PUB GFX+ is a cool new way to improve your PUBG gaming experience

Over the years as technology in general has progressed to become more personal and portable at the same time, so has the gaming industry, We’ve come a long way from the days of Gameboy Color, and thanks to the tiny computers that we carry around in our pockets in the form of smartphones, mobile gaming is only getting better each day.


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One of the most explosive game titles in the recent months on mobile devices has been PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, which has swept across the mobile gaming genre like a tidal wave. However, being a massively graphic-intensive game makes the user experience of PUBG different for users, which is based on their devices’ hardware and software configuration.

How does PUB GFX+ Tool work?

While it may not be the first app to promise an improved quality of gameplay with PUBG Mobile, PUB GFX+ Tool is swiftly becoming the most reliable way to get that Chicken Dinner. Allowing you to get a hands-on experience for handling the graphics settings of the game more closely, PUB GFX+ Tool can do wonders for your gameplay.

Basic Graphics Settings – Allows you to set up the version of the game (Global, China, or Korean), select the preferred Resolution, FPS (Frames per second), Shadow quality, MSAA and the general Graphics.

Advance Settings – This takes you a bit deeper into the settings to configure PUBG Mobile for the best performance with Graphics Profile, GPU Optimization, Memory Boost, Zero Lag Mode and more.

 Miscellaneous and Help Settings – This section includes further settings like Graphics rendering level, Game stuck fix, Detail Mode and more. All of this, coordination with all of your others preferences help you tweak the gameplay quality to the maximum.

PUB GFX+ Tool has been developed by a senior member over at XDA who goes by the name Abhinandan Trilokia. They’ve made the PUB GFX+ Tool available on the Google Play Store as a paid app, but as a member, you can get the app for free from the XDA Labs.

→ Get the PUB GFX+ Tool  (Google Play Store)

→ Get the PUB GFX+ Tool (XDA Labs)

Are you seeing the significant improvement in FPS and the considerable drop on lag and stuttering that several other users are enjoying with the PUB GFX+ Tool app? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section down below.

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