are in a smaller zone, you would have to face enemies almost as soon as you land. This would help you get better at the game as you would learn how to spot close by enemies better as well as improve your aim since you would be facing enemies at a much quicker pace.

If you want to improve your aim with bolt-action sniper rifles, which deal the most damage in the game, then it would be best if you played the Sniper only Arcade mode. If you’re not used ‘Shooting’ games at all, then you might want to first learn how to hardscope, which means aiming down the scope for a little while waiting for the enemy to enter your sights and then fire.

If you’re already good at hardscoping, then it might be time to learn how to quickscope. As the name suggests, quickscoping is getting a rapid kill with a sniper rifle. While playing in arcade mode, try shooting enemies with the sniper as quickly as possible. Do not use the scope for more than a couple of seconds as this can slow you down and make you an easy kill for the enemy.

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Practice ‘Claw’

The Claw technique on mobile is when one uses 3 or more fingers to play a game. Instead of using only your thumbs to play the game, you can learn how to play with 3 fingers or more to enhance your speed in the game.

If you’re playing with only your two thumbs, then using the scope and firing at the exact same time becomes almost impossible especially if you need to move about. It also may lead to a slower reaction time since you won’t be able to do more than two things at once.

Playing with Claw would help you aim down the sights of the gun and shoot more accurately and faster too. This would help you gain an advantage over most other players. Almost every professional/high-ranking PUBG Mobile player uses the Claw technique to play the game.

There are hundreds of videos on YouTube which would help teach you the Claw technique.

Few other important tips to keep in mind:

  • At long distances, most guns bullets drop, especially SMG bullets.
  • Aim ahead of a moving target to deal damage and possibly score a kill. Since the bullet takes time to travel the distance it would not hit the target if you’re far away and aiming at the exact location of the moving target.
  • Do not use a big scope such as a 6x when in a close-quarters gunfight as you might not be able to control the recoil and your aim would get messed up.
  • Always try and aim for the head of your target to deal the most damage.
  • When using an 8x scope on a sniper, try not to move around too much as this could mess up your aim.

That’s it. Keep these few tips in mind and you’ll be on a PUBG headshot kill spree within no time.

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