Best bike racing Android games for January 2018

best bike racing android games

Gaming on smartphones has come a long way, and there are a lot of games available on the Play Store at the moment. The quality and graphics of mobile games have improved a lot as well. There are even phones that are specifically tailored for gaming, such as the recently launched Razer Phone.

While you’re on the move or away from your console/gaming PC, you can enjoy a game or two on your smartphone. So if you like to play games on your Android smartphone, then this post is going to help you get started right. However, in this post, we are going to only talk about the best racing games on Android for the Bike fans.

There are plenty of bike racing games available on the Google Play Store, but of course, not all of them are good enough to deserve your precious limited playing time. In this article, we’ve selected some of the best bike racing games out there, and have divided into various categories too, so that can just pick up one from the type you are looking for, and start playing. You can also check out our list of best puzzle games on Android if you’re looking for also something else than racing games.

A table below categorizes the games so that you pick up games based on what kind you are after.

And here goes a list of all games in a random order, which gets you screenshots as well as a download link to all the games here.

Top Bike Racing Games on Android

Motor Hero

A really really simple to play the game, but at the same time, very challenging too. The controls for Motor Hero are very easy to play and can be played using one hand. All you have to do is tap on the screen to play the game.

To accelerate the bike, tap on the screen. To perform a flip, tap and hold the screen while the bike is in the air. There is no brake button so you cannot break, but you can go reverse to gain more speed. There are plenty of bikes in the game that you can unlock as you progress. Try it out for free.

Download Motor Hero (free)

Death Moto 4

Think of this as a ‘Road Rash’ for Android. And no, there is no exaggeration to this. Okay, might be some. But anyway, the Death Moto 4 involves a lot of fighting on motorbikes, so that’s actually a lot of fun. If you would like to vent out, then we recommend that you download and play Death Moto 4 on your Android device. The game has some amazing chases, fighting, several different modes, different motorcycles and weapons to choose from, great graphics, realistic engine sounds, and more. There are roaring rural roads, silent highways, and even snowy streets, which adds to the fun and variety of challenges. And there’s also a Death Moto 3, which is still a good game.

Death Moto 4 is the latest in this series and is available as a free download from the Play Store. Yes, there are in-app purchases in the game, but mostly it’s free to play.

Download Death Moto 4 (free)

Traffic Rider

Those who have played Traffic Racer car game will definitely love this one. In Traffic Rider, you are riding a motorbike, but the situation is similar to that of the original car game. The graphics and gameplay are much better and you can have a lot of fun with this game.

This is an endless racing game and even includes a career mode, a first-person view, and real bike sounds. What sets it apart is the overall realistic feel of the game, also helped a lot by the pure Motorbike sounds, so that whenever you upgrade a bike, you feel the changes more than usual. You can choose from 26 motorbikes and there are over 70 missions to complete. The game supports 19 languages and is available as a free download with in-app purchases.

Download Traffic Rider (free)

Bike Race Free

A totally free game, Bike Race has been ranked as the number 1 free game in the racing category in several countries. You get to race against millions of players online in different modes. There’s a tournament mode as well. You can train to ride the bike the best you can with the single-player mode.

The best part is that, unlike most games on this list that require an internet connection to play, this game can be played without internet. Of course, if you want to challenge other players then you will need an internet connection.

The game includes several different bikes and tracks with crazy levels. You get to perform some really cool stunts and win races. You can even create your very own track/level. Try it out for free now.

Download Bike Race Free (free)

Moto X3M Bike Race Game

moto x3m

Another popular motocross game that includes hill climbs and downhill racing. Moto X3M has over 100 levels, and every one of them is a challenge. There are plenty of bikes to select from and you can unlock more as you progress. You can also choose from different riders and customize your own.

The game features crazy physics that involve flips, wheelies, and many more cool stunts. There are timed levels, checkpoints, and other challenges. A truly fun bike racing game for your mobile device. Do give it a try.

Download Moto X3M Bike race (free)

Hill Climb Racing

All you have to do in this game, is keep on climbing. You are Newton Bill, who wants to conquer every hill ever and you do this in your unique vehicle. You can upgrade the bikes as your move ahead and tune them with different parts. To unlock the bike, you are going to have to earn 75,000 coins by driving the jeep first. There are different types of vehicles such as trucks, jeeps, bikes, and even a tank.

You can unlock all the 27 levels in the game either by playing and earning coins or by buying the coins. Also, be sure not to flip the vehicle as that will snap Billy’s neck and you’ll have to start again. The game is fun to play and pretty easy, there are onscreen buttons available for accelerator and brakes. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Download Hill Climb Racing (free)

SBK16 Official Mobile Game

Are you a fan of MotoGP or World SuperBike Racing? If you are, then you will definitely enjoy playing this game on your phone. Yes, it’s old, as it’s still in the 2016 season. Unfortunately, the developers haven’t released one for the latest season.

Nevertheless, this game is a must-have for anyone who likes circuit racing. Also, this is the official game, so you will get to race against the real riders from the sport. You will also be able to race through official tracks that are set on 4 continents. There are a total of 13 rounds and 4 different game modes.

You can choose your own bike, create a new racer, and compete with the reigning champions. The game includes realistic race physics, dynamic lighting effects, and support for a mobile gamepad. Try it out now for free.

Download SBK16 Official game (free)

MotoGP Racing ’17 Championship

motogp 2017 android

Another game that involves circuit racing, made for the fans of Moto GP. This is based on the 2017 season of the sport and includes all the riders and bikes. It also has the real tracks and the graphics are pretty amazing as well.

The gameplay is easy and you can enjoy it without having to master the art of riding a motorcycle. Start your career from the bottom as a rookie and get to the top level by winning races. There’s a Fan World Championship feature that lets you race as your favorite rider and win points. You can redeem these points for real gifts such as Tissot Watch, Helmets by Nolan, and more.

Download MotoGP Racing 17 Championship (free)

Mad Skills Motocross 2

If Motocross and death-defying stunts are more of your thing, then you must try Mad Skills Motorcross. The second installment in the series is a great game to play on your smartphone. This is a side-scrolling game, so don’t expect amazing graphics.

The game still features a really good gameplay and physics, making it very enjoyable. There are 11 bikes to choose from and plenty of tracks to race on. You can either play head to head with a random opponent, or you can set the fastest time and then let your friend try and beat it.

Download Mad Skills Motocross 2 (free)

Trial Xtreme 3

The third title in this series, Trial Xtreme 3 is a great improvement over the previous installments. The game has a new physics engine, better graphics, and improved gameplay. You get to play your way through a total of 137 levels that are spread across 7 worlds, although you have to buy the levels as only 7-8 levels are free right off the bat.

Trial Xtreme is a survival moto game, involving obstacles, tough tracks, and more. You will need to jump, slide, backflip through several obstacles and race against opponents to get to the finish line. A really fun game to play when you’re bored. You can even customize the rider and the bike to your liking and play alone or against your Facebook friends or random people who’re online.

Download Trial Xtreme 3 (free)

Bike Racing 3D

If you like stunts, then you will love this game. It’s not easy to play, but once you master it, the game gets really fun. There are plenty of tracks to choose from, but you start off with only a few. As you progress through the game, more levels will become available.

A total of 60 tracks are available when you choose the career mode option. Like we said, not all tracks are available at the beginning. The graphics of this game are pretty decent and onscreen controls let you perform slick stunts with ease. Of course, the buttons take some getting used to, but once you know how it is done, you can even pull some combos and earn more points.

Download Bike Racing 3D (free)

Bonus Game: Turn Right

turn right android

Probably the simplest game on the list. This is a bonus one, as this is neither a car or a bike racing game, but you’re still racing something. All you have to do is tap the screen and tilt your phone to the right. There’s an oval track and that’s about it.

Sounds simple right? It’s not! The game is very challenging and the speed increases after every lap of the course if you choose the Hardcore mode. Do give this a try if you like minimalist games.

Download Turn Right (free)

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