iOS 18 Has a New ‘Dynamic’ Wallpaper That Changes Throughout the Day

What to know

  • iOS 18 has a dynamic wallpaper that cycles through available styles and changes throughout the day.
  • Access ‘Dynamic’ wallpaper by long pressing on lock screen > Customize > Lock screen > swipe until you see ‘Dynamic’.
  • Dynamic wallpaper is available starting with iOS 18 Developer Beta 3.

iOS 18 comes with a level of customization that is unprecedented for iPhones. Although all these features can be summed up in about 30 seconds, new ones are being added with further developer beta iterations. 

One of the latest eye-catching and refreshing additions come in the form of a new dynamic wallpaper. This wallpaper changes throughout the day and cycles through all the available wallpapers depending on their color and time of day. So, in the early morning, you’ll see the yellow wallpaper, which will then change to pink. Around midday, it’ll change to blue, followed by an azure tinge later in the afternoon. Finally, the wallpaper changes to dark purple in the late evening.  

The change is not as gradual as one would wish, though the intention behind it would be to make it so. But that could be because iOS 18 is still in its beta phase. By the time the stable build comes out, we expect the shift to not only be gradual but also include additional dynamic colors.

For those unsure how to get this, tap and hold on the lock screen > tap Customize > Lock screen > swipe through the styles until you get to ‘Dynamic’ > Done.

Changing wallpapers based on time of day as well as the weather would’ve been another swell idea, though there’s no indication that this is going to come to iOS 18. Still, it doesn’t hurt to dream.  

iOS 18 DB 3 is now available for supported devices to download and install. 

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