Google’s Fitbit Labs Will Release to Fitbit Premium Subscribers This Year

What to know

  • Fitbit premium users will soon have access to a few AI-based features for Fitbit Labs.
  • Fitbit Labs will include a new Personal Health LLM, allowing users to ask questions about their health data. 

Google continues to double down on its AI offerings. It recently announced that Fitbit premium users will receive access to a variety of experimental AI features as part of Fitbit Labs, an AI-based collaborative effort between Fitbit, Google Research, doctors, health and wellness experts, and certified coaches. 


The AI features of Fitbit Labs will “bring even more tailored, personalized insights that you can explore based on your unique needs and preferences”, Google mentioned in its blog. Users will additionally be able to ask questions and visualize their health data for better understanding. 

A limited number of Android users will receive, later this year, access to AI features that are similar to the one shown above, granted that they’re Fitbit premium members enrolled in the Fitbit Labs program in the Fitbit mobile app.  

Fitbit Labs is using a new Personal Health LLM that will also enable future AI features across Google’s portfolio. 

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