What is the New PUBG Mobile Livik Map? A Features and Gameplay Guide

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PUBG Mobile is still charging full steam ahead, through rain and snow, competition and imitation, government bans, and global pandemic. Nothing seems capable of slowing the growth of one of the smallest screen’s biggest, most impressive gaming behemoths ever. And while a lot of noise is constantly being made about the mobile game that seems to have outgrown its PC predecessor, the latest update brings with it even more craziness than usual.

Like a brand-spanking-new map, Livik, for starters.

New Map:Livik -EN

What is the New Livik Map?

Here’s all you need to know about the Livik map in PUBG 0.19.0.

A Brand New Biome

PUBG Mobile Livik Map Splash Page

The new Livik Map takes on a Nordic aesthetic, complete with windmills, hot-springs, cold mountain lakes and squat, compact buildings clustered together, presumably filled with families no doubt doing their best to embody the spirit of hygge while remaining free of bullet holes.

More Intense Gameplay

PUBG Mobile screenshot showing player kill

Livik’s gameplay is geared towards shorter, albeit more chaotic matches with half the players stuffed into a significantly smaller, 2×2 km map — a quarter of the size of Erangel or Miramar. Thus, while you have half the players, you’ll have roughly twice the population density. Expect things to get chaotic real quick.

Exclusive Mobile Content

PUBG Mobile Livik Splash Page

What makes this update extra special, besides the massive amount of new content (new map, new vehicle, new weapons, new events) is the fact that it marks the first time that a) servers were kept fully online during the upgrade, and b) this is mobile-exclusive content. For the first time ever, it seems mobile is garnering more attention than it’s more demanding PC counterpart — which seems fair, considering the slimmed-down mobile port made far the bigger splash.

New Guns

The new Livik map brings two new guns with it, the P90 SMG and the MK12 marksman rifle. Both weapons have some serious shredding power and their distinct playstyles lend themselves perfectly to the unique demands of the new Livik map.

PUBG Mobile P90 splash art

The P90 is a brutal, and incredibly versatile SMG that is especially effective for the close quarters Arena combat due to its ridiculous burst damage and high capacity magazine. Plus, the fact that it uses 9MM makes it hard to run out of ammo compared to the generalist UMP most players flock to.

With the cramped quarters and frantic gameplay, Livik is, in hindsight, the perfect place for the P90 to shine. The weapon is one of the favorites from the original PC version for good reason, and no, it has nothing to do with the P90X workout DVDs — except that it too shreds fat off your body (along with bone and muscle tissue, that is).

PUBG Mobile MK11 splash

The MK12 is a new marksman rifle that apparently boasts higher damage than the SKS or SLR — but that’s not what makes it great. The MK12’s best feature is the minimal recoil that lets you rapidly put holes in your enemies once you have them scoped, even at longer distances. The tight map and intense fighting means that enemies have to be quickly dealt with, lest someone else get the jump on you, and the MK12 helps players settle matters faster — for better or worse.

Seriously, An Actual Monster Truck

PUBG Mobile Screenshot of Monster Truck

That’s right, the new map comes with its own exclusive vehicle, and it’s way, way cooler than the Miramar’s minibus, Vikendi’s snowmobile, or the silly moped from Sanhok. It’s a freakin’ Monster Truck, which seems utterly appropriate for the tone and setting of a game like PUBG.

What’s Gameplay Like on Livik?

PUBG Mobile Screenshot showing lots of players


Unlike Miramar and Erangel where some players can skirt along the edge of the safe zone and sometimes get all the way to the top 10 without running across anything more frightening than a bot, players can expect matches in Livik to be like one, long, drawn out firefight all the way to the end.

More Munitions

Perhaps because the map is still in beta, or as a way to compensate for the higher rate of enemy engagements, there seems to be a whole lot more of .556 and .762 ammo in Livik. In our gameplay video you’ll see one house with 2-300 rounds of each if you include the magazine in each rifle.

Unique Terrain

Aside from the higher collision-rate of players on the map, movement across Livik feels similar to Erangel, albeit hillier. Unlike Miramar and Vikendi, there’s plenty of grass for final-circle cowards to snake around in along with some new rock formations and other obstacles for cover like fallen trees.

How to Get Livik

PUBG Mobile Screenshot showing Livik Download Rewards

In order to access the new map, and a whole slew of other content, players need only update to the latest version of the game that went live July 7th. There is a reward of 2,888 BP, a 72 hour Nightmare Helmet Cosmetic, and 100 AG for getting it done — a kind of cherry on top of the cake that is Livik itself. Right now the map is in beta, so expect some changes to take place before the design is finalized.

Gameplay Tips

PUBG Mobile 6x scope showing multipleplayers

Stay Alert — More than Usual.

Unlike Erangel and Miramar, you need to be extra vigilant during firefights about attracting unwanted attention. With constant gun-battles popping up all around you, and such a small setting, rest assured there’s always somebody nearby honing in on your location once the muzzles get hot. Throughout your firefight, make sure to keep checking your surroundings for newcomers; tunnel vision in Livik is a death sentence.

Jump at the end of the line.

This tip is one generally given to players less comfortable with early game firefights where your risk of losing rating is at its highest, and it’s all the more true on the overcrowded Livik. The map is deceptively small, and you can jump almost anywhere you want to go, so pick an off-the-beaten-path cluster of buildings towards the end of the line. In Livik, you don’t need as many buildings to gear up with its over-abundance of munitions and equipment.

Use the Hillocks.

While Livik is most similar to Erangel in its overall aesthetic and design, one of the key differences is the hilly quality to the landscape. Whereas in Erangel, there are sweeping, flat valleys overlooked by towering hilltops, the smaller hillocks that dominate Livik provide good closure and maneuverability. Using them, and the large number of obstacles on them, allows you to sight players moving between towns easily without being over-exposed

What do you think of the new Livik map? Are you… livik it up in the new nordic terrain? Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves. Let us know your favorite tips, new features, and locations!

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