PUBG Mobile tips every gamer should know

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is one of the most played battle royale games in the world and is still gaining popularity in several regions. The action-packed battle royale now on mobile has blown up in India where almost every other person especially the teens and college goers are battling it out almost every day to win the ‘Chicken Dinner’.

The BCCI posted an image on Twitter with the Indian cricket team members all glued to their devices while at the airport and asked fans to guess what multiplayer game the team is playing. Well, we’re almost 100% certain that the team was playing PUBG.

While most users play the game in a casual manner, there are others who are far more serious and not only focus on getting the ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ title but also ranking up to ‘Conqueror’. The Conqueror rank is earned by those who manage to reach the top 500 players in the region.

If you’d like to win some more ‘Chicken Dinners’ and rank up in the game, then here are a few tips you should know to help you become better than most.


Use Earphones/Headphones

You’re probably thinking how would using earphones help you grab the Chicken Dinner. Well, audio is far more important in the game than you might think.

You could hear the footsteps of an enemy and be able to tell exactly where the enemy is when using a decent pair of earphones. You don’t even need to buy expensive gaming-centric headphones to be able to take advantage of the in-game audio.

If you’re only relying on your device’s single speaker for audio, then you’re losing out the advantage to locating an enemy quickly. Earphones allow you to hear the audio from the game and help you pinpoint the exact location of a person who could be prone and moving in the grass, which is usually the case during the second to last zone or alert you to an enemy who might be trying to ambush you from the back.


Loot isn’t ‘everything’

Most players usually aren’t able to win the battle royal due to the fact that they focus more on loot rather than spotting enemies. While looting a dead person crate or picking up weapons and armor from the airdrop may seem tempting, you must also constantly look around for enemies rather than standing in one place and becoming an easy target for the enemy.

While playing in the last few zones, try not to loot downed player crates or supply crates as this could make you a sitting duck for enemies who are well hidden. In cases when you absolutely have to loot for ammunition or health kits, scan the area for enemies and only then try looting an enemies crate or houses.

If you’re playing in with a squad, then try not to go far from the team to try and grab better loot. This small mistake could cost you as well as the squad a victory.

Pro tip: Don’t stand still while looting a crate, keep moving around to avoid becoming an easy headshot target.

Make use of TPP mode

If you play in the third person player mode, then you should absolutely make use of this. While inside a building try not peaking out the windows since this could easily get you killed or knocked out if there’s a sniper out there. You could make use of the TPP view and stand behind the wall and look outside the window to spot enemies.

Only when you spot an enemy, then try shooting while aiming at the head to deal the most damage as possible. Not only does TPP mode help a lot while in a building but you can also use it while on top of a hill or prone on a ridge to spot enemies without exposing yourself to them.

Use the Eye tool

The Eye button in the game is absolutely one of the most underrated features. Using the eye button when running around open areas is necessary to try and spot incoming enemies on foot or in vehicles to avoid getting run over or gunned from the back.

If you’re prone and only a couple of players are left in the open, then it would be wise to use the eye button to try and spot enemies at the side or at the back of you as with the eye button you won’t move at all, hence it would be harder for enemies to spot you while in the grass.

Enable Peek & Fire buttons

The peak and fire option in the game is great and often underused. Rather than exposing your whole body while behind cover, it would be wiser to use the lean button to slightly peek out and fire at your enemy.

By default the Peek & Fire option is disabled, so to enable the feature you’d have to go tap the Settings icon and while in the Basic tab scroll and find the Peek & Fire option and then tap Enable. 

Pick up Grenades

Most PUBG players tend to leave the grenades and pick up ammo instead since grenades take up a lot of space in the backpack, however, this could be a costly mistake and probably be the reason why you may not be able to ambush a squad camping in a house.

Also, if you’re at the opposite end of the battle and you and your squad are in a house while the enemies are trying to rush, never stay in the same room together as that’s probably going to get the whole squad killed with a single grenade and if anyone of your squad members has a Molotov Cocktail, it would be a wise move to throw it near the stairs to block enemies from rushing up.

It’s also important to use smoke grenades while looting airdrops to avoid being sniped by enemies from far away or when reviving a knocked-out teammate.

How to ambush a squad in a house

Trying to kill a squad camping in a house might seem pretty tough and you might end up dying most of the time along with your squad, however, here are a few tips on how to take out a squad in a house:

  • Here’s where the grenades come in handy. First, throw grenades through windows to deal damage if not kill the squad, then wait till you hear the enemies healing on top as usually no enemy stays on the ground floor but be sure to check the corners before entering the ground floor.
  • If you hear your enemies healing after throwing grenades, then simply rush up the stairs together but be sure not to block the stairs which most certainly would get the whole team killed. Since the enemies would be healing they won’t be able to shoot back at you fast, hence it’s almost certain you and your squad would be able to score the kills.
  • If you’re playing in TPP mode, then be sure to use it as an advantage to try and spot the enemy on top while standing near the stairs. This would help you spot the enemy without ever coming in their line of fire.

Don’t scope-in when in a close-quarter gun fight

This is one mistake that almost every beginner makes. If you scope-in while trying to shoot an enemy who is just a few feet from you, then this could totally get you killed since scoping-in with your weapon reduces the sensitivity and you won’t be able to aim at a moving enemy fast.

An enemy who is just a few feet from you might be able to easily dodge your shots and spray you down with a barrage of bullets.

How to play the Zone

It may seem best to always be at the center of the zone, which at times it is, especially when in the last few zones of the game, however, this is only best when the zone is closing in on a city with or a place with a few buildings for cover.

Open the map and check to see where the play zone is and if there are houses or is it in an open field or on a hill. If the play zone is ending where there a lot of buildings, then it’s fine to be at the center to have the best advantage, otherwise, it would be wiser to stick to the edges of the zone and clear immediate surroundings to avoid gettings sandwiched by enemies from all sides in the open.

Slowly make your way towards the center of the zone while trying to locate enemies. It would be wise to go prone in the last couple of zones to avoid being detected by enemies.

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Useful tips to know while in a vehicle

While moving around the map in a vehicle, you should use the eye button to look around for tailing enemies who might have spotted you. If you’re getting shot at, never keep driving in a straight line. This would make it way too easy for the enemy to know you out as well as the whole squad.

Try driving around while moving left and right to avoid the enemies from getting clear shots on the car, also, you must use the boost to speed up the vehicle and make a quick getaway.

Never stop the vehicle abruptly if you spot enemies, this could get your whole squad killed. Try and find some cover and then park the stop the vehicle and exit it quickly.

Here are a few other pro tips to know to land yourself the ‘Chicken Dinner’

  • Don’t throw a smoke grenade near yourself while in the last circle, it would be wiser to throw it far in front or towards the side to confuse the enemies.
  • If you’re in the last zone with a couple of enemies left, try not to fire your gun until you spot the last person or use a flash hider on the gun to avoid being spotted by enemies.
  • Don’t run in a straight line while getting shot at, try jumping from side to side or running in an unpredictable manner.
  • Never go prone while being shot at in the open unless there is a ridge or cover.
  • Don’t take cover close to a vehicle while being shot at, the vehicle explosion could kill you, rather crouch a bit further from the vehicle or run into a nearby house.
  • Try not to stay in a building if you’ve got the Ghillie suit or else you would stick out like a sore thumb, rather you should go prone in the grass.
  • If you’re getting shot at while in the water, simply dive in and change your direction and only come to the surface to restore your oxygen.
  • While playing solo matches, having a sniper is super useful as you could kill an enemy with one shot to the head.
  • Do not use 8x, 6x, 4x scopes while in the last zone, instead, use a 2x, 3x, or even no scope to shoot at enemies.
  • If you run out of ammo with one gun while in a firefight, rather than reloading the weapon it would be wiser to switch take out your second gun and shoot at the enemy. This is faster and would give you an edge of the enemy who might run out of ammo in the mag too.
  • Keep the graphics at smooth and increase the FPS to max on your device. This should help avoid lag and hence make the gameplay smoother.
  • Don’t hoard more than 250 ammo in your backpack, instead, pick up a few more grenades or health kits.
  • If you’re in the last few zones in the open and you’ve got a vehicle, then destroy the vehicle and use it as cover.
  • Use claw to gain the advantage of flexibility and speed of scoping in or running and gunning. (Claw is a technique used to play games on mobile with 3 or more fingers)
  • Use the eye-tool when landing to see if any enemies are landing along with you.
  • Use boosters when in the final circle to try and outlive the enemy if you aren’t able to spot him/her.
  • Use the crossbow to kill enemies without revealing your location. This is the only silent weapon in the game.
  • Always try and knock out the driver in a vehicle first, then take out the rest of the squad to prevent them from getting away.

We hope these tips help you get the “Chicken Dinner” or the MVP or Terminator tag in every match. Now grab your squad and let the PUBG domination begin.

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